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  1. Of course it will depend by the success of Eternity. Since it has been already funded, every single copy of the game they sell is a profit for Obsidian, and I think it can sell pretty well, although of course many people interested in the game will already have it on day-one by having backed it. Anyhow I believe that they'll do more Eternity games (like expansions and sequels, as they already said) before heading to new IPs. If and when Obsidian will decide to create a new one, though, I hope they'll go for a different and non-fantasy setting.
  2. Don't get me wrong, but the thing is that the vast majority of games is not translated into Serbian/Croatian, while it is very often translated in Italian (at least the text), for example every Obsidian game before Eternity has an Italian version (NWN2 and New Vegas are even voiced in Italian), while I don't think they were released in Serbian/Croatian. It's just odd that in this case Obsidian choose to ignore the standard format of game localization (which is multi5 with English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, or in some lesser cases multi3 without Spanish and Italian). But hey, It's not as I will hate the devs or the game because my language is not included, I'm still very excited about Eternity andI will play it in English if I have to, only I would have preferred to be able to play it in Italian. Of course Obsidian owns nothing to you, me or any other Italian fan, still it's a little strange to have the game translated in many languages and not in Italian, while usually games like this get translated in French, German, Spanish, Italian and of course English (multi5 format). And since they collected more than they probably expected from the kickstarter and PayPal (which is still open, so their budget will hopefully increase in the next days) they could spend a bit to translate the game in Italian or, let's not be selfish, other languages as well. Anyhow, I backed the game even if I wasn't sure to have it localized in my native language, and I will play it in English if it will be necessary, only it would be nice (better) to have it translated in Italian, possibly not by fans because those kinds of localizations tend to be not very professional and are prone to delay...
  3. I agree with the op, I am happy that death will be something a bit more eternal than in the usual fantasy game, although the maimed thing sounds a bit like DAO. Anyhow, I think I'll play with the 0 health = death option enabled, so I'm ok with that.
  4. Fallout 2 was released a year after the previous one, BG2 two years after the first title, same for IWD. Developing a low-budget game like Eternity is quicker than developing a full AAA production. Anyhow, I think the April 2014 date is just an estimation: if Obsidian will think the game need more work and polishing I think they'll take more time to accomplish that. After all, there's no publisher with its tight schedule or such things.
  5. Since the last update the pledges are rising much faster than the days before, so there's hope to raise even 3.5 M.
  6. I definitely hope to see something more original than the usual fantasy orcs. Eternity already has elves and dwarves, I think Obsidian need to add something different now, not just orcs.
  7. No more classes (unless they have something very original and unique in mind, not other D&D-like), I wouldn't add many companions either, because I prefer to have a few who have many great dialogues and banters, instead of many who are less interesting and have less to add to the game experience. If people wants quantity for the companions, there's the adventurer's hall to allow everyone to create whoever he/she wants. Maybe they could add something to the house/stronghold and make quests and someway to manage it, maybe something different based on your class or race and whatever your pc is. I would like that they use the extra-money to add multiple quests solutions, to write more good-written lines and this kind of things, but that's a difficult thing to stretch out. Other than that, I'd like another localization (Italian over all, but who knows many others as well) if they reach a higher sum of money, for example if they get 3.0. Anyhow, I think they should definitely add their final stretch goals up to at least 3.5 M, instead of adding them step by step as they've done so far, since the kickstarter campaign is almost finished. Oh, and add something which doesn't seem to have spawned out from the Forgotten Realms, because I trust Obsidian when they say their setting will be different from D&D and the fantasy stereotypes, but it's time to actually show something more to prove their statements.
  8. Frankly, I hope that if Obsidian chosees to add other classes they'll come out with something more unique and original than bards and paladins. For example, the cypher seemed interisting enough, from the little they said about it, so I'd rather have them follow that way instead. And by the way, Obsidian is finally able to create its own game without publisher to interfere and they just recreate the Forgotten Realms? WTF, no. Let's have something different for once.
  9. I understand your point but an origin would determined only some of the background of the character (for example where he lived, in which conditions, etc.), things that are usually given anyway in many rpgs that won't let you choose an origin. And you would still be able to play the character how you want, or if you find that particular origin not fitting your pc choose another one that is more according to what you have in mind.
  10. Origin stories were a very interesting feature of DAO and I'd love to see them return in some future game, since it's sadly obvious they won't be coming back in the next BioWare games. It would be even better if they had more influence on the progression of the game, a bit more than what was done for DAO, although I understands that, in order to do it, that would require a lot of work from the devs, but it could work for me as a high-level stretch goal (3.2 millions perhaps).
