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  1. Sooo many Rogues... My Melee Wizard Extraordinaire! Playing on Hard, he can actually take a fair bit of abuse before needing to rest, but I usually have to rest due to the per rest abilities and spells being spent first, so the health aspect doesn't really impact me. While he can't do primary tank duty, he can usually tie up one or two enemies if necessary. This is with offensive spells only, he can be far better defensively with a defensive spell or two.
  2. It's been available on Steam for days. It's pretty useless, most of the info is months old and completely wrong. I think it still talks about Damage Threshold.
  3. They don't matter in that they're not actual reviews of the game. Sure, the user score will influence consumers, but the user reviews that are up now, before release, aren't reflective of the quality of the game.
  4. Yeah, Angry Joe is ****. His gimmick is basically a manipulative psychological trick that makes people more likely to accept what he says, regardless of the content. Those are user reviews, Katarack21. They don't mean anything.
  5. You mean the guys from the forum that raised 10K for the game and are interested in it's success even if it ends up bad because they want to see more RPGs in that style? Sounds about right More than enough people on that forum who are emotionally invested in the failure of PoE.
  6. Guys, the game isn't out yet. They're just trolls(Quite a few from RPGCodex) posting negative user reviews for no reason. Don't take them seriously.
  7. People are adding user reviews on Metacritic already...
  8. It's not even released yet, how do you think anyone would be able to give you a good answer on this?
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