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  1. I'll buy K3 if it comes out, and you can't stop me.
  2. 'Atris and Exile vs. Kreia and Sion' since I would've really liked a scene like that in Kotor II.
  3. I hope it's kotor 3 or a new star wars game.
  4. Don't think it's possible to make a lightsaber but hey, I'd buy one.
  5. Sitting behind a computer screen, drinking coffee and getting payed.
  6. Yeah well the story can be polished.
  7. Revan should be a female. Think of all the smexy romance options.
  8. Okay, so in every Kotor game you have started as a republic soldier, but what if you started as a sith soldier? The player starts as a sith soldier and then someone notices/belives that your force sensitive so you get sent to a sith camp for force sensitives. The Jedi attack the sith camp and they take you as a prisoner, they take you to the jedi enclave and then during a interrigation the player decides if he should stay sith or become a jedi. Something happens, big shock, something happens with big explosions and then you get to travel the galaxy for some reason.
  9. The Kotor Series must've been the best games I have ever played.
  10. Direct response to thread name: I love Visas.
  11. *Cough* Thread whore *cough*
  12. When I think about it... I enjoyed Kotor 2 more than Kotor 1.
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