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  1. In the trailer. Meh. I'm talking about actual gameplay like fighting that is more than just a couple seconds of effect - those tell me nothing. I mean something like the Wasteland 2 gameplay videos.
  2. This seems interesting. I always like it when there are several viable builds in an RPG and not just one optimal one.
  3. The interiors and exteriors look very good imo. They really capture the old infinity style of super detailed graphics. On the other hand I think that the character models seem to contrast a bit with that (see trailer). They don't seem to be as detailed and good looking as the environemnts.
  4. I neeeed more ArcanumLP. Can't we clone Avellone 2 times so that one can work on Eternity, one can work on Torment and one can be a professional let's player?
  5. Elemental magic should be in the game with the different effects for different types of magic. That alone is not enough though. There should be instead many 'classes' of magic like damage, buffs/debuffs, summonings, enviromental stuff, telekinesis, ... What I'd like to see is magic that alters the flow of the battle. For example summoning/throwing a rock/stalagmite that stays on the battlefield as a blockade, pushing and pulling enemies and friends, enviromental hazards like water and lava, that you can push enemies into, creating a tidal wave if you are near water, summon a lava elemental
  6. So what are the chances of getting to play that or at least see a video (like the Wasteland 2 guys did)?
  7. 1. This not exponential growth. 2. Should stronger guys not get more basedamage? Will every guy just do the same dmg? It makes little sense imo.
  8. I think it's imporant, that there is no [intelligence], because it makes the answer too easy to guess. The option should only be available if the char is smart enough but there should never be an Int-check, because if the char has come up with the argument he should obviously be intelligent enough to formulate it.
  9. No, especially if there's no exp reward for it. I like "chapter" dependant respawn though. If the story moves on and the time moves on some monsters respawn (see Gothic).
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