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  1. My mind got ticking after listening to the bit on the gods in update #5 Here's whats been established. -As far as life and death goes, its a sort of pseudo-reincarnation. "The people of the world accept the reality of what they have observed: that all mortal bodies contain perceptible energy bound to the individual, and that once they die, their energy will move forward in the eternal cycle that they are all a part of -- that as far as they know, they have always been a part of." -No mortal really understands souls, but there are many differing interpretations. "What is known is that sapient souls move through an endless cycle of waking life and purgatorial slumber among the gods. Often this slumber lasts for years of "real" time, but occasionally it is brief, with a soul immediately moving on to a new life." -There are many gods -The gods are real -The gods manipulate people for unknown ends -The gods hold a monopoly on knowlege of souls -The people do not entirely trust the gods because they seem to have some strange purpose for not wanting to reveal why things work the way they do. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ANYWAYS, I decided to make a page that esentailly produces fodder grown from whats been established. The story and its characters are still pretty early in development. Maybe something amazing will be produced here and be borrowed from. Lets try to create some intrigue for a good story. This page is solely intended to expound on the true nature of the gods. ----------------------------------------------------------------- MY Idea: The gods have staged a coup -The gods are all working together to keep humanity in the dark about the nature of souls. By doing this they can continue their master plan. -The gods started this system of reincarnation, it was not always that way. When people die, the gods snatch the soul before it can enter their realm, erase its memory and place it back in the world when it suits them. -Their intention is to anihilate humanity by shattering the souls that become fractured. At the same time, however, the gods need to fracture the souls that resist fracturing by getting mortals to submit and commit evil, hurtful acts that cause their souls or another's soul to fracture. -If a soul shatters, it loses the gift of free will, reducing its owner into a mindless puppet for the gods. -The gods are doing this out of the anger that they have towards their superior, creator god, who also created the mortals, because he gave the sapient mortals the gift of free will, somthing that only the gods have. -Lesser beings having the ability to choose freely, like the gods do, is somthing that the other gods despise because they feel that their own glory is somehow lessened because of it, they do not wish to have any aspect of themselvs shared with things that are inherrently lesser than they are. -The creator god gave the sapient mortals free will so that they would be able to love. (You cannot love without having the ability to not love) -This creator god wants nothing more than to save his beloved creations from the plans of the other gods, but the other gods joined forces, bound the creator god, and limited his ability to interact with the world by causing all of the mortals to forget the creator god. -Because he is bound and all have forgotten him, the creator god can only interact in the world by trying to communicate with those who are seeking a way to end the suffering caused by the gods, through love. -The other gods are pretty good at having such people killed by any means available. - the gods can be defeated if enough mortals unite the power within their souls and will the bindings on the creator god to be broken. -If he is free, the creator god can bind the other gods and restore the souls that have shattered, with the help of the mortals -This is only one possible storyline, others should probably be available for good measure, but this is totally a path I would like to have... Eh? I think that could be a pretty good overarching story... Or atleast one possible branch... perhaps the player could seek to overthrow the gods in other ways. Other paths having appeal by questioning whether or not the creator god can be trusted since all the other gods are kindof evil..... WHAT IDEAS DO YOU HAVE?
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