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  1. In regards to the example of armor tiers given in the update: ''Should something like hide armor be supplanted/made obsolete by leather as an "improved version" ? My answer is Yes,an advanced version of an armor should make the previous one obsolete because : 1)When selecting the barbarian class you know right from the beginning the pros and cons of it and they should remain largely unchanged.ex. for the benefit of rage ,you cannot wear plate mail without losing the ability -period. 2)It will make finding new gear as exciting as it should be.Since this is not Diablo or Torchlight ie. lootfest ,finding new gear will be fairly rare.So,in the event that you will,it should always be exciting and not something like ''ok,i found a better armor but i am really torn between the one i wear and the new one because they are potentially equally useful in all situations'' ''does that effectively kill the visual concept of the rough-hewn rawhide-wearing ranger or barbarian?'' No it doesn't because as i said thats what class choice is all about in the first place,pros and cons and how a certain class will do something significantly different than another one in a given situation. One way that this problem can be solved is to allow the player to add one or two enchantments in any armor for the appropriate amount of gold.For example add some fire resistance,bludgeoning resistance or whatever.In any case,not too significant of an enchantment so that the armor cannot be potentially better than the one of a higher tier.This way you can personalize your armor,cover some weakness of your character and at the same time not feel like you are handicapped against the other plate mail wearing classes,since you have something that they don't in their ''vanilla'' form. As for the other two questions raised from the update ,in regards to armor naming : Having a ''+1,+2'' is more intuitive and faster for the eye to check and choose between.On the other hand,giving different names to the more advanced armors gives the opportunity for more engaging artwork and lore.Maybe you could name the armors like in the example and at the same time keep the original armor type in all armors to be read somewhere on the item item description.For example,when you get the Lamellar armor,player should be told that it is an advanced form of a Scale Vest in the ''Item Type'' description.
  2. Not only america is watching and funding you guys Actually,according to this http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/60487-where-is-everyone-from/page__st__180__hl__europe#entry1208187 , approximately 60 % of the backers are from Europe.I guess the US audience is more satisfied with the video games available on the market in recent years.
  3. Obviously,these questions are directed towards the developers and to everyone else who knows the video game industry. Will this big success of over 3.6 million $ turn some heads over at the big publishers? Will they try to take a slice from the pie? Will Obsidian be at a better negotiating position? Will they ''resurrect" other vanished video game genres? Don't get me wrong,if i ever saw EA or Activision claiming they were making an "Old School RPG" for the fans,i would roll my eyes and laugh.I am just curious to know whether this crowdfunding revolution has any real impact beyond just the games themselves.
  4. Also,no resurrection magic?It seems to me that in a world that revolves around souls you could do some neat things with resurrection. Maybe every time someone got resurrected,his ability to use soul based skills was affected somehow?I don't know,seems like a lost opportunity to not include resurrection to me.Especially since there will be necromancy.
  5. The whole stamina/health concept sounds good,i guess.What is the reason you guys decided to do that instead of the standard hit point system? What issue do you address with that mechanic?
  6. If i remember correctly in BG2 you just found one bag of holding,you didn't have to buy it.Of course it would be expensive if you wanted a second one for example. Also, imagine 12 guys butchering and throwing spells at each other and a donkey or whatever zig zag-ing it's way through the massacre.It would be kind of weird if not comedic.To tell you the truth i'm on the fence on this one,i wouldn't really mind if there were no pack animals.I don't remember ever wishing to have a pack animal in the infinity engine games. In Diablo or Torchlight however, they are life savers because these games are about the loot.Not the case with Infinity engine games.
  7. Aside from it's usefulness , a pack animal will either fight or not. Either way i see the implementation of it somewhat problematic because if it doesn't fight it will have to constantly stay out of harm's way and if it fights it will probably be so weak in later stages of the game that you would have to keep it out of harm's way yourself. Maybe a better solution would be just to have bags of holding of different types?
  8. Pro Tip to Obsidian : It's good to innovate on gameplay and content but not on linguistics.
  9. The only two things i can remember of being iffy with our beloved games were: 1)Fog of War - Line of Sight : How many times did we all cast Cloudkill and Stinking Cloud to unsuspecting enemies and they still just stood there taking the damage?It may have saved us from some very tough battles but it was clearly an exploit. 2)Pathfinding : ''You must gather your party before venturing forth'' ''You must gather your party before venturing forth'' ''You must gather your party before venturing forth'' Oh,Minsc what are you doing behind those barrels ? Are you looking for Boo? Need i say more? I don't know how big of a problem these issues are going to be with today's technology and Obsidian's experience but i just had to address them. Are there other issues i can't remember?What are your opinions?
