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  1. For Australian Eastern Standard Time it's 3am on Wednesday. At +10GMT there's not much ahead of us.
  2. Holy Trout! I thought I read that preloading didn't happen with GOG. I must have misread!
  3. In all seriousness, though, I can take a shoot at italianising the name for you. I speak Italian and have a university degree it (and its earlier renaissance forms to some exent).
  4. HMS means Her Majesty's Ship so that feels like a no to me. Oh I didn't mean does 'the'='HMS' or anything along those lines. More that does a ship name or something similar require an article and does HMS fill that role. I think I'd still want to put 'the' in front of 'HMS'. So i think I've just answered my own question...
  5. I'm setting an alarm get out of bed and start my GOG download at 3am Tuesday 9th (thanks Australian Eastern Standard Time and **** Australian internet). So can take the day off work and spend the whole day playing. I'm so excited that I physically feel it, like a dog stamping its paws for dinner.
  6. It is very little result compared to other, far more impactful things that dev time can be spent on. There's no arguing with that (even though I tried to). I just think it would be really neat.
  7. I don't think it's 'very little result'. I think it would really help bring characters to life. Sure, it might be a lot work, but it's something I'd quite like to see.
  8. I'd absolutelu love to see a variety of body shapes. Not being a beta backer though, all I can do is hope.
  9. I'm so excited for this game! I've got nothing interesting to add but I am well aboard the hype train!
  10. OP, I can't agree with you enough about cartoony art design and skimpy models. They really just ruin games for me. For myself, I want an internally consistent world with rich, well-thought-out lore. I also want intelligent lore, founded in anthropological studies, history, etc. A fictional universe can be really out-there, but I want the inhabitants of the world, and how they negotiate the world (culture, technology, etc), to be informed by reality. I want to be able to play characters with a wide range of backgrounds, motivations, and personalities. And when I can't, I want the char
  11. I avoid 'skimpy' and hypersexualised characters like the plague. Characters can be attractive, sure, but in most contexts I find it ridiculous to walking into battle looking sexy.
  12. The exceptional pistol which is looted from one of the theives pretending to be Giftbearers of Ondra is in fact not Exceptional. It says that it is, but when equipped, the accuracy is that of a normal pistol.
  13. I, personally, would love an isometric party-based sci-fi cRPG or something like the NWN toolset for a party-based isometric cRPG.
  14. What's RingMachine's problem? People evidently like Pillars of Eternity. It is one of my favourite video games. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style. I found the ending perhaps lacking in choices regarding the final revelation, but I thought the game was thematically and stylistically consistent. If you don't like a style of game, just don't play it. There's no reason to go around on the forums of the company that made the game whinging and talking ****, just because wish they'd made something else.
  15. Not sure if this thread should belong in technical support... anyway: I've seen heaps of stuff for custom portraits, but very little for custom soundsets. Are they doable and straight-forward like in IE?
  16. I haven't played Dungeon Siege III yet, but for roleplaying games in general I recommend taking a little bit of time to learn the basics of the game mechanics. Knowing which abilities to use when and against what will make a huge difference. Also, search all the things! ummm, hope that was at least a little helpful. And welcome to the wonderful world(s) of gaming!
  17. There will be in 3.0 What does that mean, though? Skip all combat? I don't understand.
  18. Good Afternoon (AEST) to the collective forum intelligence! My question is this: Is the Sword Coast Legends campaign editor up to the task of making a whole custom campaign that's not set on the Sword Coast or is it just there to add side quests to the game? And is it any good?
  19. There's always the Australian states and territories. That'd give 8 more titles. (Australian territories are provinces that function like states except they have less autonomy) "Project Victoria" has a nice ring to it.
  20. Personally, I'd love a someone, whether it be Obsidian or not, to make a really good user-friendly toolset for people to make custom cRPG campaigns. Sword Coast Legends failed amazingly at this opting to make DM-mode an on-the-fly multiplayer thing rather that giving us a solid toolset to create our own in depth custom content. Ye Gods... please no.
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