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  1. Exploring more, I think the problem is bigger. All areas I visited before appear with mist, a lot of enemies and even quest items I already did. And this is, I think, after starting the Act III.
  2. Also, I talked with the fampyr of the level eight, and he send me to kill the other darguls, but no quest has appeared in my diary.
  3. Hi. I don't know if this problem has been reported before or not. I notice the problem just after I finished Act II, but it's also the first time I came to Caed Nua after the patch. The problem is I cannot talk with the Administrator, and I cannot enter the Endless Paths through the first level. I still can go downthere by the hatch near the chapel outside. Also, the map of the eight level is unexplored (and I visited before). Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi, I've been having this bug since the first time I summoned the three skeletons with Kana. The problem is, three skeletons remain after the end of the combat and appear in every screen of the game, uncontrollable but with a green circle under them, meaning they're part of the party. The bug is not very problematic, usually they only disturb aesthetically, seeing them in taberns or crypts, but sometimes, enemies try to attack them, making them a distraction I don't want (because they make some combats easier and I want the biggest challenge I could find :D). Sorry if my english isn't very good, I'm from Spain. Thank you for your help.
  5. Keys, notes, scrolls, should be in some special space for them. Another way it will be could to gestion the inventory is one in wich the things you can loot will be in someplace. For example, a bagpack, a belt, etc. If your lack of this items to store things, you only can carry some items. DayZ it's another kind but applies this very well.
  6. Yeah, IE games have a cool inventory system. Stronger characters carrying more heavy items in comparation with the weaker characters, but with a limit of items for character. Another thing that i like was that all characters have their own inventory, not a generic one. The grid system can be annoying because puts some limitation in the items you can carry, but in a group of six characters this isn't a problem. And, with this system you worry more about the items you can carry and the ones you have to left behind.
  7. Hi, new here . I'm spanish, so first of all, sorry for my bad english. I don't know if this question had been answered before, but here I go: How do you want the inventory to be? In my case, I hate infinite inventories, like the one in Dragon Age Origins, where you can carry like 50 swords whithous problem. I very much like the one in Arcanum, for example, where every item occupies some tiles, depending on their size. i thinks it's a perfect sistem, the most realistic for a RPG. Or, if that's not the case, a limited inventory like in IE games. What do you think?
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