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  1. Yes please. The more dynamic and unpredictable the game, the more frequently/longer I will play it.
  2. I sat next to the guys from Pantera at a Dallas Stars game last year. Funny dudes. I bet they're into rpgs, and we all know what they've accomplished musically. I'm just saying is all.
  3. Fallout 3. It changed everything. Best soundtrack in gaming history too. He's hackin and whackin and smackin
  4. Whatever the ending, make it an open ended affair. Tie up the main plot line if you want, but allow us to continue exploring and raiding orc forts. And also incorporate random loot drops to keep us in game forever.
  5. That's over the top. One knight dies and becomes a god's right hand man? I prefer less epic, more relatable storylines, honestly.
  6. The 16th century was a fascinating time for technological and medical advancement. If this game is to include some of our better achievements, expect rudimentary microscopes, flushing toilets, detailed anatomical diagrams, simple thermometers, pocket watches, and cannons.
  7. Having wall carvings on each level detailing the events during its construction might be a compromise. They won't have room. They need somewhere to put all of the memorial stones and messages of the people who paid for the game.
  8. Looks to me like they've been working on this for a while now. I don't think they were pulling lore concepts and screenshots and character or dungeon designs out of thin air last weekend. I believe they've known what they want to do, and Kickstarter was simply intended to make more of those goals a reality. A year and a half to code their ideas and write some stories seems like a pretty long time in light of that.
  9. If there is a community of people eking out a living within the endless dungeon, I will set this game aside and go back to FPSs. I don't want yet another inhabited region. I want a dungeon to plow through. Level after level filled with terrible nightmares and gleaming treasure. Something to test me as an adventurer and send me back to the surface with tales of awesomeness. Something that reminds me of the times as a kid that I actually played AD&D. If there's a friggin' village, or worse yet a trading post, then I want nothing to do with it. That's ridic.
  10. This is why I didn't pay $1,000 to design one. I'm not shelling out that kind of cash to have my NPC featured in an alley leaning against a wall as the PCs walk by. There wasn't enough real information for me to risk paying that much. And yeah, I can't wait for the game credits. All 1.5 hours worth.
  11. So would Obsidian have met their $3.5 million goal already if they weren't spending a bunch of money sending out DVDs, shirts, and other goods that many people don't actually want? I had to ask.
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