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  1. I understand this, it was just a comparison, but then I wonder if we can manage to reach 5k. We would kinda need people to actually say how much they would actually be ready to give. Hard numbers before anyone actually buying the thing and hoping to be paid back.
  2. I hope we'll be getting more cats. It was promised in Pillars one, hope it'll translate into Pillars 2! Meow!
  3. Regarding pledges, last time we had 828 members of the OOoE that pledged an additionnal 8$. If everyone indeed did pay the 8$ it's a total of 6 624$. So, I -think- it is possible to obtain 5 000$ this time around once again, but I doubt we'll manage more. Many OOoE were added in the Paypal phase as far as I can remember. But, a 5k aim seems to be possible.
  4. To get an idea, we should try to estimate how much the OOoE gathered last time. It would give us an idea how much we could get for all those ideas. For exemple, I am already plegdging once more a gold-level, I won't be able to put too much extra. I can sacrifice my shirt add-on () for this though!
  5. I've sent the team an e-mail. I suggest you do the same. I know that it's always welcomed to hear about just how much people appreciate your work.
  6. One's freedom ends where another's begin. You cannot lack respect to someone, be a **** about it, then claim "freedom of speech" and then say that people cannot complain as well. What makes -your- right stronger than theirs?
  7. After playing quite some time with the Backer Beta since it's first release I started to realise that what I was the most eager to do was... To have a party not named BB Fighter, BB Rogue, BB wizard and BB cleric xD. But, at the same time, the stronghold mechanic looks quite interesting as well .
  8. I wonder if they'll mention you somewhere Sensuki. You sure have been quite dedicated and professional in your testing.
  9. I want to done the outfit of a PoE players as soon as I play. So, t-shirt and mouse pad are needed . My copy'll be signed, so, I doubt I'll even use the physical disc. Option #1 is what I voted for, but I would understand quite well if #2 was picked. Though, it would mean no game for me this close of my bd on March 23rd =[.
  10. Can't wait to see that box in person. It looks quite cool! Sensuki, pretty sure those are only quests, there doesn't seem to be enough of them to also be including Tasks.
  11. The game froze when I tried to save right after leveling up my character at the beginning. It remained froze for like two minutes before unfreezing while I was typing this. (I couldn't alt-tab either, I had to ctrl+alt+del to bring up the consol). Also, when creating a totaly new character you still cannot Cancel the creation process. Or I really missed how I am supposed to be able to do it. Not working when pressing Previous or Esc.
  12. Yay! I was heard! Now, back to some playing! Thanks for the neat Patch!
  13. Great! I'll finaly be able to finish a quest!
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