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  1. Switch out your party when your guys are level capped.You can have 8 companions and 8 adventurers, plenty of room for all that extra XP. They'll bump the level cap up for the expansion.
  2. Anything "works". I mean, I'm running a Melee Wizard bonking people over the head with a mace and shield, and he's pretty damn good. Is it optimal? No. Is an Archer Wizard optimal? No. But it will work. Not that many spells that synergize with an Archer Wizard, though. Eldritch Aim., but that works for any weapon. Anything else?
  3. He repeatedly mentions that this is written by a backer. He's fully aware of that. He's saying that it's not out of place within the context of Eora.
  4. It lowers fatigue so that's exactly what it means. It shouldn't heal so much health either. The only way to heal health should be magic. Either spells or potions. You don't understand. It doesn't mean that everybody sleeps at once. They can take turns keeping watch. Healing through magic was explicitly removed and does not exist in the world's lore. You will never see it in-game, no matter how much you complain. Magic healing does not exist in Eora. End of discussion. Sleeping in a dungeon is not an issue. That's just some nonsense in your head.
  5. What about noxious blast then? Which is the same level as fireball, has the same AoE, but also causes sicken, has longer range, and does more damage. Let's not try to balance the entirety of Wizard spells in this thread. Fan of Flames is balanced in relation to Fireball.
  6. Fireball is easier to target, has a much larger AoE, and is much faster to cast. Fan of Flames requires positioning to even be usable. You either have to spend time running around the flank to get it off, use the far smaller Foe Only AoE, or have a frontline Wizard to use FoF. It is how balance works in PoE. You're not supposed to end up with completely useless level 1 spells in the end game, which is the case with the DnD spells.
  7. 1. Nobody's misunderstanding you. 2. Resting doesn't mean everybody goes to sleep. 3. Camping supplies are there to stop rest spamming. Which they do.
  8. Have you ever heard of tanks, Jartan? With high DR(Armor) and high Deflection(PER, RES) they can easily go through combat with minimal or no damage. How many fights I can get through without resting depends on what the fights are. Raedric's Hold only required two rests, and I cleared two levels. Going straight for Raedric, I could probably have done it with 1 or no rests. I did the entire Ogre Cave without resting. Occasionally, I'll come across powerful enemies, or mismanage my party so that one of my squishy guys gets hit, and I may have to rest early. I haven't found a wilderness area yet that I couldn't clear without resting.
  9. Jartan, maybe you should consider not throwing away your per rest spells and abilities in every encounter, and try to manage your party so that you don't take so much damage? The Endurance/Health and Rest systems are there precisely to reward people who play well(Manage their party, their spells and abilities). If you are forced to continually rest, you should reconsider your approach to combat or decrease the difficulty level.
  10. Can confirm. It's only happened 3 times during my 20 or so hours, and I haven't been hit by any of them, but I've seen the vfx.
  11. You know you can still cast offensive spells to initiate combat, right?
  12. I find the fact that this thread has gone on for 12 pages highly offensive.
  13. Hah, this explains why some people are complaining about the game being ridiculously easy.
  14. Yeah, you can still download the entire gallery as a zip file from the Imgur link. It's just not separated into male and female portraits.
  15. I don't know of any situations where you have to choose between a good or evil option. Usually, you have neutral options and a couple of other options that go several ways(Cruel, Passionate, Stoic, for instance).
  16. So speaking of traps. If you set a trap, save your game, then reload, the trap disappears. So, is this intended as well? Probably not. There's a couple of persistency bugs related to loading games, and that's likely one of them.
  17. No kill XP. You can get XP from quests, beastiary additions, locks and traps.
  18. Yes to your first question, though DT has been renamed Damage Reduction. The two damage figures you see are your damage output based on attribute modifiers and such, and (base damage), the unmodified damage output of the weapon.
  19. If you save a game while stealthed, you will completely visible upon loading. This means that if you save while near enemies, they will spot you when you load.
  20. Yeah, you need some crowd control. A Fighter or Paladin geared for high deflection and high DR.
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