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  1. And i thought wizards were the best casters ... 2 free abilities/ spells per power level ... 18 free skills and more if you change grimoires. If you compare it with a cipher that gets no free spells (most of them being bad xD)
  2. I will be a nice girl helping people and with a nice diet of souls and vegetables. Well ... sometimes i will take a bit of meat and grog but i will feel bad about it latter ....
  3. Already found, but good work :D I wish on a big boss when you have to chose how to destroy its soul the narrator said "how do you wanna do this ?" XD
  4. I like the paladin(shield)/ fighter (defender) you got 1 eng +3 for modal,+1 for shield +1 for paladin with shield total 6, 7 if you use a spear ... and 5% damage reduction for each engaged enemy. It also gets +1 armor rating for using a shield and another +1 for the paladin aura, so its a really good tank. geting 75% damage reduction for the armor and the extra for the engaged enemies ... XD If its not for tanks ... i could use it with wizards and so for the extra deflection .. but that would depend on the unique items we find in the game to see if its worth it.
  5. I don't know if you noticed but you basicaly said: "it's better because it's easier now, we don't have to pay attention to the damage taken like we did in PoE 1". I didn't say it was easier, i said you dont have to lose 5 minutes of your life going to town if you get out of resting supplies. The only think i am triing is to give you options for making the game more challenging and fun for you, since it is "too easy if you can heal when you have healing spells". No, I never said "too easy if you can heal when you have healing spells", I said that the change in the health system ma
  6. You can build your own companions at any tabern and make thas as you like them. If you want to use the predefined companions they have their classes limited to a few options for story reasons. PD: If you reaaally want to play the default companions and change their classes you can use console commands (AKA cheats) to change it. Edit: (of course you can also cheat ther attributes, and so on)
  7. I don't know if you noticed but you basicaly said: "it's better because it's easier now, we don't have to pay attention to the damage taken like we did in PoE 1". I didn't say it was easier, i said you dont have to lose 5 minutes of your life going to town if you get out of resting supplies. The only think i am triing is to give you options for making the game more challenging and fun for you, since it is "too easy if you can heal when you have healing spells".
  8. Nah, the main problem is the health system, he is just spamming heal spells. The last fight I saw: he was almost dying, then he proceeded to use consecrated grounds, holy radiance and restore minor endurance, his entire party was full health again, just after that he used his build to melt the enemy. After the combat he didn't need to rest and his tank was ok. If it was PoE 1 he would have to at least watch out for his health, which can't receive heals over and over again. Well, when i played the beta if i was a little behind in power i usually got crashed, mostly no time to heal up, i
  9. I saw him playing, he is playing a really strong multiclass, probably one of the best out there, and its true that it seams easy some times, but it's mostly against low lvl enemies, so you could enable level scaling if you think that will make the game more challenging for your. He has hight armor without speed penalty, bonus unnarmed damage, a speed buff with a lighting leash, his own passive lighting leash, and each time he changes form he heals for half hp. Its close in power to a solo run build.
  10. Normally , soul whip is disables at full focus, so if for example you got +40% soul whip damage and are full focus you lose it. Ascendant soul whip works while at full focus, so you can still use your weapons if you want, and you even got extra damage +20% i think it was on the beta, so a +60% total with biting whip. I feal it like a way of saying, hey you have free casting for x seconds, but if you want to keep with autos or other class skills go for it.
  11. It deppends on what your playstile and whan you want. I'll play a paladin bw/ascendant using fod to try and get 1 hit max focus .. then spamming. It will work also with an assasin/ascendant where you could backstab from stealth and then escape to range before starting the spam (then smoke cloud or shadowing beyond and repeat). But if you are going more for melee (devoted or assasin) i think soulblade will be better and use the focus to do soul annihilation. Edit: As a note that still needs testing, the lvl 9 passive for cipher gives you +1% area for each pp, with a pure ascendan
  12. Paladin (BW) cipher (ascendant), Probably with a arquebus, flames of devotion to get a big hit/oneshot someone and without waiting to reload start spamming powers (repeat) I want to test dual blonderbuss with the modal and the resistence to it from paladin but in backer beta the flames hit friends too.
  13. Hello all. I was testing and found a weird behavior with this modal (powder burns) that seams a bug. How I tested: I put my companions in different ranges of the target, in a row, in this way: Just for legibility: C1- companion 1 C2- companion 2 C3- companion 3 T- target companion S- a space Test 1: C1-S-C2-S-T-S-S-C3 C3 is closer to T than C1 Test 2: C1-S-C2-S-C3-S-T Expected behavior: That attack has an area damage around the target Found behavior: The area is recalculated over each creature damaged by the area, extending this area. Example: I atta
  14. Hello I was checking the ai behaviors and found some missing options that i think will improve it. Actually i can check if i have some inspiration but not for specific effects,this makes it hard to make a "buff yourself with this if the effect is not active" for example with spirit shield or arcane veil. You can add the action set with a cd and fix that cd at the duration of the effect, but an option like " only if not active" will be helpfull. Other nice upgrade would be if conditionals, and actions had a search bar so we could filter and so on. PD: of course hav
  15. It seams steam is still processing it, for me its not instaled but if i go to "buy " it it saids it is already in my library after a restart, another restart and its downloading it, so .. just give it a few minutes and another try
  16. the first 1.03 pach with all the fixes didnt change the references from the assets, so its not steam's fault xD
  17. In baldurs gate not to much, but mainly couse it was bugged and nerfed,(there are mods to make it like p&p) and couse you could not talk while shifted. In pen and paper D&D yes, y change forms all time with druids or psionic characters (psionic metamorfosis is so good ...), even with wizards you can use some cool metamorfosis spells . like the form of the dragon, the slime one ... its not an all time spell but they were great. Here its just too bad. (Also, in d&d, when you change forms all your items fuse with your new form and you still have all their effects on, but buffed by
  18. I could mod that, yes, but im too busy this week so if i do it it will have to wait. I use other mods i didnt share but i didnt make the buffed spiritform ( i did the permanent one while testing things but i have to update it to 1.03), the main reason is i dont play druids xDD But if you want it and if i have time ill do it
  19. Two other possibilities: D) Give us something else to spend XP on, beyond levels. Either let us use it to upgrade individual abilities, or invest it in items to either either upgrade them or give them enchantments without spending the full material cost, or let us use them to make/charge consumables. This would allow players to still benifit from XP without increasing their overall level. However, this would, at best, only slow power gain (with the exception of making consumables, which has it's own problems), so It might not be an ideal solution. E) Make quests have behind the scenes con
  20. it wasnt really a max lvl but a max xp, since not all classes level at the same rate in d&d 2nd edition. but in baldurs gate 1 you will never hit the lvl cap just by doing all quest and sidequest. it was needed intencional xp grinding. For example, spaming rest in the werewolf area, were your rest was interrupted by 6-7 werewolfs worth 3ks xp each. (and even then you need to spam kill for 3-4 hours with a full party)
  21. They changed some sound it seams, and it changed the references on all assets as a "colateral" effect, so all assets were downloaded againg and thats why 500 mb
  22. I dont think it was so bugged, bugs saving games in the same place you get a companion, randon bugs where files are damaged that usually start happening when you already have 30 hours in the game ... thats not something you can test in the beta. sometimes happens, the same way that sometimes games stop working when you have 200 saved games. thats not easy to test before release. The game was not bugged at all, there was nothing that made you lose your file or that made you unable to finish the game (even that damage files bug could be solved by yourself in less than 30 seconds if you googl
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