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  1. Hey guys! I've been DMing 3.5 Edition D&D, Eberron Campaign Setting, for the last couple of years. I have recently acquired the Traveller (Mongoose Edition) Rulebook, but am having trouble coming up with many adventures for it. Does anyone have any adventure creation advice?
  2. I have recently acquired the Traveller (Mongoose edition) rulebook and, as I found the stock campaign universe underwhelming, am currently in the process of writing my own campaign setting. It's going to be really detailed and may take be months upon months, especially since my studies are quite demanding.
  3. I would like to see "humans" that have specific characteristics; humans that have evolved differently to humans in our world. They might have a spell-resistance or some specific talents or something.
  4. In my opinion, Project Eternity -- being of a fantasy setting -- would be more interesting if it explored fantastic (of fantasy, not amazing) mature themes, instead of limiting itself to concerns that exist our contemporary society.
  5. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I thought it was arranged that Russian and Polish translations are going to be completed by the some 3rd party distributor/localisation. Venom and Veeno, you both make good points. From other posts that I've read, it would be ridiculously frustrating for the Italian audience not to have a translation as it would be ignoring the Multi5 convention. Also, a quarter of all votes on this poll are for Italian. Given that Russian and Polish are already being provided, it would make sense to provide a Chinese translation. In terms of profit, and utilitarian et
  6. @ Monte Carlo, The Lucerne Hammer is an awesome weapon! >Oh no: the knight in impervious full plate has arrived on the battlefield. What are we to do? >Never fear; the Lucerne Hammer is here!!
  7. Historically, plate-mail had several layers: a hell of padding, chain and then the plate on the exterior. After the padding, potentially, leather and chain, there would be absolutely no reason why the plate would need to fit breasts as they -- for the overwhelmingly vast majority of instances -- wouldn't make a difference. I think the bigger question is, had anyone EVER though of the problem of breast size inside full plate armor? I mean, has a woman ever worn a plate mail in the middle ages? I dont think armor smiths really considered that, so I dont think they made plate mail that was comfo
  8. I find that the plethora of spells in D&D based cRPGs really adds to the complexity of the combat. For example, the tech/bionic powers in ME were really streamlined and led to a really formulaic style of play. Whereas in Baldur's Gate, one's spell selection could mean the difference between a fight being ridiculously difficult or merely challenging, or perhaps even easy. I voted spells as items to maintain that plethora. However, it would be awesome to see a variety of spell-based classes that use magic differently. Eg: A scholarary wizard that uses the D&D spell system and an int
  9. Historically, plate-mail had several layers: a hell of padding, chain and then the plate on the exterior. After the padding, potentially, leather and chain, there would be absolutely no reason why the plate would need to fit breasts as they -- for the overwhelmingly vast majority of instances -- wouldn't make a difference. Here's a realistic example which is chainmail (layers: padding and chain), not plate in which the breasts would be even less pronounced in:
  10. I'm loving your taste in music!

    1. slowdive


      Gotta love all things shoegazer

    2. TheDogProfessor


      Most definitely! I've managed to get tickets to see My Bloody Valentine in February; I'm really excited!

    3. TheDogProfessor


      You might like this forum: http://www.shoegaze.co.uk/

      It's not extremely active, but there are some good conversations and a whole lot of music on it. It's especially good you play in the genre as well.

  11. We did. The Kickstarter came in at $3 986 929 and the Pay-Pal donations, from the latest Twitter update, are at $140 099.
  12. I believe that it has the ability, not to alter the AAA RPG genre, but to act as a catalyst for future production of similar title by setting a precedent that communicates to publishers and to the rest gaming industry that there is market for these titles.
  13. Personally, I would prefer to wait longer for the game than for them to either rush or, as Kilroy noted, risk having the initial developers lose control of the game's direction. That said, it is well within the realms of possibility for them to hire more staff without that happening.
  14. I believe that BGII, or at least the BGT mod does have a user input journal function. Hotel Dusk, Room 215 (the best game made for the DS), a detective game, also has a user input and uses it really well.
  15. There was a thread a while back on which Justin Bell described his view on computer game scores here are some quotes: String quartet is amazing, and it's not something a lot of composers are asked to do nowadays. But yeah, I'm a huge fan of that intimate chamber music sound. You know, anything is really possible as long as: a. It fits the over all musical style of the game b. It suites the specific narrative moment of the game c. Doesn't sound jarringly out of place. I think for the right moment in the game, it can work great. Above all, the narrative drive's the music fir
  16. I voted no because I don't believe that any encounter should ever be strictly "unwinnable". I'm a strong supporter of having encounters that do not scales and so will be impossible at a low-enough level. I'm also a strong supporter of ridiculously difficult encounters that need to be tackled in specific ways. Also, I think that there should be ridiculously difficult, but avoidable, encounters such as the aforementioned battle with Drizzit. Examples:
  17. I agree; I found Skyrim quite annoying for that reason. All of the quest markers meant that it all of the "find x" quests were pointless and the lack of a detailed journal really bugged me. I would love to see a really detailed journal, or possibly, even a journal that you're meant to update yourself so long as that was made explicit from the start. For example: some NPC wants you to find their missing child who got lost on the way to grandma's house in the southern woodland area. Your journal wouldn't update itself, it would be up to you to enter in all the appropriate information. It could w
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