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  1. Oh my god! You still belive in freedom?!
  2. If I was to hear these news and then die, I'd die as a happy man.
  3. Revan will always be far more powerfull than Vader. Also, Vader died a shameful death unlike Revan.
  4. A tear almost fell when i completed the game. I feel like a sissy.
  5. If you have two Cd-drives; Put disc one in M: and install the game from N:
  6. I didn't even know that Onasi was in the game, where did you find him?
  7. how did YOU get that revan avatar? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Print screen?
  8. They are both Zabraks but diffrent kind of Zabraks. Bao-Dur is a Iridonian Zabrak while Darth Maul is some other kind of Zabrak, or the darkside made him look more evil, like in kotor(2).
  9. http://www.compfused.com/directlink/188/
  10. So am i. I should be here more!
  11. I love mana-based systems. If only D&D and NWN was mana based... *Dreams away*
  12. Really? I've heard that it was pretty good. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It was too slow and there was to much Rome : total war rippin' off.
  13. We plan to call the next expansion 'Magical trip to magic place'. There will be lots and lots of nudity in the game. But there is one problem, we only have males working here so we could only get men pron.
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