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  1. Levitation/Telekinesis ---high medium level to high level ability) Charm animal ---(low level ability) Read thoughts --- (medium level) Dominate soul (permanently bind another sentient creature into a task or your service--very high level) Invisibility ---(medium level Dimensional Gate/short range teleportation --- (high level) Lock/unlock --- (Low medium level) Finger of Death ---(high level. %chance mitigated by stats) Agony--(torture spell--Low level with scaling power)
  2. my god sir...what are you suggesting? the very thought of a game without at 'least' ONE monty python reference hidden somewhere turns my very blood to ice. Serious is good. Great even: I wouldn't have the game any other way, but rare hidden little easter eggs and subtle (or not so subtle) references to humorous things can add a lot.
  3. Food and sleep should both be absolutely necessary, but food shouldn't be 'too' punishing. Eating your enemies, rats, or conjuring food should all be options. it's very frustrating to be at the final floor of the dungeon, almost ready to fight the ?evil? ogre mage...and then have to turn back cause you have to buy more provisions. Of course...if the going gets really tough, the tough sometimes must try to eat their companions. or their gerbils.
  4. impossible odds and multiple varied solutions add so much to a game if done properly. they are great features.
  5. Houses are overrated. The Planar Sphere. THAT was epic. true shame it couldn't have had a bigger part in BGII.
  6. Violence and blood and gore. yeah absolutely. Just not for it's own sake.
  7. You say 'the dark side of romance' and STDs is the best you can come up with? I was expecting something else for some reason. Magical STDs. Prudy gods with a mean streak. demons that prey on sex and lust. other stuff.
  8. oh descriptive dialogue! Pleaase! I love all the dialogues :D.
  9. There MUST be traps! though they should be rare enough to be unusual, though deadly enough to feared. Slime Traps! Arrow Traps! Entangle Traps! Fireball Traps! Bunny Traps (it dumps rabid bunnies on you). Charm traps! And many many more!.
  10. I suppose. It could very well depend on the house. We'll see.
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