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  1. Apart from quantum entanglement... Yes because that is the only part of quantum physics that can cause "interesting effects". Officially you could fall through the earth, have a dragon eat you, have a solar mass black hole materialize inside you, the universe universe could disappear, another big bang could occur, etc given enough time. Just mundane things like individual particles interfering with themselves isn't something one would guess would ever happen if they had no knowledge of quantum physics.
  2. Given the number of classes I am not sure why they wouldn't allow the to be possible even if difficult. Ask you shall receive... But seriously one of the design tools I have used does get refered to as black magic, officially a smith chart, but so do other areas of the field are also called that as well. A certian well known practioners in the past was known as a wizard.
  3. Just to nitpick but D&D had linear health gain, as did at least the recent elder scrolls. Exponential growth is in a form proportional to nx while linear growth is proportional to nx. And as often mentioned HP is just one of the abstractions of skill. Would it make sense for the main character to always have to be afraid of rats?
  4. To anyone thinking it would be hard... they could just place an invisible overlay, much like what was done with traps until detected, that grant certain effects. Line of sight could likely be dealt with in the same way.
  5. If they go beyond the math I can comprehend, they have bigger issues on their hands. Namely, the time required for such calculations for every event in a given the time it takes to run such that it can appear to be real time. Even simple equations become computationally complex if they have to run a sufficiently high number of times. That said, I going beyond what I know would not necessarily be a bad thing. I am just not sure how say differential or difference equations would actually fit into the game. Solutions start taking too much time if to complex. Going to even higher math it only gets worse... Either way I want to be able to see all off it and be given tools to play with them if the equations get to time consuming to solve manually. And as you might imagine I am for 0 comprise at all. If they feel the need to do a form of finite element analysis to get realistic damage results... more power to them.
  6. It isn't just IWD that it is outscoring. Although I almost click it because I really don't care which of the other listed games it ends up most like.
  7. Since you missed the point... I was pointing out that even for us it took "thousands of years of history" which was something he hated about games. It was something they thought was unrealistic, and yet something that we know occured in our history.
  8. Just an FYI but even for us it was over over 4000 years from the the time of Sumer until to first firearms were made. If you want to go from the first cultures such as Hassuna and Samarra it was over 7000 years.
  9. As mentioned already the "Path of the Damned" mode is almost guaranteed to require it. Although, how they mentioned it working isn’t really how it worked in IWD. I mean you simply couldn't, typically, hit them with anything or enough if things would actually land at low levels.
  10. With paypal it's a little over 4.1M minus whatever doesn't actually get collected. Also the enhanced game goal was really just for everything past the 3.5M mark.
  11. Well if the requirement for skill checks in dialog changed with difficulty level, as is often the case in combat, an attempt to just recreate a play through at lower difficulty levels could have different outcomes. As for the actual potential story being different... definitely not.
  12. This is not true, a 400x400 image scaled up to 800x800, as it would be on an iPhone 4 (2.0x dpi scaling), or 600x600 as it would be on a Galaxy S2 (1.5x DPI scaling), still looks terribly blurry if you compare it side by side to an image that has been rendered at that resolution and not up-scaled. The bad thing is that I can't show you this in action, since we're all probably reading this on "normal" DPI monitors right now. I would prepare a quick example on a website for you if you have a high DPI device ready to view it on (most smartphones, or a retina iPad/MBP, Nexus 7 tablet). You will see the difference Went looking for an article on DPI scaling that would explain better than I can why this is the case, but I can't find it... will post it if I can! Well yeah a 1 to 1 mapping would look cleaner as it has 4 times the information. It is if the detail being displayed isn't different the image is identical just larger in a way that does not distort the image.
  13. To be fair scaling only typically looks bad if done on a non integer base. 1 pixel being expanded to 4, 9, 16... etc. It is when they are stretched to the be n.x of a pixel where issues occur. It's the fractional pixels that cause problems. And yeah UI I'll agree the UI needs to be able to be adjusted independently.
  14. There is really no excuse for pathfinding issues given the ability of modern computers. The first algorithms for such were created decades ago, and ones from even 2 decades have at worst a computational time proportional to the number of vortexes, with some considerably less.
  15. Another level per 2500, not to bad as each 2500 people is ~$110K. So just meeting the current goals leads to 5 levels which isn't bad. To reach much more than that at current funding rates seems a bit unlikely though. (~100k in the past 4 days) Even being generous and keeping that rate would lead to maybe being able to hit a goal at 2.6m. But yeah setting farther out goals may encourage people to raise the amount they are backing with as the average is currently $43.82. That said... I am a fan of a good dungeon and being able to potentially craft the stuff my mage will use.
  16. Cool downs are way too arbitrary, as is the Vancian system. However, I can at least deal with the Vancian system if there is a rest button, which also destroys the whole point of it. My preferred system tends to be a mana-based system with some sort of regain deemed appropriate for balance. Weaker spells costing less than and thus being able to use them to a greater extent, while strong spells would need to be used more thoughtfully. To add a bit of flavor to the mix, spells above a certain threshold could cause damage to fatigue or health depending on the how much above the threshold they are. If fatigue gets below a certain point they pass out for x amount of time. If health gets to low, they again pass out or have the added fun of dying. (Passing out in a fight also likely leads to death.) Thus, when one is low on health, or fatigue, it might not always be the best idea to cast something typically as harmless to the caster as chain lightning, let alone something that is dangerous to begin with like a meteor storm. Of course, the threshold would likely increase, or penalty per amount over decreased, with the skill of the caster. A similar system could also apply to melee characters as well. A powerful melee attack might potentially damage, or kill, to the user, cause them to pass out, or maybe even use some amount of mana.
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