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  1. At that rate of death, coincidence seems less likely than conspiracy. There is no struggle against authority which is completely different, and Hong Kongers are accused of the same **** as protestors here. The only real difference is that you support one government putting down the boot and not the other. To boot, you're obfuscating and victim blaming, which is par for the course. People shouldn't have to be model citizens not to be targeted by jack booted state officials, regardless of any characteristics. Men commit violent crimes more than women and male on male crime is the biggest cause of death for the fellas. Do you think it would be fair to say that because men made a culture out of toxic masculinity for police to start aggressively targeting men? Lmao swap "CCP' for "CIA' or "State Department" and this is exactly what China stans say. I guess one thing yall can agree on is that Hong Kongers can't tell their own stories without being pawns of a nefarious organization. Do you think ethnic cleansing is "live and let live" behavior? This is like some sort of self-help tweetbot. Reducing success to "just work extra hours" is some clown ****. This is, again, bull****. There is no approval, tacit or explicit, of rioting from mainstream media, and the only "black media" I've seen supporting it is radical media run by folks outside the political spectrum that already believes the US should be destroyed. Most black celebs are focusing on a man being murdered more than the looting, but their comments are **** like "this is why voting is important" because the author of the infamous crime bill will surely be the guy to tackle police brutality. And the idea that low standards is more oppression than disproportionate policing is utterly laughable. Like white people thinking you can't do anything is worse than the disproportionate responses from police or less job opportunities.
  2. Look into the deaths of Ferguson protesters over the years. And people here are justified in resisting against state encroachment here, when it kills, imprisons, and monitors them. People everywhere are justified in doing this. Yeah, independent groups of journalists like Lausan is pretty good. State media is as bad as CNN. It must have been another Orogun01 who said they liked Andrew Jackson because he "kicked out the jews who ran the federal reserve". That there's a significant amount of people in America who do work hard yet don't make a better life for themselves despite trying, and that they just aren't black. Most people I know bust their ass for 40 hours every week and things like stable housing or retirement are out of reach. The idea that making it just requires hard work runs in the face of reality. Given who such conflations come from, I assume they think something along the lines of "I hope I don't get shot". Could have fooled me. Anyways, this is a load of bull****. Gangsta Rap isn't the base of contemporary black culture, it isn't even the majority of hip hop as a genre of music. Even just talking about "black entertainers" (and assuming they are the entirety of a community is a ridiculous stretch) most of the time I see them saying something it's about supporting black businesses or getting educated or some vague social justice thing. This bit reads like someone watched a music video and based their entire view on black people on it.
  3. Yes, crowd control is a different animal than surveillance or police brutality. When the dust settles you're going to see prosecution of everyone that the state can identify, and some "suicides". This also is what is happening in Honk Kong, as opposed to the tanks being rolled in to massacre protesters. Then I can only assume your knowledge of Hong Kong comes solely from western media or that you think that broken glass and fire materializes out of air. I assume you're a /pol/yp nationalist that developed into the Trump Internet Defense Force rather than admit you'd been had. I got your point, I gave you an example of some people who haven't made it in this country who aren't a racial minority and have similarly poor living standards to the minority you allude to. I've played this game hundreds of times at this point. Just come out and say what you think about this particular minority group.
  4. You can just as easily say one is fighting against police repression while the other is using a law designed to charge a murderer as an exuse to ransack stores. Both are movements against encroaching police states and both have actors who engage in rioting, looting, and assault. If you're going to support one but not the other it's because you have biases outside of objecting to violence and crime. Folks in Appalachia got legs, I assume that holds true for folks in the rust belt. What they don't got is money or opportunities to get it. Given your apparent politics I'd assume you'd be familiar because they were a big factor in the narrative about how damaging free trade has been.
  5. If it's the looters or the cops, I'll side with the looters just as I do in the conflict of Hong Kong. Ever been to appalachia or the rust belt?
  6. Aside from the moralistic (dare I say Christian?) argument of valuing life over tvs or the possibility of going to jail over excessive force? There's more of them than you and you'd be better off scamming your insurance for damages than risking getting beaten to death when you're trying to reload.
