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  1. Hillary Clinton is the perfect example of someone who doesn't know when it's time to leave and keeps embarrassing themselves to stay relevant.
  2. Two months rent for a handful of women in an area where you need to make more than $40 an hour to afford rent isn't going to do anything to address the underlying issues of working people being priced out of housing (it's not that bad in Houston, but it's bad enough where making over double the minimum wage still leaves you struggling to pay rent). They were going for the equivalent of a lunch counter sit-in, and given the response I've seen to the tanks being rolled in I'd say that will probably be more effective than kicking the can down the road for two months.
  3. I'm still disappointed at the lack of sea monster battles in Deadfire, but I can't be terribly disappointed that Grounded isn't getting much attention or that Outer Worlds (which I haven't played yet) didn't win one of its four awards.
  4. If I was playing a character I'd come up with something way better than being a tough guy whose wife thinks he's cool. Like I spent last summer on a bizarre adventure with an old man, his grandson, a fortune teller, a high school student, and a dog travelling to Egypt to fight a hundred year old vampire who could stop time. Go big or go home, much like current politics where milquetoast reforms are as unlikely (or even moreso) than massive overhauls or restructuring so you may as well play to your people instead of trying to convince two dozen galaxy brained centrists whose sole qualification is the baffling ability to fail upward by consistently being wrong.
  5. To take away from quibbling over how bad CNN was in smearing Bernard, recently a group of moms occupying a vacant home in Oakland were evicted by police with militaty gear. Seems just a bit excessive, but I guess homeless moms are a big enough threat to need to bring out a tank.
  6. Well Aktually..... there is a large anti-war and anti-intervensionist among the far-right. It's tied to nationalism, anti-Semitism, or the fact a sizeable number used to be libertarians. Carlson is undeniably the first on that list. I'm sure this is going to backfire horribly so I wondered if it was some sort of ploy by deep cover Bernie folks, then I remembered it was CNN and they really are that idiotic.
  7. It depends, how much do you want for it and what flavor of alcohol have you been drinking in the last 3 months?
  8. It makes sense if you consider that the purpose of US policy is to support megacorps.
  9. IT BEGINS. And fascism starts either when the government hands power to them (Germany and Italy), they launch a coup (Spain and Latin America), or when liberalism doesn't let states do enough imperialism (Japan). The forms of bigotry associated with fascist movements/states were widely existing phenomenon before and after.
  10. This is the guy who advised Theresa May in her surprising loss against Corbyn, lost Matteo Renzi his referendum that led to the Five Star Movement and Northern League coming to power in Italy, and thought Hillary was going to destroy Trump in 2016 so I'm not going to put much stock in what he says.
  11. A smoking crater would be an aesthetic improvement over those hideous hotels.
  12. I saw Cats. This is entirely accurate and I wish the world would end. https://m.imgur.com/a/QBU5BJm
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