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  1. I remember renting Eternal Darkness over a decade ago. It was confusing and I got stuck in the bottom of a church or hospital fighting a giant monster.
  2. So to move away of monster rape and to child trafficking, more Great Pretender. Episodes 3, 4, and 5. God damn it's good.
  3. Probably not. Taken straight it is really bad and is only redeeming with the English dub, which is so bad it makes it look like a comedy. I'd recommend it only if you can take really nihilistic black humor and have a tolerance for ****ed up ****.
  4. I skim them. If you put a gun to my head well first of all not cool, but secondly I couldn't tell you the plot of Perfect Blue. Mostly I wanted to hate on Aronofsky for stealing from an anime film without acknowledgement badly copying. In other news, the dub of Legend of the Overfiend I watched last night is hilarious if you view it as a black comedy that jumped the shark like the most insane version of Sailor Moon Says. The uncut sub isn't funny and just ends up being really gross. In either case massive content warning for monster rape.
  5. So Perfect Blue is pretty much what Aronofsky has been stealing frombeing inspired by to float his career? That makes me want to watch it a bit less, given that I usually dislike Aronofsky's stuff.
  6. That's weird. How good is the weapon so far? Looking at new archetypes added and it looks like we have a new one for Magus that focuses on mounted combat. From what I can tell this is an Owlcat original, so I bet we'll see some of these fill out the remaining gaps in archetypes. I wonder if mounted combat is implemented well enough to give it a shot. We've also got a better preview of class abilities, which not only shows what and when each class gets abilities, but shows what archetypes lose. I think there's still some stuff missing though, like the Kensai's diminished spellcasting
  7. Not Bueno Excellente. 10 minutes into Legend of the Overfiend. Holy ****, this is so bad it ends up being good. It's like a cross between Sailor Moon Says, the Ghost Stories dub, and some really ****ed up hentai. Ok so this is the censored version, which cut like half an hour of the more explicit stuff. What I said previously is still true, this is like a X-rated version of the Ghost Stories dub.
  8. Hmmmmm I think I'll watch Perfect Blue this weekend. That or Legend of the Overfiend.
  9. I'm pretty sure that the most lengthy are actually several words mashed together by non-native speakers to make the "is there a German word for everything" a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  10. If it was, we'd end up with names looking like the more memeable German words, for example in Sailor Moon Makoto would have to be Makotojupitermagicalgirltallladynoboyfriend. Which is a bit of a mouthful.
  11. Great Pretender Wizard of Far East episodes 1 + 2 Whelp this is going to be fun. This time the mark is an evil mob lady who does human trafficking. I'm sure Makoto (the protagonist of this show, not Sailor Jupiter) will probably end up having something bad happen, because the evil old mob lady likes him.
  12. Do the mods work with the latest update? I'd probably want to use respec and the spellcasting tweak
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