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  1. Feargus Urquhart's Q&A, Session 1 LordCrash Obsidian Order's Fallen Knight @ Feargus: Thanks for the FGS translation as a stretch goal and for the new digital collectors tier. I raised my pledge immediately to $118. @ members of the Order I've made a little artwork for the Obsidian Order, hope you like it: http://forums.obsidi...81#entry1209081 Obsidian Entertainment @LordCrash You are welcome. And, I'm not really here everyone - just glanced and saw the comment. Manaf-Obsidian Order Chicken Wrangler @obsidian and how about including The Obsidian Order in a cameo appear
  2. Josh Sawyer's Q&A Obsidian Entertainment hail. this is josh sawyer. i'll be checking the comments for the next hour or so if you have any system-related questions. i may not be able to answer specifics, but let me know if something's on your mind. Bruce P - Sheriff of the Obsidian Order Hail, Josh! Define 'system-related'. Obsidian Entertainment @bruce - game systems, mostly. Josef Hoffert @Josh Hey Josh! I was wondering, just how similar will this game be to the old inifity games? Can you give us a percentage? Cause most of it was awesome, but it had some glaring dra
  3. I can't edit the post anymore. Sorry guys, I got really busy at work and couldn't get back to it before the edit window expired.
  4. Getting through messages and getting announcements ready, so I'm online. Anyone have any questions? -Feargus Anaeme Will you have Deities in the game? Will there be the potential for the player character to become a deity? Obsidian Entertainment @Anaeme We will have deities around - they won't just be hanging out in bars, but they are definitely a part of the world. fredgiblet I'd like to know about 64-bit support myself Obsidian Entertainment @fredgiblet I am pretty sure there will be 64-bit support, since we generally compile all of our games that way nowadays. Chad
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