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  1. Honestly, it'd surprise me if BG3 wasn't multiplayer. The first two having multiplayer (which I doubt few on these boards ever used) aside, the shore mages have been trying to brand D&D as sort of a lifestyle thing you do in a group, and a videogame that does multiplayer like the DOS games fits that like a glove. As long as they don't do anything like Armor in DOS2, it will probably be a pretty good game that captures tabletop.
  2. I mostly want to use Forbidden Fist with Draining Touch for thematic reasons and consistent Con afflictions tbh, I wasn't expecting it to scale with unarmed abilities else it'd be as broken as the Woedica spiritual weapon used to be. I'm going to use the Community Patch, and I believe that it raises wound limit to 10 for Shattered Pillar. Does WotEP work with Instruments of Pain in the same way Citzal's Spirit Lance?
  3. Old bearded men can walk into the women's bathroom as well, because there's no bathroom guard or whatever to prevent someone from walking in to a bathroom at the vast majority of places. This further distracts from how pedophiles are more likely to victimize children they are familiar with through family, friendship, work, etc. than to grab a kid in a bathroom. I guess accepting and acting on the fact that uncle eddie is a creep is a lot harder than screaming about hypothetical transwoman pedophiles stalking bathrooms for some people.
  4. I'm considering making a sage for my next Deadfire playthrough and wanted some help. Currently I'm torn between three ideas, 1) a 2-hander Shattered Pillar that uses Citzal's Spirit Lance (WotEP and Willbreaker as backup weapons), a Nalpazca dual wielder that uses Modwyr + something else, or a Forbidden Fist that uses the exploit for infinite Draining Touch. Are there any items in particular I should look out for and any trap abilities I should avoid?
  5. Let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that 213374U doesn't know what he's doing. He knows EXACTLY what he's doing. 213374U is undertaking a systematic effort to change this forum, to make forums.obsidian.net more like the rest of the internet. That's why he posts copypasta and smugly tells gamers off and was rude to a South African user. It is a systematic effort to change forums.obsidian.net. When I'm global moderator of this forum, we are going to re-embrace all the things that made forums.obsidian.net the greatest message board on the internet and we are going to leave future posters with what they deserve: the single greatest forum in the history of the internet.
  6. Related, but the Onion is now a more accurate news source than NYT or Washington Post. What a timeline.
  7. The Kurds have a saying "only the mountains are our friends" because they expect to be betrayed. Trumps actions are absolutely vile and should be condemned, but the reasons for the betrayal go deeper than the buffoon currently squatting in the white house and isn't something that will be fixed by electing an ostensibly anti-war/intervention/ethnic-cleansing politico to take his place. biji biji Rojava
  8. hahahahaha governor goodhair got thrown under the bus hahahahahaha
  9. I think it's safe to say that doing anything special for your inlaws is dangerous and that you should keep as much distance, emotional and physical, as possible. Especially if they're in Florida.
  10. I think that they are both worse, a Clinton presidency would have kept "centrism" alive so that the ticking bombs of climate change and class stratification wouldn't be confronted as much as they are now for example. The presidency isn't just what they do when in charge but is also how they are reacted to and of there's a silver lining to the dementia addled buffon it's that some people are realizing business as usual isn't going to work anymore.
  11. My city made the NYT. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/02/climate/hurricane-adaptation-houston.html Where I grew up may be underwater in several decades, but Bill Koch got to build a replica of an old west town so I guess it's all worth it.
  12. Well Bruce is the kid of a banker who lives a boujee lifestyle, so go figure.
  13. ...aren't there people doing longer stints for weed? What a country.
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