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  1. That's a bit inflexible surely? I certainly think there should be zealots with the Paladin orders who are like that, but every organisation is made of factions and individuals with different beliefs and views. Certain orders might be more extreme than others, but if you go completely down that direction 100%, not only are they less interesting but it kind of puts it in a situation where every single member of a class is missing the point of their own class... or better say, a companion with my description.
  2. Like the Knight Templar? yes, but they dont have to villains furthermore, this article also explains monotheistic god's behaviour irl
  3. i want paladins to be complete bigots who dont comprehend grey areas and do more evil than good in the name of good
  4. skyrim's one of daedric quests was lots of fun the quest where you have a drinking contest and have hangover
  5. there will be no resurrection spell, so possibly, no.
  6. muhammed was shown in the cencored episodes in the opening theme
  7. instead of a single 13-level dungeon, create two (or 3) different dungeons which sum up to 13 levels a single dungeon will divert the player focus from the main storyline and bore
  8. paypal option will be available for some time after kickstarter campaing ends
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