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  1. I think there should be a penalty to the offhand if it is a large weapon, but I do not think it should be restricted. Also my votes were easy after watching the Hobbit, a nice reminder on how much I was to be able to dual wield a magical staff and a long sword at the same time. Gandalf is boss! I think it would be cool to maybe have a grapple is you go single handed weapon style with a free hand. Could use it for counters and such, as they thrust you use there momentum, grab their arm pull them in close and run them through with your main hand.
  2. Kamas, I would love a good set of Kamas. Dual wielded by a speedy style character, dodge past the heavily armoured guys and tear a new one in the light armoured foes at the back. Edit: Oh and Hook swords, I love me some hook swords. Deadly with a little added utility. And Kukri's, just for the style. Hrmm... maybe they aren't actually that outlandish, but I love how people get butthurt over "those are not medieval weapons" so here they are regardless.
  3. I see the weapons as thus: Slashing does 10 Damage Piercing does 7 Damage, - 5 threshold. Smashing does 5 Damage, - 9 threshold. Light armour has 1 Damage threshold. Slashing does 9 damage, piecing 7 damage, smashing 5 damage. Medium Armour has 5 DT, Slashing does 5 damage, piercing does 7 damage smashing does 5 damage. Heavy Armour has 9 DT, Slashing does 1 damage, Piercing does 3 damage, Smashing does 5 damage. Smashing will always have consistent damage whereas piecing will do more on medium targets and Slashing will rip through Light targets. The maths will invar
  4. I would like a God who has secretly murdered another and taken up their mantle with no one realising (Pretending to be two different gods). The god then uses their new found power to set about wars between the two sets of worshippers, feeding off of the soul energy released from their deaths.
  5. I love multi-classing, second edition style anyway. I am not fond of the restrictions but I much prefer a multi-classed fighter/druid compared to a 4 classed mess in NWN2. However, even with my love of multi-classing what is the point if the bonuses can be achieved another way? If you can wear heavy armour and swing a sword as a Mage, why go fighter/mage? If you can have a much greater prowess in battle and think less about spells as a cleric, just keep a few handy, why bother with a fighter/cleric. You could tweak a rogue for combat to create a duellist like class, no need for figh
  6. Riddick. That one doesn't need much explaining. General badassery, Cliché'd past but interesting origins. Kinda goes a little off in Chronicles, but the character remains solid and with the expansion into games, I think the character stands up well. A Starbuck like character from the new BSG. It was perfect because the character did not change much with the gender swap and Katee Sackoff made it golden. Cigar smoking, card playing pilot jock filled with arrogance and a complete disregard for authority. Malcolm Reynolds - An old war hero who can't let go of the past in a world where hi
  7. Farudan, this is just a warm thank you for doing something I am not sure anyone else would take the time and effort to do. Your Diligence and dedication to the cause has been fantastic and I am glad to be part of this prestigious order. IchigoRXC - Zerth of the Obsidian Order
  8. If any content was cut for release, they would either not release and push the date back, or finish it and slide it into an update or free content expansion.
  9. That is a four letter word, but I completely agree I am sure Obsidian now much better what will work with their game than we do. We can suggest things and moan, but their vision is what will bring this game to life. They are all hardcore gamers too, we need not fear.
  10. 3.5 is asking a lot, however we have been steady at $50k+ dollars a day for 4 days, and during those days we were only at 20-30k at this time each day. Thus today should be much higher that 50k. If this trend continues and we get some heavy 100-200k days in right at the end, who knows. we may make it.
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