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  1. I'm right from a historical and current standpoint. When most current Marxists engage in intraleft disputes with their great other, the anarchists, their go to response is quoting "On Authority" and saying something to the effect of "authoritarianism is good, actually". Those that don't have usually managed to formulate an anarchistic politic, often without having read any anarchists. Your history of the left is lacking and you should read some books instead of wikipedia.
  2. Marxists are largely bootlicking authority lovers though, and those that aren't are anarchists in denial.
  3. I watched The Devil All The Time a few days ago and thought it was pretty good. Yelling "DELUSIONS" to get out of **** seems like a winning move tbh.
  4. Lack of talent, imagination, and humor are limiting factors. Edgelords would end up making something where they virtually harm their ex. Me too. Ace Attorney might have already done it.
  5. JoJo's Bizarre Role-Playing Game KOTOR 3 A near modern fantasy game based on African folk lore and myths. Divorce Court 3: Revenge of the Alimony Obsidian Forum Adventures: The Wrath of Sonicmage117. I remember hearing about the harassment but the assault is new.
  6. It's probably unpleasant and I feel for those folks. I knew a guy who had a job editing porn and he.... didn't enjoy it. But you can now multiplayer romance, which is like reading Sutter Cane.
  7. https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/1086940/view/2781493125012891159 The reactions to this ought to be interesting.
  8. Why? The same type of people who make up Trump's ilk are the same type of people in charge of state governments. They don't have problems subverting elections by gerrymandering, voter purges, id laws, closure of polling centers, and other methods designed to curtail certain people's ability to vote. Is it really that much of a stretch for them to subvert in the ways the article suggests?
  9. Whelp looks like ****s going down in Louisville.
  10. I'm not sure why anyone was expecting consistency, these are the same people who will wax on about freedom and call for mass arrests in the same breath after all. I doubt it will matter to their supporters either.
  11. Speaking of MLK, the political cartoons of him when he was still alive are interesting and topical. http://www.kleefeldoncomics.com/2016/01/on-history-mlk-cartoons-of-yesteryear.html?m=1 Really makes you think those condemning the present protests would have opposed the civil rights movement for being too violent and supported police brutalizing people they don't like. Kinda funny some things don't change. I used to believe "idpol" (for which I've never seen a consistent definition, seemingly everyone has their own conception) was a motivator for the rise of the alt-right, but after having had years of experience talking to them I think they already held those views (perhaps in a more mild form) and would have emerged regardless of annoying liberal pundits badgering them about being ****. The "idpol" seems to be something they (media personalities) seek out to get offended by, like trawling youtube and blogsites for some 15 second clip of 20ish kids yelling to feed their audience of braindead bootlickers.
  12. Sega. Now that I think of it, Obsidian could have been working on Dungeon Siege 4 this whole time as Microsoft already owns the ip.
  13. I can honestly say I didn't see that coming. With Outer Worlds and Avowed I don't think Obsidian will be doing Fallout again, but who the **** knows at this point? Maybe Microsoft will scoop up EA and Obsidian will end up making KOTOR3.
  14. Skarpen is almost certainly the alt of sharp_one, or somehow we got a guy from the same place with the same beliefs and has the same beef with Gromnir. Going by the Trump supporters here only two live in the US. You can argue that US politics is world politics, but the parasocial relationship these fellas have with Trump is kind of weird. But we are grown men spending an inordinate amount of time on a videogame forum so such is to be expected.
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