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  1. I love hearing the characters speak! But I also read really fast, and waiting for the voice to finish speaking a long dialogue I finished reading some time ago can be really annoying - especially for some minor story bit/side story. So I'm all for characters having VO, but fully voiced is only necessary for important characters/important parts of the story.
  2. While not exactly pro-Romance, I am very pro-Relationship. Relationships can be anything from friendly rivalries, to best of friends, to an actual romantic partner. Simply because of the fact that most game romances let you get to know a given character the best, I do tend to take part in game romances. I take a kind of joy in exploring well written characters, though the whole 'bumping pixels' part is completely irrelevant to me. I just love interacting with companions and developing memorable relationships with them, whatever form of relationship that might be. I'm female, and I play females, and one of my most memorable game relationships was with Morrigan in Dragon Age: Origins. It wasn't (nor could it be) romantic in the slightest, but her admission of my character being her first and only friend has really stuck with me. I'm an emotional creature, and if I have companions, I want those emotions to be acknowledged and used to draw me deeper into interactions with those companions and thus with the story. if and when possible, I want those interactions, and I want to see those interactions between companions. Do I need it? Not hardly. But I do greatly enjoy it.
  3. After a spot of natural disaster and an absolutely horrible year without internet, this is some lovely, lovely news. Cheers!
  4. Wow! The monk concept sounds really interesting and I can't wait to try it out, but I have to say-- I LOVE the concepts. Fantastic variety and I can just tell that the Vailian Republic guys are going to be total pea****s, aren't they? Absolutely love it. Edit: Bah, it just doesn't come across properly when it's filtered like that, and it's NOT a foul word. Not gonna remove it, so I'll just define it, because it's the perfect term: The male version of peafowl, with the flashy fan tails. Boo for people abusing the language so badly that such filters are deemed necessary. A pox on all such language abusers.
  5. It's... Ah! Aahhh.. um, wow. I... I... oh my.. <silence> ... I lack the words. That is not something I often find myself saying, as I tend to fall more on the 'exceedingly verbose' end of the spectrum. That is truly a thing of beauty you are creating.
  6. Rogue. I love playing rogues more than anything, but I want to know what tricks rogues will have and what more interesting things they can do in PE besides just sticking things with sharp pointy objects. Cipher. Because INTERESTING.
  7. Bestial races can be interesting. Bestial races can also be not interesting if they're little more than fuzzy/scaly humans with a beast head. And whatever you do, please don't just take a regular female human body with regular female human breasts and stick a cat or lizard head on. Seriously, WHAT. The sentient version can be bipedal, that makes sense and is understandable, but it should have developed in accordance with its primitive form, not in accordance with the completely disparate human form. Regular old humans should also be interesting. I'm happy if all races & species have a well-developed base and their own fitting place in the world. I like variety, whether it be the variety of different types of humans or different races.
  8. Rogues stole my heart decades ago, and I only get my heart back when I play one, so that's what I'll be. I do love Rogue gameplay, aside from those games that make me despondent because their idea of Rogues is 'sneaky backstabbity stabbity damage dealer' and nothing more. Oh, there's so much more, and it's the so much more that makes my heart go pitter patter. I'll probably also try out Cipher and maybe a Chanter or Druid. We shall see! Perhaps when we get more info on the classes I'll feel compelled to try out a Barbarian or Monk!
  9. To be honest, gore is something I only notice if it falls around the extreme ends of the spectrum: missing completely, or stupidly excessive. If it should be there - it should be there, period. But don't put gore just to put more gore, please. When it's very overdone it triggers in my brain as 'revolting stupidity' to which I respond with 'ok, bored now'. I don't need to play a game that get its aesthetics from Kill Bill's ridiculously overdone blood extravaganza or Dragon Age 2's 'enemies' (better name: 'boneless bags of blood') exploding into bloody gibbets when you so much as sneezed on them. Save the extravaganzas and overdone extremities for special things, when they're fitting, and not for common gameplay. If a powerful blow would crush a skull, let it crush a skull. But single blows of daggers or arrows shouldn't cause bloody explosions or decapitation/dismemberment. But unless it falls on the extreme ends of the spectrum, I doubt I'll really notice.
