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  1. A real power move would have been to include David Koch.
  2. It depends on the candidate he runs against and if he manages to **** something up around the time of the election. And while the economy might not have gone nuclear it's in a precarious position with real wages being stagnant and rent prices becoming ridiculously high so that could blow up any moment.
  3. Lol, Sauron couldn't stop a couple of shortys from destroying his ring despite having an evil of army of doom, Sauruman had his schemes foiled at every turn, Palpatine got thrown down a shaft by a guy he thought was loyal and had his empire destroyed by some rebels and carebears, Vader managed to miss that he had a kid for 2 decades and then turncoated, Aliens are dumb and only know how to kill and reproduce, and the Preadators routinely get beat by less impressive physical specimens with primitive technology. The point of all this isn't to flex basic scifi/fantasy knowledge, but to point out how competency is usually an illusion based more upon aesthetic and demeanor than proficiency.
  4. The Naked Director. Normally tv sex makes me feel embarrassed, but this ended up being funny more than anything. I'd reccomend it for the nsfw folks, but make sure netflix doesn't set your audio to the dub because it's creepy.
  5. The Peasants were right, royalty deserves the guillotine.
  6. Lowering hitpoints for MBs is a good idea because Megabosses have insane health pools, but Dorudugan (who seems to be an outlier even with MBs) already has some absurd defenses combined with interrupt immunity, mind affliction immunity, Hellfire Iron, and high AR. The other megabosses can be major pains but with the others it felt like I could deal with them without having to use resource regeneration while with Dorudugan you could either exploit resonant touch or apply brilliant to your party members. How would this affect a non-caster/caster multiclass?
  7. I think it's interesting this raid happened directly after the firm lost a sexual harassment lawsuit for a few million.
  8. There's a difference between an hour of standup and over 2 hours of Joe talking when he's had a dime.
  9. I honestly hope they double down on this.
  10. Reddit needs to be wiped from the face of the earth.
  11. It wouldn't surprise me if that number was higher, but yes in the sense of "alt-right" as describing a particular range of nationalist politics rather than not being "mainstream right-wing politics". It's nomenclature that doesn't necessarily resemble reality, like how indie rock isn't necessarily independently published rock music. I share your unease concerning this risen reactionary beliefs and can think of a couple of terms more accurate than "alt-right", but calling things fascist or racist upset certain sensibilities. It's because they have ties to groups antifa brawls with, like the Proud Boys and 3%ers. And because those McVeys will more than likely vote for them.
  12. I'll bet my hat he's some flavor of alt-right incel that ranted on 4chan or reddit.
  13. A three year old screaming "mine" is a breakdown of every Ayn Rand work, and better written to boot. She was also a snitch who reported people to the feds, so that slag can get stuffed.
  14. Yeah, its a shame we're probably not going to get that. Probably not going to see Hughie infiltrate the G-Men or Superduper either.
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