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  1. My true desire is, as it always is at least once in any game with character customization; To make a cave person or jungle person. And everyone knows Jungle Princesses don't wear shoes and Jungle Kings don't wear anything but a tiny loin cloth.
  2. I like MMOs in which you can strip to your underwear, on account of then you can say "All these gloves look ugly, I don't wish to wear gloves" and youre character doesn't have a little pair of stuck to his hands at all times gloves. Or you can create Tarzan of the jungle, and he doesn't have a pair of fake shoes on his feet. Therefore I say this one thing; Give full paperdoll control to the characters. Allow them to strip right to their undies and therefore customize their appearance completely. I spend literally hours on MMOs doing this and would do it in this game.
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