  10. Oh, wow. This is beautiful work, truly well done. To me, in comparison with the concept art, the only thing that pops out is I believe the area around her cheekbones was a bit fuller/rounder in the concept, and her chin a bit narrower. But she was also slightly smiling in the concept, and that could change the look of the cheeks some... ...regardless, this is very well done. She looks like one heckuva serious fighter! I love it.
  11. For me, it really depends on the story. Sometimes a story wraps everything up, or makes it so that continuing to play would be severely meta-gaming or just unfitting (the hero - you! - sacrificed yourself to save the world, but you can continue playing as long as you want, if you just ignore the fact that you are supposed to be dead!). I love being able to continue wandering whatever world I'm playing in, because there's plenty of times I've completed a book or a story but didn't feel like I was personally 'done' with it yet, or didn't feel ready to walk away from a world and characters I got attached to. This is particularly true in games, where I might not have completed everything, whereas with a book I've at least read every word, which makes it not as bad to put it down and walk away from as it is with a game I'm 'not finished with'. So it all depends on if it makes sense to be able to continue playing, and if it would be easy to allow us to continue playing. Does the Main Story Quest work alright if it's completed before other things, and allow the player to continue with minor quests after? Or do you really need to wrap everything up before finishing the Main Story Quest?
  12. What I want is that full spectrum. I will say right off that I do enjoy romances, but I'll also say that I really hate when that is all there is. It's just cheesy then, as if it's just there to flip a mental 'ooh yes romance!' switch. It's not just romances I like, it's the entire relationship spectrum, because it's the relationships I develop with my party (and see between my party members) that brings a massive amount of depth to the game for me. Rivalry (of the amicable as well as the bitter type), close friendships, romance(s) at all stages, all the things that could happen within a group of people that spends lots of time together... so I'm not ONLY talking about the PC's relationships with the party but between any party member and any other- including the PC but not restricted to the PC. So while I would like romances, they're far from a deal-breaker for me. I want what it seems they want: to focus on inter-party relationships, period, and not just on romance. Romance would be nice, but only if it fits, and only if it's well done.
  13. Rogue! Definitely definitely rogue, as that's just my class. I'm a rogue. I'm a thief. That's me, as far as RPGs go! As far as racial choice, however, I'm completely undecided.
  14. (Hopefully this hasn't been posted elsewhere & I missed it) I just read a gamesindustry interview with Chris Avellone, and what he had to say made me really damn excited. This part is relevant to this discussion: Chris Avellone: There's been a lot of focus with companion mechanics in terms of like "how do I romance this person?" I'd like to think that there are other types of relationships that you can have with a companion, whether it's friendship, rivalry, hatred, or revenge. Romances end up being an easy target, but I think there's a lot more you can do with companion relationships. Romances are great, and yes I'm a sucker for 'em, but they're just one possible relationship. It's ALL aspects of the relationship system that I'm enticed by! Now I'm even more excited about getting to know the companions we'll have in PE. I want great friends! Rivals! ALL of it! EDIT: HAHA it looks like, in the way-too-long time I edited this over and over and over (trying to figure out how to link the massively long url but reduce it in size to fit better in my post, and none of the ways I'm accustomed to doing so worked here), someone else beat me to the punch
  15. My husband doesn't yet know exactly how much I spent, either. I've prepared defenses however by telling him not to get me any gifts for the rest of the year (my birthday & Christmas) as I've already 'gifted' myself. Hopefully that will be enough ... And I LOVE YOU ALL TOO. Not drunk, just giddy!
