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  1. It will take some time for kickstarter/amazon to process the credit card data etc. right now Obsidian hasn't gotten any money yet and no e-mail contacts either. Given the large amount of money and backers (once again HORRRAY!) it might take up to two weeks. The Reaper Miniatures Bones Kickstarter also broke the 3 Million $ bar and it took something like two weeks for them to get the money.
  2. Voice Acting at key points and when introducing important characters. Simply hearing the tone of someones voice can tell so much about a person. I really want to see lots of variations when it comes to the activation and reaction sounds of the party members, since those are the sounds I'm going to hear constantly throughout the game. So a constant repetition of "It's me, Imoen" can wear you down like water wears down a stone. And in a game with less VA content-based modding can be far easier and better integrated. I'm reminded of some very good DA:O or Skyrim mods that are hampered by
  3. Having wall carvings on each level detailing the events during its construction might be a compromise. Maybe a mix of things. An object found that needs to be deciphered, wall carvings that depicts events, and journals that explain things that happened and why it was dug this deep. Many ways to intermix the way the story lore unfolds. I would like to see a ghost appear to tell us the story of the dungeon. And he would say something like "Trust me, I'm a reliable narrator". That alone would turn my paranoia up to eleven, doubting very thing he says, mistrusting even the most obv
  4. :D (I think you mean Obsidian) Yes, of course - that's just me being stupid. Speaking of me being stupid I've no idea how to edit my post (
  5. Alchemy that kills you slowly, poisons you, with potion that have widely different results? Cute, but there's a problem - no one is going to use it! A widely random system is always less preferred to a relaiable one. Simple logic - another case of historic accuracy not equal to good game design.
  6. It's a game not a simulation. Games are about being fun and entertaining, not depicting an intricate economic system. Look it up under "reality isn't fun". So no, you simply can't have it all. I can see that there is the possiblity of a fantasy cRPG fully simulating a complete fantasy world, but it's not this game. Think of a mixture of The Sims, Minecraft, Syrim, Mount&Blade and Transport Tycoon. It could work, but it couldn't be a story driven game. And it's not a game Oblivion would make. In fact economics are a very low priority in a game like PE, as it should be. Many features
  7. On the whole wizards in full armour issue the Dark Eye (aka DasSchwarze Auge) Pen'n'Paper RPG found the besst in-setting solution: Iron and Steel hampers magic! Now a belt buckle won't prevent you from casting spells, but a breastplate or chainmail - no more spellcasting for you! The great thing is that wizards are hampered, but not prevented from being melee fighters. In fact many like to wear leather gear as simple and light protection. This also makes armours made from less traditional materials viable: felt, bone, paper, wood, etc.
  8. The codename "Eternity" is a refrence to the old Infinity Engine used in BG, IWD, PS:T. There - I've just blown your mind. Or possibly stated the bleedingly obvious. - You are welcome either way.
  9. Even as I personaly only play games in English the translations delight me because my German friends have been apprehensive of backing the project without a German translation. And I can't fault them for it. The game is going to be big and story driven with many, many pages of dialoges. If reading the language takes you twice as long and you missunderstand some things the gaming expericence will be far less enjoyable. There are games where the translation doesn't matter much - those are multiplayer-games with a mostly English speaking community and few in-game texts, like Team Fortress 2 or Lo
  10. Skyrim is the only game with a day/night cycle that bothers me. Mainly because very time I went into a town to sell stuff it was midnight and the game forced me to press T and wait 8 hours and then watch the NPCs slowly walk to their market stalls. Plus Skyrim didn't offer a benefit from adventuring at night other than sneaking being slightly easier (which didn't matter in dungeons anyway). The illusion of day and night in DA:O worked quite well for me.
  11. Witch hunts aren't interesting in most games because they have a very clear bad side (ignorant bigots) and a good side (misunderstud wise woman or what have you). That quite frankly makes them terrible boring and predicatable. Ans I'm bloody sick of them. If they go for a choose-your-side scenario I don't want to be faced with a bland good vs. evil - I want grey vs grey. Skyrim (for all the things it defenetly got wrong) made both sides of the civil war seem legit. Even if the the Stormcloaks seem racist at some points. But then again the Empire seemed like it was the dominions lapdog
  12. I think it should be a personal item rather than weapon. No reason why a ring or cloak shoudn't be the artifact directly connected to your soul. But regarding the idea of a personal item - I'm all in favour of that.
  13. I want a Spell Blade! A sword in one hand, a spell in the other. He uses his sword to channel magic in a very direct and painfull way. Magic is also used to distract opponents and gain advantages in the battles. On the other hand he's far squishier than other frontline fighters, not at least because of the restriction to the lighter armours. This class may or may not be based on awesome visuals in my head
  14. Early in IWD2 you found the "Clenched Fist Mace" a minor magical item that gave you one gold piece per day thanks to it opening its fist shaped end. Maybe a similar item could be created with the ability to wear a magical ring and get its benefit as well...
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