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  1. When i was dungeon master i let players to go through **** and even die when they approached problems like any immortal would to teach them that they need to think and choose their enemies and spots to fight propertly. I expect same from you... )
  2. I got two points here: First question - answer to this lies in the strength of character - its pretty hard to swing with two long swords - its even harder then to swing consistently with two-hand swords - so to fully use that there should be some requirements and also reductions (lower chance to hit if your strenght is on the edge of base) Second question - example used there - staff-dagger is just too bad. But why limit - there are many useful combinations that brings various effect (eg. flail can just let you expose your opponent more), light trident + net - why not - you got another
  3. Hello everyone - i like to enjoy story as much as possible with ocasional combat. But i think it may be nice to choose if you want to fight or not in order to proceed. Sometimes you just want to screw somebody and sometimes you just want to flow around. I like combat a lot, but it depends how you mean it - in Fallout i loved it, in BG, Dragon Age - i hated it. So if it will be turned based with nice tactical options and you can fight clever - yes - i want combat and as challanging as it can be (i will be fighting on highest difficulty if there will be something like that) If it wil
  4. By reward in my "always" vote i mean - not financial or material - but information reward, emotional reward, side quest, alternate approach to story line....
  5. I think that it is nice to have option to have interpendant characters in group: If combat is real time with pausing system i would really like to not control other character just because its so much messy and i want to go through quick. If it will be turn base - i expect to have full control.
  6. Hello, my point of view is little different. First of all i think that defining how many locations game should have is pretty stupid - you can have great game which you play for more hours then another with many locations - just becase locations that one location could be bigger then all in second game combined. With locations i think that several things are really nice to consider: a) story of that location should have sense (eg. icebergs in equator area just dont make sense, also winter country with sexy-half naked amazons too) b) there should be diversity of locations - i really l
  7. My opinion is that it does not make sense that wearing plate armor almost half of your weight would decrease chance to be hit. I also dont like idea that shield decrease your chance to be hit (someone told this here - question for you - have you ever blocked 10 kilogram hammer attack with your shield? ****ing hurts) I think it could work like this. Your opponent will still have chance to miss, if he does not you will have chance to dodge his attack influenced by your agility/dexterity/swiftness - whatever - if you dont you might have parried his attack (on/off option) influenced by y
  8. Damn god... i hate ammo - you got another silly thing to worry about. Yeah - i think ammo should matter - but only to some degree. I think that when you are in longer campaign there should be risk that will run ouf of, because you cant carry so much so you wont shoot on every bull**** that is moving. But guys - do you really like deciding - if this is this fight you bought this special enchanted +3 ammo or save it for later. Imo there will be better option to just give you another skill you may find in the game with 2-3 charges and then going on really long cooldown (Frost shot, pi
  9. First - not everyone want action packed game like you. There is plenty of them already. But i still think this one will be same, because ACTION is just everything right now. And Fallout system is not horrific to everyone - there are times when we dreamed of playing Fallout multiplayer - because we so loved the system. Only thing that was bad there was that computer was really slow on his moves: i did my, then another player was marked - several second - he moved, pause-he shot-pause - pause - another marked. It was slower then it could be - but damn got - system is still great.
  10. Fact that games are simple does not mean that turn based games are not more challanging or if they are - it depends on your setup and computer AI. In Fallout it was just about one person (in my case) and my companion just attacked randomly (and meattanked) - but i was able to kite efectively, i was able to weaken enemy just with one gun (not to mention how it might work if i got several different spells to chose from) Yeah, it is about preparations - Steel panthers are great example for that - when you could arrange your troops on battlefield for 2 hours - but in Steel panthers it was also a
  11. I really love turn based games - you know your skills, your attacks better, you got time to adjust you strategy - to think of without everything getting messy or 3 times longer. Fallout was great with that, i also loved Heroes of Might and Magic, Spellcross, Civilization. Yeah, you can say, that you got time to arrange things in games like baldurs gate or icewind dale by pausing - but i couldnt get rid of the feeling, that i am slowing the game. And after some time i found it contraproductive, because i was just able to tank and spank almost without the pause, but with the feeling that
  12. Yes, but i dont want to do it manually after every fight - just after the fight to sheat it
  13. I dont think it is question of magic or not. I think weapon diversity is good thing to have - you can call it magic, legendary. The thing i feel is like you should have option to improve your gear. And you should be happy when you find something magical (even if it will be fun but wortless - boots that will prevent you from feeling heat (when you walk on the burning grounds) My idea about best items is - that every class should have something, that will make it similary strong. (that mage is not OP and warrior suck or mage is just a buffer because engame creatures are magic resistant a
  14. I thought we are making isometric game. Please no 3D. Honestly you can customize injuries too - if you just make several archtypes portraits to all race/class combinations. You can also customize armor (hats, necklaceses, etc) when someone wear them - you just make more pictures
  15. 80 + 8 for Obsiadian Order ) - nice to have two copies and strategy guide to help me find my way )
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