  16. I want relationships. No: I really, really want relationships. Deep, involved relationships, between my character and others, and between other characters. Why? Because it adds a semblance of reality, and because it adds depth- you have to get to know someone to develop a real relationship with them. Without the depth you just have shallow characters. Note: At no point did I say 'romance', I only said 'relationship'. I am pro romance, sure, because that's one possible relationship. I'm just as pro 'really good antagonistic rivalry'. I know the relationships will be there, we'll just have to wait for release to find out what kind of relationships they are.
  17. I started at $20. I'm still kind of nervous with Kickstarter, as none of the things I have backed have become reality yet. I can easily justify to myself putting in the minimum required, even if whatever I'm backing does not actually make it... because I'm showing support for what I want, which is frequently not what has been on the market for years. So I hedge my bets and pledge 'just enough'. Then I added $8 for OO. Then I thought that maybe someone else was in a tighter bind financially than I am, so I freed up the limited $20 slot and went to the next highest. Almost immediately after that, I bumped it up enough to get a boxed copy. And then oh, I want more than just the box, I want box and goodies, so I bumped it again. And again. And then again, for addons. I'm tapped out! I can afford it, but I'll admit I'm rather nervous about my husband finding out exactly how much I've spent. I'll just tell him I don't need a birthday present this year. Or a Christmas present. Yeah. I'm covered.
  18. I pledged, then updated my pledge with OO's $8, then updated again to a higher tier, and considered that 'at my max'... ...but then I went back and updated again for addons. I can't update anymore, I'm pushing it as it is! Come on 3.5!
  19. Jaw...dropped. Words. I lack them. Emotions. I have plenty. Love. Joy. Excitement! <happy dance>
  20. Just one question, re: misogyny. In a world that is aware of souls, is aware of souls being reborn, where souls can fracture and split into multiple bodies, where multiple souls can reside in the same body, where souls are not gender-based, and everything is highly focused on the strength of souls.... ...where a woman could have a pure, strong soul and a man might have a weak, fractured soul... ...where religions are vastly different... ...would it be likely that the same misogynistic culture would develop as has developed in many of our own? Wouldn't the soul be the important thing in this world and not the gender? (And on that note, one might question all the other options in the poll, seeing as how this game is not set on our Earth, is not set in our history, so it's kind of hard for it to be historical in the way we would be familiar with.)
  21. I upped my pledge to my max days ago. And now we get the news about Ziets. <pretends she didn't squeal with excitement at the news> Ahem. Gonna have to figure out how to siphon a bit (or a lot) more funds into my pledge, even if it means I have Ramen for lunch for a while.
  22. Oh my gosh, the ideas, the ideas! Alas, as I don't have enough change for the $1k tier, I wouldn't have enough for whatever this would cost... but ohhh, the lovely, lovely thought, even as unlikely as it is. Chaos Theory, you may get your wish of contributing to the lore of the world, well, in a fashion. Your item will likely have flavor text, yes? That flavor text could tell a memorable story. I know I remember a few from other games, even some from items I never used- but the text was memorable, and thus it is retained in my memory as part of MY lore of the game and game world.
  23. To me, that just looks like twisty vines, no knotting at all. It is somewhat evocative of the ouroboros snake's scales, in a fashion. I don't dislike the new logo, it does look really nice. I was just hoping to get the ouroboros on my t-shirt.
  24. Unable to choose any of the options. If the exclusive content is a fluff pet, or gear that's only worth anything at low levels, or anything else that will have no real effect on the game, I think permanent exclusivity is fine. Temporary exclusivity is ok, too, but I'd lean more towards permanent- and I make this choice as someone who has missed out on items of this exact nature many, many times (items like this are frequently pre-order bonuses, and I either didn't pre-order or pre-ordered from a different place which had different or no rewards), and I was fine with it then and remain fine with it now. If it's an actual companion/party member, or if it's a quest or dungeon or such that contains gameplay, or anything that actually has a real effect on the game, then temporary exclusivity (or charging extra for it post-launch) is fine. Don't like permanent exclusivity in this case, as I don't think any form of gameplay should ever be permanently withheld.
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