  11. I think Obsidian should add some other stretch goals in order to get more money... I'm ok with the stretch goals so far but they should add something more, possibly something that can actually bring more people to raise their pledge or new people to back the project, like the announcement of Chris Avellone helping InXile for Wasteland 2, as Karranthain said. By the way, I prefer quality over quantity, so I'd rather not have a hundred of compaions and races and classes while I'd prefer just ten companions (or five-six races, classes) and have each one of them with many unique dialogues, banters, features and so on. Anyhow I think Obsidian knows what to do with the game and I trust them. Oh, by the way I think adding new translations (Italian, Russian, Polish, ...) would be a good stretch goal and would bring more easy money in the game, but of course there should be other more tied with the game-mechanics stretch goals.
  12. If they add silver and bronze coins good, but if they stay to the gold ones only it's still fine to me.
  13. I don't like how in many modern rpgs why quickly become almost a god-like creature, so I'd prefer a slower leveling-up in Eternity. How much strong can the char (and companions) become I think depends on the story chosen for the game, because in the usual "save the world from the greatest threat of all time" theme it would be odd if you would do it while being not that strong (in that case, if the world is filled with stronger NPCs why wouldn't they solve the problem themselves or at least help the pc in his quest?). Since I believe and I hope that Eternity will have a less stereotyped and more personal story, I think there won't be the need to reach god-like powers at the end of the game. Also, if they want to make sequels as they said, it would be better to limit the power-growth of the characters, so that there will still be some challenge for future installments.
  14. The game could be fantastic even without a big and well done city, but I loved Athkatla in BG2 and I would welcome something similar. Also Vizima was a good city in TW, while I wouldn't go for Imperial City or Denerim, since they were not that good at all.
  15. I agree with the op. Tim Cain, in his update, hinted that xp would be given to the players for reaching his goals rather than for killing things, and I hope Obsidian will choose that system for the game.
  16. I don't get why people say that you would be forced to accept all kind of quests, if you wouldn't get xp from combat or so. First of all, a powerplayer would do all the quests he could even if the system rewards both fightings and quests, but a guy with at least a bit of roleplaying skills is perfectly capable of choosing what to do according to the pc he/she created, and that way at least the game wouldn't punish non-combat-centric characters and you have the possibility to play with a stealth or a diplomatic pc without any problems. Furthermore I think we will get non-linear quests that could allow many different kinds of characters to enjoy them... just a simple example: the classic rescue my daughter quest: a "good" character would do it just because it's the right thing to do, an evil one could demand a very high reward for it and accept only in that case, or maybe could save the girl and dispose of her in other ways (selling her to some slave-trader perhaps)... it's just a stupid example, mind, I am sure the game will have deeper quests, but it's just to make my point a bit clearer. If you choose to kill things anyway you get the loot as an extra-reward, while if you avoid the battle of course you couldn't steal things from the enemy corpses, so there's no reason to reward the combat-way of solving the quest any further.
  17. Let's hope Obsidian will translate the game in both the two languages, then. And others as well, maybe...
  18. I don't care about the character experience progression, at the end it doesn't count that much since if you need 2000 xp to level up you will get more xp from your quests and if you need 1000 xp the system will give you less xp, so you'd level up almost at the same time and in the same way. I just want Obsidian to give you xp only for completing quests, and not also by killing things. The update #7 was great and hinted at this solution, and it would be just perfect, since you would be able to play the character the way you want without being penalised if you choose to avoid fightings.
  19. I'd welcome some romances if they are well written and more mature than the average romance available in videogames. I trust the writers of Obsidian anyway, so I think they could definetely bring some good romances if they want to.
  20. Text localization doesn't cost too much (in fact more languages often mean more customers for the game, therefore more money from it to spend in the next instalment - for example Eternity 2 in this case). In a game supposed to have a lot of written dialogues and text in general having the game in many languages is good, even for people who knows English pretty well. And by the way, Spanish, German, French and hopefully Italian, Portuguese, ecc. as well will be added only if the game get more funding, so you don't get less quests (and by the way I'd go quality over quantity all the time) and other features because the localizations are paid by the extra money put in the kickstarter. By the way, I would have little problems with playing the game in English, but I'd rather play it in my native language (which is Italian, by the way) if possibile.
  21. I would like a true old-school rpg, with the depth of Fallout 1 & 2, full of stat and skill checks and which allowed players to solve mission and proceed in the game in many different ways. Also, I would like something new and original rather than a direct sequel (a spiritual successor to something is still good, though), but I fully trust Obsidian, especially if they do a project like this and so their creativity is not limited by a publisher (just as LucasArts did with KotOR II forcing them to release the game earlier than it should, and that's just one of many examples).
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