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  1. Anyone played EverQuest? I spent twenty (!) hours creating a character, and I still play her. She's basically a virtual me.
  2. I loved Baldur's Gate and enjoy NWN even today. I heard Knights of the Crap Republic was supposed to be the ultimate BioWare game, using everything they had learned since BG1. The result is a good game. Good, but not nearly great in any way. I heard Dragon Age was supposed to be even better, and was really looking forward to it for a while. However, the more I hear about it, the less I like it. It can still be great, but I'm not so sure. Maybe it's because KotOR were just so average in every way. And NWN2? Last I heard they are still using the NWN1 engine. It will of course be heavily improved in most ways, but we still get the restrictions of the first game. On the other hand. GTA: San Andreas plays pretty much just like GTA3, and yet it's far superior.
  3. Why complain about things you can't change? Because you -can- change things. I know from a personal experience that I hated the missions in Carmageddon 2. I wrote a few letters to SCI whining about the missions, and the result is Carmageddon 3 had completely different missions. Still not good missions, but at least much better ones. With all the fuzz going on about mana vs non-mana right here in this forum, I would assume Obsidian have heard us by now. Ignored us, yes, but at least they hear us. And since they hear us, they will think at least twice about adding mana to their next game after NWN2. I'm not sure if it's NWN3, Kotor3, Torment 2 or whatever, but it won't use mana. Because we whine about it.
  4. Did someone say they are here to take over the world? Interesting... as it is -mine-!!! You want the world? Well, come and get it, you piece of... uh, hehe, nice moderators. Nice weather, isn't it? " Ruling the world isn't hard work. Sure there are a lot of paper work, but I just burn the paper and say I didn't get it. (it probably wasn't that important anyway.) The are some tax-issues and the people not paying them, but I got assass.... nice people to collect it for me. I just sit back, relax and have the slav...co-workers to everything for me. Maybe tortu... convince a few from time to time to stick to my cause. :cool:
  5. Make no mistake about it; I am of course getting both NWN2 and DA and will beat both games. The problem is I have beaten NWN a few dozen times in SP and played MP quite a bit since it arrived. I have no problems with the resting required to cast spells, and like having a fighter do the dirty work. I enjoyed Diablo2 quite a bit online, even though it had mana. I just think it's stupid the mana are "generic power", or something. Why would a barbarian need the same mana to use the whirlwind attack as the sorcereress need to cast a fireball? From what I know of DA, it can be brilliant. Maybe even better than NWN2. I'm just saying the mana-system drags it down.
  6. I loved the first NWN and the Baldur's Gate-series, and even Icewind Dale gave me a fun time. (not ID2, of course.) Kotor was fun, but short and too much nwn-light. Then I heard about Dragon Age. It's created by the same people who made NWN, so can it possibly be any good? Well, doh. It's going to be the best game of all time, even far beyond NWN2. Or so I thought. Last I heard the magic-system in DA will be mana-based. Geez. The entire game ruined in one sentence. Only NWN2 can save me now. Short version, I've never, ever played a game with mana-based magic I actually enjoyed more than a D&D-game. Ever. Please don't screw this up as well.
  7. Revan "mysteriously disappeared", you are an "exiled jedi"... hm... Revans fate will be revealed... Hm... Are there any connection here? Hm...
  8. I am one of the (surprisingly) few that really seemed to enjoy Icewind Dale, but to this day there simply haven't been any games near Icewind Dale 2. Sure Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 have a better story, and NWN have better looks, but ID2 are still the better game. I liked BG, but what really made my day are the details in ID2. The combat are much more interesting, as you can create the entire party and need to adjust your tactics much more than in BG. A custom party just seemed more personal to me than henchmen, plus there are a lot of smaller details like a drow understanding the goblin language. (this got a bit weird and short, but I'm in a hurry.)
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