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  1. Sounds like a run of the mill "mature" female voice. Nothing to start a crusade over.
  2. Grow up man, someone can enjoy a multitude of game genres. It's a lot easier to stereotype though isn't it? Come back when your ready for an adult discussion. I never said a single thing about changing this game. Yeah someone can, but it seems you burned out on this genre. You never said a single thing about changing the game, and yet you go on about how burned out you are on everything PE is striving to be? I'm not too worried about Obsidian making design decisions to account for you fatigued lot, which may in turn make it worse for me; I'm more worried about seeing people talk about how PE didn't live up to expectations, potentially ****ting on Obsidian, when such opinions may be coming from individuals in your state.
  3. Hope you didn't donate too much, because these games are no longer for you, nor should they be changed to suit you. Back to League of Legends and Call of Duty.
  4. What's all this talk of Asia and Shaolin and ninjas... For people that claim to be fans of fantasy how are you lacking in imagination to realize a group of people that dedicate themselves to fighting unarmed, and everything else that comes with being a monk - in a brand new fantasy setting - doesn't have to have a damn thing to do with anything Asian.
  5. Chose Elder Scrolls not for the mechanics of it, but because there was flexibility for failing. In IE games it was either succeed or reload.
  6. I don't want too much clutter, having good lively ambient sounds in the background is good enough. "If your parents don't buy you a pointy stick they don't love you!"
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing some level of level scaling when it comes to these sort of encounters, or at least a progression, though it would make less sense for street thugs wanting your money to be progressing in power and equipment and more so for something like bounty hunters. Really did like encountering tougher and tougher bounty hunters in these sorts of games (think BG1 had it and maybe another).
  8. I'd say good troll if this wasn't one of the few places where people warped enough to be serious about a thing like this didn't gather.
  9. Never heard of it. What is it? Wait, where am I?
  10. I just hope the backstab mechanic is brought back. I hated 3rd edition rogues and the ****ty sneak attacks.
  11. New players don't have to know everything right away, they will learn as they play. I didn't know a lick of DnD when I first played Baldur's Gate, and discovering what things were or meant over time made the experience that much more satisfying.
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