  10. In my opinion IWD 2 aside from being the most beautiful Infinity Engine game ever released,it also had the best UI too. It was informative,practical and visually appealing at the same time.The different vibrant spell colors of the different schools of magic was great.A very good piece of design overall.I hope we will see something very similar in Project Eternity.
  11. Upped my pledge by $20 http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/1167495197 Japol,Dungeon Dweller of the Obsidian Order
  12. Golem construct as an extra companion,with customization options and the appropriate skill and materials to make it of course.
  13. Considering that they are goals they set themselves,they should be quite binding.Of course miscalculations could have been made,just not huge ones. I don't think the backers would take their heads if there was one less companion but if there was no mega dungeon for example, people would certainly complain. One other acceptable deviation i think is the release date obviously,within reason.
  14. Since we don't know exactly how big and expansive the game will be, i don't know if what i suggest is worthwhile,but would you consider adding more enemy variety as a stretch goal or at least part of a stretch goal. One of the things i really liked about Baldur's Gate 2 was the sheer variety and lethality of the enemies but also that you would fight them in places they were suppose to dwell. For example,you would fight Mind Flayers in their city if i remember correctly,Umber Hulks underground,Beholders in some sick places i can't name,Vampires and Liches in their tombs etc.
  15. So,i take it that the Paladin class will have more to do with the tactical side of combat and less ,if at all, with ethical restrictions? Also,i always thought that the Bard was just stupid but by removing the instruments part,i could give them a chance.
  16. I wouldn't like to see a too restrictive NPC time schedule. Meaning a system like the one in The Witcher,where in most of the quests you could find an Npc on a certain spot only at a certain hour and you could also solve many quests at a certain hour of the day too. Now combining these with the meditation mechanic i.e. having to find a fire to rest,resulted in extensive back and forth for me and i just hated it to the point of eventually quitting.
  17. I think music and sound are underestimated in this poll.I personally loved the music from Baldur's Gate 2 and i also loved every sound of it's menus,inventory clicks etc.Not to mention boo and Minsc. It may sound trivial to some but i still have them in my head.
  18. English is not my native language but since almost all the games are in english , i've gotten used to all the game terms and i'm pretty comfortable with that. Besides,don't things like ''critical hit'',''fireball'' or whatever sound weird in your native language,considering we are familiar with the english terms? Bottom line,even if it had my native language,i wouldn't use it. I imagine some people would however,considering that in some countries they even dub all their foreign films,which i find unbearable.
  19. If they are going to include guns no matter what,then i think they should go all the way. Meaning making technology an important part of the world,creating a technology skill branch and making a couple classes out of it. Add a ''modern'' arsenal of items and weapons etc. Otherwise,if they want to include only guns and nothing else technology-wise,i wouldn't agree. Personally i would rather see this game go all the way,instead of being just another game in more or less traditional fantasy setting.
  20. Yes,this is very important.By creating an A.I. capable of lifting it's own weight at least, will make your companions all the more believable. It will make you feel like you are a member of the party fulfilling it's role and not some god manipulating and babysitting your puppets. A.I. should be a priority for the game in my opinion and i think that customizable scripts is the way to go.
  21. Definitely no auto-resurrection after combat for me.Things like Stone to Flesh and a high level Resurrection spell are good options to include and they even add to the depth of the combat someone could argue.A Resurrection cost in gold if you don't have the spell is also fine with me. Also since they will make souls an important part of the world,every time someone gets resurrected maybe their ''soul'' would shift towards a darker side or something with tangible effects on the character stats or his ability to cast magic. All of this however won't make a big difference in my opinion if you can just load a previous save for a member of your team to survive the battle. These mechanics would tie really well with some kind of a risk/reward mechanism that would make death have a serious effect that is mostly unavoidable but not as punishing of course as permadeath.What that mechanism is,i don't know Maybe not being able to save during battle?Use of checkpoints?
  22. Yes, it sounds bitter Maybe add some constructive feedback on the appropriate community boards? As far as I know, they make no secret of to do some degree being driven by fan feedback. It might make a difference for DA3. Edit: Let's try to stick to the topic. Bashing Bioware gets tiresome to listen to. Well,this IS my indirect answer to the question of the topic,as inelegant as it may be.
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