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  1. What Project Eternity isn't a shooter..thought it was the next COD.
  2. 45 and grey. Love all kinds of games. ultima 1, might & magic got me into gaming and wastland hooked me.
  3. It would have been hard doing the poll bye country. You would still be scrolling and I suck at typing. Tried to get my as a secretary but he had to take a nap.
  4. Please feel free to give exact location. I am from Washington DC Now that I posted this. Should have looked to see if this has already been done.
  5. I so agree with the questions and would love way more information about the game. I also think they were very short sighted on thinking they may not get funded. Obsidian is a large enough company and is profitable. If a company of this size wants to be part of kickstarter then they need to bring their best game all the time and be very upfront. Obsidian has seen what kickstarter can do wiith projects upfront. they are working very close on one with Brian Fargo and they are being paid to help on the wasteland project. Thinking you may not get funded is not the answer I wanted from amyone askin
  6. If the beta is all about money then maybe Obsidian should put some cash into the pot. I said before , we as backers are taking the risk and putting our faith in them to create a good game. They are having a beta no matter what and the cost of putting it out can't be that much. If they want to raise more money then the 50 dollar level is much better. there are about 35000 people in thise tiers and that could mean an extra 750k. That is some good money and at this poing it would hit all goals at this point.
  7. Is there any chance of getting a pledge tire with a poster. Beta access at 140 level is a lttle high.
  8. I think all should get beta access. There is no reason not to give everyone beta. We are all backing the project and allowing Obsidian to make a game with little risk. The only real risk they have is if the game sucks and is buggy as hell. If thats the case then they have bigger problems. Some will want to play and others have no desire for it so bring on the beta.
  9. @Arch-mage, I understand that but does he have the abilty to write it and hold up for a full score. I will have to look it up and see.
  10. Ohh yeah, how I would love to see this. I think it should be an early goal. Not sure on cost but I think it would about cost 1 or 2 mil. Live is always better for me. Want to hear the heart beat behind the sound and feel the soul of the music. Soul isn't that what the game is somewhat about.
  11. I have to say no unless obsidian can give a detailed post on how they will be implemented into the game. If they can show it will balance the game and won't take away from it. They have not even said what time period the game is in. All we know is you are thrusted into some situation.
  12. Justin Bell did a good job on the KS video but I would love to see a full orchestra doing the music. A full orchestra would give such great depth the game. Music for me plays a huge role in the game behind the game play and story. When combining story and great music the experience is simply wonderful.
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