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  1. She can't lift the shield and is too dumb for combat expertise. If it wasn't for the respec mod I probably wouldn't use her.
  2. Ranged Combat in Pathfinder 1st edition is very powerful and in PnP Alchemist is considered the strongest class outside of 9th level casters. Even without bugs it'd be surprising if those two didn't hit big numbers. I'd say the Tiefling twins can outdamge then once they get composite blasts, but Kineticst is a headache to play. Kingmaker is easy enough that you should be able to clear it with most of the companions. Off the top of my head Valerie is the only exception and she's just awful in the vanilla game.
  3. That's disappointing but not surprising. As is emojis being case sensitive. Oh yeah, I also finished up the Boondocks. It dropped off at the last season and I think that's explained by Aaron McGruder not being involved. Still it's a good show and blows stuff like South Park out of the water.
  4. It does remind me of watching Digimon as a kid where they would play 30 sec evolution clips every show. There was one instance of like 5 minutes of evolutions that's pretty hilarious in hindsight. It's fun but it just gets repetitive, especially because it seems to be Usagi's only way to win fights.
  5. No, the early one where a snake monster is selling the chanelas. The way their eyes would shoot beams or the full body glow just cracked me up. The only real problem I have with the show is how (so far) they reused all of the transformations and attacks in a really obvious way. It makes sense given what they were working with in the 90s, but it's still lame to be watching now. It's a minor thing though and I still enjoy the show.
  6. I'm watching the evil pet episode right now and it's just ****ing hilarious.
  7. Hawaii GOP promoting a holocaust denier.
  8. More Sailor Moon. It is one of the dumbest things I have seen but it's charming and more entertaining than whatever edgy cw or netflix **** is dropping lately.
  9. Qanon comes straight from 4chan's /pol/ board. Similar to how you can reasonably assume that posters on this board are fans of particular types of videogames, you can assume posters on /pol/ are going to be right-wing and racist. If you want to argue that a conspiracy theory originating on a forum known for an unusual prevalence of nazis and claims that George Soros and the Democrats are running a satanic pedophile cannibal ring which only Donald Trump can stop isn't aligned with anti-semitic and white nationalist bull**** go ahead, but it seems to be a weird hill to die on. Yes, I sco
  10. I did nothing of the sort my dude. "Simply by the numbers being white is a better predictor of Trump support than either education or income" is not treating white voters as monolithic. This claim is supported by the pew research poll you linked, which not only shows Trump polling better with white people as a group than people with "some college" or "HS or less" as groups, but specifically shows that white people with no college degree favored Trump more than people without a degree in general by about 10%. ...did you read the link in "'Q' shares messages — or clues — to followers on
  11. I haven't seen anything to support that one way or the other. Do you have anything that isn't behind a paywall? You need to add a big "white" before that working class, because solely in context of income Trump trailed Biden by at least 10% with families making under 100K (Trump leads by around 10% with people making over $100k) and solely in context of education Trump has only a 2% lead among folks without a degree. (per New Yourk Times) Simply by the numbers being white is a better predictor of Trump support than either education or income, and white evangelical is an even better pre
  12. That's not what I was doing, I was pointing out that the joke Hoon Ding made about not needing an education was misleading because the subject (Congresswoman Green) had in fact received an education. In fact I think societal education is beneficial, even if implementations of it are not good. While I doubt there's any hard data on Qanon demographics, I don't think it would be much of a reach to say it's very similar to the demographics of Trump's hardline supporters. If this is the case, then I'd argue that being white is a better indicator of being a Qanon (or whatever we're calling the
  13. Marjorie Green, the Qanon Congresswoman, has a Bachelor's in Business Administration. She also took over her father's construction company and lived in a wealthy area, so it isn't a case of the (white) working class getting fooled. Taken on it's own, "education" is really too vague to be a counter to confusion. Arguably a bad education can exacerbate it, as the 1776 thing by Trump would have certainly done. I don't think there's really a silver bullet for stopping conspiracy theories and other stupid **** people believe.
  14. I've been binging the Boondocks and it's almost embarrassing to pick up on stuff I didn't really get when I was a kid. Overall I think it's aged pretty well, some characters feel like they could seamlessly fit in our world today. I'm officially in the Obsidian Forums Sailor Moon watch group. Only one episode in right now but it's fun. I don't think I've been watching live action series much lately. Maybe I'll give Lupin a spin.
  15. It's also easy to judge if you've been there and got out. In my experience survivor bias can be even worse than complete removal. If my obsidianstalking.txt is accurate, he's some kind of banker or financial type. Keep that in mind if you choose to engage.
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