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  1. I'm all in for all the presented options, Although I would LOVE to play an undead.
  2. It might not be true in Denmark, but in other countries many people don't speak English sufficiently well to play a game in it. And why do you think we danes can understand sufficient english to not needing translations of everything ? because were exposed to english every day, on TV, on the internet, in games, in books, in comics, etc. You will only become better at something if you expose yourself to it. Point taken, people will make sure to tell that to their governments. Now, let us move from national education policy issues, and focus on the game, as people will not play it to learn another language (if it was the case, most of the people on this forum would not play it as they actually already speak english well enough). As PE is meant to be text intensive game, it would rebuke people whose mastery of english is not sufficient, thus reducing the customer base and the impact of the game. Well good riddance to them then, if they dont want to participate in what is presented, then they shouldn't. I dont plan to spend weeks in for an example france or spain, due to the fact I cant speak either french or spanish, and I dont come down there expecting them to learn danish so I dont have to adapt.
  3. With the newly announced harder modes to play the game, let gold have no weight at normal, but have weight in the harder difficulties.
  4. The sheer ignorance of some of the people in this thread is impressive. If they implemented it like Rift did, as a wardrobe, (which is optional to use), those people who arent a fan of transferring looks would in no way be affected of it. On the other hand, us that deeply have an interest in looking good (to what our eyes sees as good, people have different tastes), we can use the wardrobe, or transmutation stones or whatever it ends up beeing, and we will have a richer experience, WITHOUT doing anything to those other guys playexperience. And on the other hand, it is a SINGLE player game, not mmo. So what I do in my game will have NO effect on some other dudes game. Spread the attention, there are alot of people who like to "play with dolls", and get the best/prettiest/awesomest look. Just look at how many people use transmogrification in World of Warcraft.
  5. Do not, under any circumstances, read his BG2 novelisation. Ohh be quite sure I wont, I made the mistake of trying to read the Baldurs Gate 1 novel, hot damn it was soooo bad.
  6. It might not be true in Denmark, but in other countries many people don't speak English sufficiently well to play a game in it. And why do you think we danes can understand sufficient english to not needing translations of everything ? because were exposed to english every day, on TV, on the internet, in games, in books, in comics, etc. You will only become better at something if you expose yourself to it.
  7. I chose other, since there wasnt an no other translations option. I've always felt translations from the original language is semi retarded, why would you want to worsen the language used, since alot of the terms which is in the english language, has no equivelent in alot of other languages. I've always dread when stuff gets translated to Danish from original languages, since so SO much is lost during the translation. On top of that, reading/watching stuff in another language than your own really, REALLY boosts your knowledge of said language. Just my 0.02 $
  8. I'd say keep it as Project Eternity, or Eternity for short. I feel it fits the game (of what we heard of it so far)
  9. A salary boost is the only thing which could make me pledge more, I'v pledged all I can afford
  10. What is it you guys dont like about Drew Karpyshyn's writing ? I have myself only read the Darth Bane Trilogy, and found it a immensely good read. Havent read any of his other works. Elaborate please
  11. I was just about to enter Kresselack's tomb last night before heading to bed Hmm, somebody once mentioned a post apocalyptic fantasy setting. I wouldn't mind a bleak and hopeless world along the lines of WH40K, just with medieval technology levels. Gothic structures, flagellants preaching doom and gloom in the streets, limited resources that petty lords squabble and fight over, zealots burning every heathen and heretic they can put their hands on, generally a setting where human (and non human) life is cheap and often brutally short. Heck, it should be a challenge to survive a trip to the nearest well for a bucket of water without being eaten by mutants and outcasts. This sounds extremely interesting, would like to see it happen in some game in the near future
  12. No love for the Baldurs Gate 1 style tutorial (?), well implemented in the main story and perfectly skippable after the first playthrough.
  13. I chose other. I'd say do it like in Baldurs Gate 1. Monks all around Candlekeep you can talk to, who describes how stuff works. + the Gatekeeper NPC which took you to the room with 5 npc's who joined you, so you could train combat with a party out of danger.
  14. 27. Of the BG's used in the kickstarter film, I have to say Baldurs Gate 1. That's the game of them I've had the most fun with, maybe because it was my first real cRPG. But I've spend countless of hours of all the rest of the games besides the Kotor series.
  15. You could just as well make a gimped char with "bought" stats, for an example a mage with 18 stre and 10 intellect. or a Fighter with 8 strength and rest in wisdom and intellect. They will be just as gimped as badly rolled char.
  16. I wholeheartedly hope they will go the BG/Arcanum/Fallout way of interesting character generation, instead of, as an example, mass effect was done, IE 3 questions and then youre off. It HAS to be deep. I usually spend a good 20+ min on my first char in games such as BG/ARC/Fallout ETC.
  17. Modding is one of the reasons certain games have the longevity they have. So Obsidian should really, REALLY, consider making it possible.
  18. All this, so true. Hope to see what's described here implemented in some sort in the new engine.
  19. I prefer the BG hud over the PST one, I found that it was more user friendly. The portrait style, I prefer the BG one again, I felt that when they were made right , they gave a feel of how the person's mentality is. Like Minsc caring for his hamster, and Shar Teel was an angry young woman. It would be nice if they implemented some sort of queue system, like in Star Craft 2 where you can assign a unit to first go and build a bunker, and then return to the mineral field.
  20. I voted for Mana Pool, Individual Spells, and seperated Divine and Arcane. Reasons below: I chose mana pool since I like to have availability, sort of like how sorcerers functioned in dnd. All spells available but limited in some way (amount of casts in dnd before resting, or with mana pool). It could be done so lvl 1 spells almost cost nothing, but their effectiveness at higher lvls are somewhat minor, and higher lvl spells cost more, but are more effective. The regain of mana could be done the same way as with memorising spells in dnd, as it is regained during rest. If the rest is interupted you wont get a full manabar, but a percentage. I would also like to see that mana dont regain out of combat, only during rest. I chose individual spells, since it gives a feeling of increasing in lvl, compared to the same spells which has higher numbers the higher lvl you get. The last part is a bit too MMO'ish for my liking I chose seperated divine and arcane spells, since I feel that clerics and druids shouldnt have access to the same spells as mages, wizards, warlocks, etc On a note, I would like to see a warlock/blood mage'ish class implemented, a class which use their HP instead of mana to cast their spells. It gives a risk/reward aspect to the game.
  21. I would to see this happen. When I booted IWD up back then the first time, I was awestruck by the sheer awesomeness of the artistic style on the portraits. Its an art style that really "does it" for me. Thumbs up.
  22. A thing I would like to see implemented, is backstory traits like they did in Arcanum. For an example, you could be a dumb as **** but immensely strong character. You could resist poison but lost charisma. Take ideas from that game, but take it further. For an example, you were crippled as a child therefore lack alot of strength, but instead you got a massive bonus to your intellect due to all the reading you did instead of climbing trees. or As was mentioned in the thread earlier, as a child you lost your hand as a punishment for something, so you cant use 2h weapons, but get a bonus to 1h weapons due to that extra training with that hand. The designers are propably ALOT better to create backstories than me, but here's some ideas to get inspiration from.
  23. It seems like most people in this thread, dont know that in BG 1 and 2, you had the choice between using the companions you stumple upon in the wilderness OR (notice the or) use a party completely made by yourself, or even mix the 2 ways. I dont see how it cant be done the same way on PE
  24. I would like to see a combination of the first two options. Explicit where it fits, and implied where that fits
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