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  1. Totally in agreement with this. Absolutely loved the wilderness areas in BG1 so if the game is currently a little under the BG2 level, then it definitely needs more wilderness!
  2. As an Irish man, I fully support the idea. Bring on the incomprehensible words. When I read update 53 I was wondering how you'd managed to make Cean GĂșla from woman of blood but it definitely has the right ring to it which is what you're looking for really so well done.
  3. I for one, am disgusted that he is not wearing a shirt. Sigh, the over-sexualisation continues.
  4. I'd imagine the fees charged by Amazon and Kickstarter is liable to tax for those two in the current year given that their transaction ends once they receive their money. As regards Obsidian, I would think the funds are considered deferred income until the game is actually released, at which point they get transferred to turnover and are taxable as income in the financial period in which the game is released. However, the whole crowdfunding thing is a somewhat murky issue. People make pledges but they don't necessarily have to request the associated awards (the obligating event for revenue recognition) so to some extent they could be considered donations as Obsidian may not be required to give these people anything. I suspect some sort of clarification from the appropriate tax authorities as to how to treat these funds will be given, if it hasn't been already.
  5. I'm genuinely curious - is it possible to not be "utterly bland" and also to not "offend anyone"? If the game manages that, will you still regret your backing? Or is the only way to not be bland is to be offensive? Not trying to attack you, but I'm a bit curious about this line of thought because to me I'm more interesting in "how they use it" than "what they use". Obsidian will use the game world to tell a story. If they tread on eggshells over every little bit of content to attempt to please everyone, the game will inevitably suffer. To answer your question, I do believe if you try and please everyone/not offend anyone, then the game will end up bland as it won't have a consistent approach. I'm also more concerned in the way they convey the story rather than what themes they decide to explore. There's plenty of different topics they can approach, I just hope they don't compromise them for the pc brigade.
  6. This basically. These threads (and the romance threads) are basically ridiculous given we know very little about the game indeed. But if Obsidian do bow to the PC crowd and make sure everything is utterly bland so as not to offend anyone, then I will completely regret contributing to this project and will also never given Obsidian another penny again.
  7. I think it would be cool for Obsidian to keep the 40,000 facebook likes open. I mean, we're very clearly not going to get there any time soon, especially not since the kickstarter is now over and so the publicity levels have massively died down. But I think as a good way of keeping some buzz going and a bit of fan excitement, especially while Obsidian work out the major parts of the game and updates are likely to be in a short supply, allowing us to keep plugging away towards 40,000 would be a good way of keeping the community together and interested. Plus, at this stage, the difference between 15 levels and 16 levels can't be that much for OE.
  8. Actually, if the paladin is going to be more like the 4th edition warlord than the 3rd, I may go with something else. One of the truly great things about the DnD system (and assuming PE is going to be at least somewhat similar) is well illustrated by this thread in that so many people intend to play different characters.
  9. If they play anything like the D&D Warlord, then I may actually start with a human male paladin. The idea of shouting orders fits very well with the party system where you're the leader too. Next playthrough would definitely be with some kind of spellcaster, probably cipher or chanter.
  10. Remember the gambling you could do in Baldur's Gate 1? Was it just me or did you lose just about every time? Bloody rigged gambling.
  11. I like the idea, not much more to say than that. The whole magical weapon/armour +1/+2/+3 is definitely very tired at this stage. A smaller number of Items of very good quality and with proper descriptions (whether magical or not) would be something I'd like to see implemented.
  12. I do think if you offer 11 classes in a 6 character party game, that you should offer at least 1 companion for each class. I appreciate everyone wants extremely well developed characters, but I do feel there can be a number of really "core" companions and then some who aren't quite as central to the plot but who still exist with their own backstories and quests.
  13. One thing that really worked fabulously well in BG1 was the combination of lots of wilderness areas and the fact that you didn't have a major goal for the first few chapters. You were pretty much on the run for your life and happy to wander the wilderness until you figured out what was going on or were killed. If the storyline is really focused from the off, lots of open exploration doesn't work quite so well. Nonetheless, I'm really hoping for a BG1 style map and exploration system and I believe Obsidian have said this is the general plan.
  14. I think the Infinity engine games had a pretty good inventory management system with the slots and the weight limits, just the only change I would make is to move all the quest items and what not into a specific key items area on its own so they stop hogging up your inventory for the whole game. By the end of the game, you'd have dead cats, loads of keys, pantaloons, millions of notes. Just for ease of use, this should not be allowed to happen in PE.
  15. Personally, I'm against romances in the game as I've never played a game previously that had romances in it where they weren't done absolutely appallingly. Some seriously cringe-worthy moments altogether. I'm just not convinced they can be done well in a computer game. I do enjoy the deepening of relationships between the player character and their companions and people they meet, but it always goes horribly wrong once it edges towards being a romance. Plus it gets to the stage where you can't talk to the character more than a couple of times about anything and they start offering you constant romance options. So, I'd be happier if they're left out but it's up to the developers at the end of the day.
  16. I would definitely agree that at this stage, the name Project Eternity has significant brand awareness (ugh) so just keeping it as the name must be a consideration. If not that, then impossible to say at this point. Maybe something with Soul in the title, although Demon's/Dark Souls have kind of nabbed that one at the moment.
  17. We're not getting to 40,000 by the time the Kickstarter ends, that's for sure. What I do think would be a cool thing for Obsidian to do though, would be to let us add one more level to the dungeon if we can get up to 40k likes at any stage. It would keep the excitement up for a period of time after the kickstarter ends and keep a buzz in the community. I don't believe we're going to get near 40,000 any time soon so it would be a fun project. For Obsidian, it would keep people interested in their game, get good publicity, and let's face it, one extra level is not that big a deal when it's already going to be over 10 levels deep.
  18. I'm not fully decided on this either way but I have faith in the Obsidian developers to come up with a good system. On the one hand, I do like the idea of quest based xp removing the temptation (which I have occasionally indulged in) of butchering the quest giver immediately after finishing the quest for them so you get the additional xp. But on the flipside, I do enjoy seeing the small incremental increases in xp after every little fight pushing my characters that little bit closer towards levelling up. It's a nice feeling. And, if my party just happen to be wandering around in the wilderness and come across an ogre that's not tied to any quest, after we've felled him, no xp? I wouldn't like that. You could say that the developers would tie all these enemies into quests, but that won't really work, you can't have a quest for essentially every monster in the game. Ultimately, people will also still murder the quest-giver if they have any kind of inclination that he/she/it is holding any magical items. I'm not sure what the solution is.
  19. Completely agreed on the companions. Would love to see a few more added. The lack of at least 1 companion for each class is the only weakness I can see in this amazing project at the moment.
  20. Yeah it would be super cool if there was a couple of other adventuring companies exploring there with you. At least on the early levels. Making it a bit of a competition. Only for them to be all butchered by enemies or killed by traps by about the 5th level. At which point you continue to slog your way down, on your own, another x number of awesome levels.
  21. Would agree they definitely must still have something up their sleeves. There will already be a significant surge in backers tomorrow and Tuesday but it could be genuinely explosive if they can provide something exceptional in the last couple of updates. That's the sort of thing that could bring $3.7m into play.
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