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  1. No, the name of that project was The Black Hound. And I am sure not all the Obsidian founders are absolutely blameless.
  2. As it is, the current posters all pretty much know each other from the various IPLY/BIS forums, DAC, NMA, RPG Codex, Mistress' Lair, Winterwind, and other places. That's why this place is a mess at the moment.
  3. BTW, we definitely need some moderators, as this place is going insane...
  4. Dunno, the posting style seems to fit. Maybe he is in one of his more annoying moods?
  5. IWD2 was a result of TORN being cancelled (another blunder of the certain division president), not Jefferson/Van Buren troubles.
  6. You mean you didn't encounter a tarrasque in FO2? It was a random encounter that always occured between New Reno and Redding...
  7. Now that they are working for Bioware, perhaps they should name their projects after Canadian prime ministers?
  8. Now, Spazmo... don't give him such a hard time. Everyone has to earn a living one way or the other. I consider his reviews irrelevant, but I'm sure there's a lot of kids out there who went and bought NWN and its expansions because Visceris gave them high marks. He does need to work on his English, though. A lot.
  9. Come now, Visceris, I am sure you have KotOR2 pre-ordered. Even if you had to sell some of your old PSX games to get the money to reserve it.
  10. Yes, but the developers also have more artistic freedom with the setting.
  11. Er... no. The combat system was nothing like NWNs. It basically depended on queuing actions and then watching the ensuing cinematic. It sucked major time.
  12. KotOR2 needs semi-decent combat for me to even touch it.
  13. The influx of users is too great... I wonder how long till the board goes down?
  14. Read Adamas' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to find out more about 42.
  15. Sammael


    Josh isn't working for Obsidian, AFAIK. But he's used that avatar before elsewhere.
  16. With Avellone aboard, I am confident Obsidian can provide us with a great storyline. The question is whether the other elements will match up to it?
  17. No, I couldn't upload either, my avatar is linked from my website.
  18. Sammael


    Judging by the avatar, it is.
  19. Drivel will get posted, though - that's the purpose of the Way Off Topic forum. I don't have a problem with strict enforcement of the rules (as long as the rules are clear), but they may wish to differentiate themselves from... the other forums, and that means the moderators will have to be a bit more open about what they are doing. Bring back the Overseer!
  20. Back to the topic at hand, I really don't care what the setting is as long as the story is good and gameplay decent enough.
  21. Perhaps he meant that Obsidian will work on PC titles as well as console titles, which is fine. But I do not think Microsoft will allow KotOR2 to be published on the PC at the same time it is published on the X-Box.
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