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  1. I don't think there are many fast food chains such as McDonalds' in P:E's setting. No food additives either. Plus, you get daily exercise: you hack and slash and carry all kinds of equipment that can weigh over 100 kilo in total -- while running for days and days straight. You'll be fit enough.
  2. This is actually a plausible outcome. Deserts are not always hot, they just lack rainfall. There is plenty of frozen desert in Asia. I can't remember any desert in direct connection to tundra though, as most tundra regions of our world see enough precipitation. To compliment this, Antarctica and the Arctic are considered the two biggest deserts in the world.
  3. I'm really interested in how guns will turn out in Project: Eternity. Since I do not really like steampunk stuff, I think it would be great if they will create these weapons to have magical influences or proportions. It'd make sense, also, since all the IE games implement magical weapons, including summoned weapons. But guns -- they can be much cooler magically enhanced than just a bright glow around their edges. Such as this one Monte Carlo posted, I think it's a great example:
  4. Aye, it is quite sad to see such playground activity on the forums grow on such a daily basis. Before YouTube and memes, forums were more a place of discussion and friendship, other than people trying to get on other people's backs the entire time. It's as if Chris Avellone is the school's teacher and half of his class, filled with children under the age of 12, is yelling: "See, we were right all along! Our God agrees with us!". I thought that most people here would be more mature and would be able to view things from different perspectives, but I guess I was wrong. I guess wisdom does not gro
  5. I'm afraid maybe you're getting ahead of yourself with the wrong ideas.. Or maybe I'm ill-informed. The fact that the stronghold is actually going to be a stronghold in the traditional sense, a keep of sorts, has not been confirmed at all. It is also being speculated that the stronghold will be done as was done in Baldur's Gate II, where a paladin got into an order, a thief got a guild, a druid a grove and only the fighter got a true keep -- de'Arnise Hold. That being said, it is also possible certain classes will share a type of stronghold to reduce the amount of resources required to cre
  6. I think asking for more loot instead of artifacts -- or the other way around, is somewhat strange. First off, what is an artifact? Is, for instance, a D&D 'Longsword +1' already classified as an artifact? In my opinion, it is not. Sure, it is enchanted, but my guess is that it's just a longsword that was either crafted by a very experienced blacksmith, or enchanted by the town's temple. I believe an artifact is an item with very unique features and, if possible, background lore. I always love reading about the origin of a weapon: Where did the item come from? Who was it from? How was it lo
  7. I understand heroes should be much more rich than peasants, however, carrying 20.000 golden coins is simply too much. Another problem with D&D games, was the fact that shelter and booze also costed several golden coins (up to over 10). Whilst, as you said yourself, a commoner's yearly earning is maybe one golden piece. It's unbelievable inbalanced. Besides, if what you say is true, and one golden coin is a peasants' yearly earning, then 50gp would be sufficient for an enchanted dagger, no? Of course, items would be able to range into the hundreds of golden coins, and it would stay out
  8. My personal disappointment on money in most games is that you always need to carry such a lot. Even in cRPG's such as Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale, you sometimes end up walking around with tens of thousands of gold coins. Sure, you can use it for gear, which also sometimes costs tens of thousands of gold, but why such a lot? How big a pouch do you need for such an amount and how much would that even weigh? I can't imagine myself carrying every euro I have (in the bank and on the mortgage and such) in coins of € 1,- each. To add to this problem, other people in the world already think 1 go
  9. It's always frustrating to try and argue on the internet. Heck, it can be frustrating in real life also. Argueing on the internet is sometimes like having an argument with your wife/girlfriend. You or the other always knows best. In the case of our already-beloved Project: Eternity, many people here think his or her opinion will decide the outcome of Obsidian's choices on decisions on the game. However, although they may see our posts from time to time, they are their own team and will decide on their own decisions. Of course, peer pressure may sometimes be involved, but in the case of romance
  10. People on the sidelines always seem to know best. We have a (in my opinion, great) saying in the Netherlands for these kind op people: "The best skippers are ashore". I, for one, have started practicing kendo over a month ago. It may seem easy when you see it, but believe you me - when you practice it, it is not. I believe this to be also true for those gentlemen in the video practicing their swordplay.
  11. From my understanding of swords, which is mostly based of knowledge gained from Wikipedia, combined with RPG gaming, a good list of swords to use would be: - Daggers: 1H - Long knife: 1H, L: 64-81cm of which blade: 51-68cm (for instance: size of roman swords); - Knightly sword / Arming sword: 1H, L: 91cm of which blade: 74cm; - Longsword / Bastard sword: 1H/2H, L: 120-150cm of which blade: 100-122cm; - Other swords (scimitars, katanas, rapiers and the like) Interestingly enough, the knightly sword is also refered to as the short sword - something a fighter/paladin would never use i
  12. Although I am not very knowledgeable about medieval swords, are the swords in the movie not bastard swords instead of longswords? They look somewhat large - especially their grip. As far as I know, many longswords also have a grip that is only suitable for one hand, isn't that so? That means a longsword sized for both one-handed wielding and two-handed wielding should be a bastard sword (hand-and-a-half-sword)..
  13. I do not really mind both monsters, but I would prefer to see different kind of monsters. Original ideas for monsters are sometimes pretty neat, but I guess there always need to be some base set of monsters; giant spiders, wolves, bears, ogres, trolls, orcs, goblins/kobolds... which means also werewolves and vampires.
  14. I have not said I dislike either one of them - or anything popular, for that matter. I have also enjoyed Lindsey Stirling's songs and sometimes still listen to it. With and without video. But I consider it to be entertaining - not beautiful, not talented. Concerning Malukah, however... I do not like her singing - at all. I find it to be very bland. I simply do not think either one of them is suitable for a fantasy cRPG. Of course, a 'YouTube talent' is welcomed by me if he or she is truly talented. Not just because he or she has ties with a (fantasy) game.
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