  7. Calling in the troops would be more likely to make protests more radical, it's like people haven't learned anything from the history of state repression.
  8. It's interesting that the protesters are using the same tactics as elsewhere (such as Hong Kong) but the reaction from a lot of folks is completely different.
  9. There's nothing to suggest that anything will change if a 3rd party candidate gets elected because even if their platforms are a massive break from the Ds and Rs that doesn't mean they will be able to implement said platform or won't diverge from it once in power. So instead of trying to implement change through voting, I think folks should try the direct action methods that really got us the 8 hour workday and civil rights protections instead of relying on statecraft. So I disagree with the assumption that a 3rd party rising is necessarily a good thing as well as the merits of electoralism, but I have a few problems with your arguments here specfic about the LP. First, I think a big reason Johnson (and the Green's hippie grandma Stein) did comparatively well is because of how **** Hillary and Donnie were. However a plurality of Americans didn't bother to vote in the first place and I think that trend will increase more than support for third parties. To this I think that success for such parties hinges upon the lack of likeability of major candidates which can and will fluctuate, so the 5% goal makes sense as a party but isn't much of an incentive to people who aren't already aligned with such a goal. Secondly, I frequently see assertions how such and such ideologies and platforms will attract a large amount of folks but I don't really see much evidence of any of it. While there's likely large groupings of virtually any ideology, relative to actual population they're marginal. Personally I've met very few "consistent libertarians", most of who called themselves "libertarians" ended up drifting towards one of the Rs or Ds, and of the rest maybe half of them went on to become white nationalists (they were 4chan types to begin with). This is just personal experience, but combined with lack of evidence for a good amount of support I don't believe there's a sleeping libertarian mass anymore than I think there's a sleeping Green mass. Lastly, I as an outsider I think parties in general are a joke and the LP trying to be more serious is hurting it. I'm fairly young for this forum and I've only been eligible to vote in 2 presidential elections (3 in November) and to my memory the LP has run a failed Republican both times. This creates the problem of not really distinguishing itself as a separate entity and was just the vote for Republicans unhappy with Romney or Trump. Comparatively the current champions of each party are a gameshow host known for bull****ing and a guy who can't remember what he said two minutes ago, and if that ain't clown **** than I don't know what is. IMO the libertarians would have more success in getting that 5% by running a bat**** entertainer than they would a "serious" candidate. I hope none of this comes off as too harsh or mean spirited because that's not my intention.
  10. The Libertarian Party, like all parties who ain't Republican or Democrat, is never going anywhere because in addition to the lockout created by the main two parties and media its strategy is to boost party hacks or Republican/Democrat dropouts that bore folks instead of some crazy mother****er like Vermin Supreme who would get attention. This strategy will ends up reinforcing the image of the various "third parties" as knockoffs of one of the two big ones with more or less focus on particular issues rather than a genuine alternative (which does have truth to it). Voting isn't going to change anything and putting pressure outside the ballot box is more likely to get people what they want than supporting a demented creep or some party hack in the hopes next cycle will be better.
  11. You're not going to get an unbiased response from anyone because everyone has biases. A PCC bureaucrat, a refugee living in Miami who came from money, and regular jose who has to work a normal job probably won't agree on what would be best for Cuba.
  12. I just realized I've been here for 8 years now. Huh. In political news the feds can now monitor people without a warrant. Freedom at its best.
  13. The Libertarian Party should just say **** it and run Joe Exotic or the guy who did a striptease on stage.
  14. ComradeMaster sounds like a bog-standard yankee tankie to me, if he is an alt I think it's from the same person behind some of our previous rogues because it's a consistent character with some amount of planning.
  15. As the supposed internet edgelord bedwetter, I can say that sending in SWAT to enforce every warrant would probably make me attack the police more rather than less, because there would inevitably be examples of needlessly dead bodies to attack them for. I'll stop clapping back at the guy whose previous account had to be monitored for objectionable content to please the mods and clear up the thread.
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