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  1. Yes, but I simply cannot see it happening at Russia's initiative. There was simply too much turmoil in Russia for it to go out and attack Germany without Germany attacking first. Russia was rich (as a country) and huge. Russia didn't need more land as desparately as Germany did.
  2. Hah, I like thinking of counter-factual history, though I'm not sure I could write anything coherrent about it. How about: What if Gavrilo Princip failed to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo? What if the USSR did not assault Afghanistan? What if Abraham Lincoln had not published the Emancipation Proclamation?
  3. I would enjoy being a designer at Obsidian.
  4. Live-Action Role-Playing.
  5. My views of LARPing are FAR from positive.
  6. Considering that WotC has sold several million Player's Handbooks since 3E started out four years ago, I'd say that there are plenty of PnP gamers around. I'm usually stuck behind the screen as well, and every time I try to go back to playing, something screws the campaign up. Bad karma or something. I currently have a long-term (2 years so far) FR D&D campaign running. I enjoy RIFTS, as it is one of the few systems where I can build an uber-powerful character and not feel bad - since all the other characters are uber-powerful as well. My fav is a Temporal Raider, though I've played human ley-line walkers, True Atlanteans, and godlings. I'd love to run RIFTS again, but, unfortunately, I don't have the needed books (and I'd probably have to sit down and house-rule the hell out of the system to fix some things - like the fifteen attacks per round ninjas can get and so on).
  7. I'm a programmer as well, although my area of expertise are information systems. And I'm not particularly thrilled about that - IS is something I wanted to avoid like plague when I was at college. As for the programming languages, well, what's the point of listing how many you know? Once you have the hang of the programming logic, learning new syntax is a matter of days.
  8. Stop... moving... away... from... the... subject... I am sure Salvatore novels and Dragonlance crap and Fabio and whatnot sell a lot more than Nobel-prize writers. Does that tell us anything about the quality of writing? Admit it, Grommy. As for Torment vs. KotOR, I replay Torment on a regular basis, at least once every year. I was bored to tears with KotOR's "cinematic combat" and the pitiful implementation of the Star Wars d20 system. The only fun thing I can recall from the game was the card game... Pazak, or whatever. I never even bothered finishing it, just as I never bothered finishing ToEE. Chris Avellone wrote one area for IWD2, and that was Targos, perhaps the most developed city area in any IE game (excluding Torment). When you hear people talking about IWD2, you'll notice that most mention Targos as the most memorable place from the game. Indeed, if the whole game were made to be as detailed and in a similar style as Targos, it would have been a much better game. But such is the fate when developing 9-month (3+3+3) games with outdated BIOWARE engines that were extremely poor to begin with. As for FO2, I still consider it more enjoyable than FO1 (if not exactly a better game). Contrary to what people obviously think, MCA was only one of the designers on the game, and I think it's a damn shame Tim & co. fled IPLY before it was over, because I tend to think that a lot of the pop-culture crap that got blamed on MCA and remaining BIS devs was their idea.
  9. Well, I got you to admit they were lame, so that's something right there...
  10. Volourn, stop spreading rumors, myths, and innuendo. You are here because you were on every other forum connected to the people who created Obsidian, and would be here even if they were developing a game which held no interest whatsoever for you.
  11. *shudders at the thought* I don't think I've ever posted on the Bioware forums. Not even during the "great spam attack" of 2002...
  12. How do I look? However I choose to look. I am an archdevil, after all.
  13. Anti-hero. Like THAT's a big surprise.
  14. You bet. I hear Lucas is going to dish out a lot of money for the presentations.
  15. Oh, I know it's not FO3. I suppose it could be BG3 (non-TBH-related), but I'm hoping for a new IP. And nothing like TORN, please.
  16. Since my disinterest in KotOR2 is rather well-known, I dare one of the devs to give me a reason to become more active in this community. What's the other project you hired people to work on? ^_^
  17. I presume they all have each other's cage keys now, being co-founders and everything.
  18. 1. I'd like to ask the moderators if they know whose alt HiddenAssassin is. PM me, PLZ. 2. In reply to the original query, no. 3. Mark Morgan = good.
  19. I'm sure it'll have more varied roleplaying options than the original, but nowehere near the level of FO games (by virtue of being a completely different type of game).
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