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  1. This may clarify a few things. As I said, I don't have experience with U.K. banks, but I recently got a Visa Virtuon debit card from the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank here in Serbia, so you must be able to get one over there. EDIT: Visa Virtuon cards are specific in that you can only use them for online transactions, and not ATM withdrawals or regular purchases (they lack the magnetic strip). Our banks offer regular Visa debit cards as well, but I wanted to see how well this one works online.
  2. Debit cards are pretty much the same as cheques, so I don't see why anyone would have an issue with them. You can't spend more than you have (unless you have some sort of a wierd credit/debit card combo... I've seen only a few), and if you are concerned about fraud, you can deposit the exact amount right before the transaction without running any risks.
  3. The first step would probably be to get a Visa debit card, which is widely accepted (almost as widely as the credit card). See if your bank offers them or open another account just for the purpose (such accounts are free of charge in most U.S. banks that I have dealt with, don't know about the U.K.).
  4. If exclusively single-player, it should be first person. If there is a notion of a party (through joinable NPCs or another method), it should be isometric. That the game should be 3D is not even a question.
  5. Yes. Although there should be a chance (depending on the city, the economics, and the type of government) to bribe the official guards and have them look the other way while you are "shopping" for goods.
  6. Rich shopkeepers should employ night guards at any rate. Even if you get past them, there should be a chance that you are caught by the city watch and imprisoned, with all your stuff taken away along with the stolen goods. But shoplifting should be an option.
  7. Hmm. Perhaps I should have included the UK as a separate continent?
  8. No? Anyways, I am quite surprised to see that Europeans outnumber Americans here... so far. Of course, only a quarter of registered users actually bothered to vote, but I'd say the sample is good enough.
  9. I heard that Invision was no longer free. If this is true, how come it lacks such basic functions as "ignore?"
  10. Working hard towards that ban, aren't you?
  11. Sammael desperately looks for the "ignore" button.
  12. Do you even know who Jim Molitor is? He was the head of the RPG division, even though he admittedly didn't get PC RPGs, and didn't think IPLY should be making them. Little wonder FO3 got cancelled under his enlightened guidance. Of course, his idiocy at the IPLY forum's opening ("I WILL BANNZOR J00 IF J00 DON'T PLAY BY MY ROOLZ") doesn't help his image in my mind.
  13. I would have enjoyed The Black Hound's sequels. Then again, I would have enjoyed The Black Hound. Feargus, how much money do you need to buy TBH off IPLY?
  14. I am sure most Obsidian employees would be thrilled to work with Lord Jim Molitor again.
  15. The moment Volourn becomes a mod is the moment I quit "TEH INTERWEB."
  16. A Fallout 3 made with the FO/FO2 engine would sell a grand total of about 29 copies.
  17. Same reason EA sat on the Wasteland and Bard's Tale licenses for a long time: idiocy.
  18. I dislike being associated with Interplay. Please refrain from calling the company "hellish" in the future. But they'll die alright, with no good projects on the horizon and but a half dozen experienced people left.
  19. I'd like to see Fallout 3, provided it was co-designed by MCA and JE and they were given an unlimited budget to make it. Not gonna happen, though.
  20. I am utterly uninterested in games made for the dreaded "general public." The general public also enjoys soap operas, Fabio novels, Jerry Springer's "show," WWF wrestling, and The Titanic. I simply do not share any tastes with them.
  21. EA, which licensed it out to Brian Fargo's inXile. And it's too bad, since he's going to make a crappy console shooter out of it.
  22. Bah. Next thing, you'll be saying that devils don't exist.
  23. On the other hand, I don't think all three of them are "valuable members of the community." And I really think the world is coming to an end if this many people want to see Volourn as a mod. I'll have to check with my superiors to see when the next Armageddon is.
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