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  1. I have two ideas to do with this. Firstly what if it is belief which created the gods and gives them their power? In that case the gods jealousy of power and perhaps even survival would depend on keeping humanity in the dark in regards to the truth about them and souls as who knows what would happen if people realized the gods were their creations and only have any power at all because of their beliefs. secondly i have noticed alot of parallels between what we have learned about the souls and gods so far with Buddhism . Now in Buddhism the gods are not true gods as we understand the
  2. It is good to know that a modding toolset is a real option as that is one thing i would love to see ingame even if it is only released a bit after the game
  3. I do like the idea's mentioned here how vulnerable children can add to the gameplay and moral choices ingame
  4. Arcanum 2 would rock. though the game i am holding my fingers for is if dungeon keeper 3 comes to kickstart
  5. So are you telling me realism logic and consistency within a game world means nothing to you? you wouldn't find it all ridiculous if they decided to make simple cloth armor the heaviest armor available while full steel gothic plate weighed next nothing? I mean this would be unrealistic but screw realism right? it has no place in games . Now i already explained to you why there are unrealistic elements in a game that no one minds but it is mainly because to have them to realistic would ruin the gameplay. (You should really read my last post as i explained this there. ) but that in no way me
  6. I dont think so. in a number of games you could kill children such as fallout 1 and 2 off the top of my head Just read the comment above mine and i guess some places do have restrictions against it. If that is the case i can see a decent reason why it wont be available ingame
  7. I dont find it to strange of an idea. Take some sects of buddhism for example. They can be basically atheistic and still believe that "gods" exist. They just dont believe they are true "gods" but instead are just devas , supernatural beings , having the power to affect worldly events in much the same way as humans and animals have the power to do so. Just as humans can affect the world more than animals, devas can affect the world more than humans. They also believe there is no fundamental difference between humans and deva's, They are also stuck in sansara and die just like us. they are no cl
  8. I would love to see the gods from the discworld or something similair
  9. without any support it is just as easy for me to claim you missed the point in that greek mythology as for you to claim i missed the point in the christian mythology. But this thread is not the place to have a religious conversation and i know most forums frown upon it in general so please feel free to pm me the point i missed if you really want to
  10. As i said i understand if this is not possible for technical or , now that you mention it, legal reasons. But if it is possible dont you think it would be a great idea for one of the stretch goals? even if it is for the 3 or 4 or even 5 million mark i am sure it is a feature that people would be more than ready to donate for
  11. I dont really need anymore explanation for why this would be a great thing to include than to simply point at the original neverwinter nights. Now in all honesty i have no clue how hard this will be to implement or even if it will be practical in the game you are creating but if it is it would add more replayability and value for money than anything else ever could. again just look at what the neverwinter nights mod community did for that game.
  12. Sorry bro but i thought you where the person i had originally commented on this thread to. And to answer your question, if children are added there is no logical reason in relation to to either gameplay or realism within the confines of the game world why they should be invincible if no other character is. The realism you are talking about is a- impossible to program as no game can be as real as real life and b- it would make the game suck if the first arrow that hits you leaves you lying on the floor for 3 hours slowly dying or you needed to rest all the time because your character was
  13. You do realize the exact same argument can be made against you when you said adding children to the game would make it more realistic? I mean seriously mate but you aregue for somethig to be included for added realism and then argue against everyone else who says that if they are added it is only realistic that they should follow the same rules as every one else. Do you understand irony at all? Now ofcourse if children only exist in towns etc and you cant kill anyone there then i am fine with that. But if you can kill everyone else there and children are added they should be subject to th
  14. it would be like if they added alot of other fruit tree's to the game and made their fruit pickable and then decided to add apple tree's to the game but make its fruit unpickable for no realistic reason. in the same way if they added children to the game they should be subject to the same rules within the game as everyone else or they should just not add them at all. So what i am arguing against is adding something to the game then making it obey special rules for no logical or realistic reason at all.
  15. Please god do not make dlc. instead make the game easily moddable and release a good editor like they did with neverwinter nights to allow the community to release more content than we could ever play, as with neverwinter nights ,while you work on an expansion
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