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  1. I would like to have a word with whoever came up with the cutscene-followed-by-scripted battles thing in IWD2. Worst. Idea. EVAR.
  2. I fully support this thread on behalf of the infernal forces I command. The frustration and strife that would potentially be released along with Lionheart 2 would make any devil shed a tear. If we had tear glands, of course.
  3. Well, I dunno. Croatia seems reasonably safe at the moment*, and its Adriatic coast is beautiful (sure as hell beats Italy and Greece). *the moment being last year, considering that the ultra-nationalist HDZ party won the last parliamentary elections over there... and that's not a good sign. Neither is the 28% that the Radical Party got here on the December 28th elections.
  4. Games that don't allow for character growth fall short of my RPG definition.
  5. Console games are only slightly more difficult to pirate than PC games (which are incredibly easy to pirate). I was pretty surprised to see the console companies move on to CD/DVD format from cartridges, which were a lot more difficult to pirate (you had to have some pretty damn expensive equipment to do so, meaning only big-time pirates could do it).
  6. IWD1 sold at least 300,000 units, probably more (because I know it sold better than Fallout 1 and 2 combined).
  7. If you're in for some action, Serbia is definitely the place to visit. You are bound to find yourself in one of the following: A) a football riot; B) anti-government demonstrations; C) pro-government demonstrations; D) friendly Albanian crossfire (if you go too far south); E) a NATO bombing; F) a mafia showdown (somewhat less frequent nowadays, but still happens occasionally, like three weeks ago). We should advertise ourselves as the extreme country for all the extreme sports lovers.
  8. Oh come now, the only ex-BIS person I blame for IWD2 is Feargus. The beginning and the end of the game were fine, it's the middle that was lacking.
  9. *I do not condone or encourage piracy in any way, shape, or form* However, equating piracy with theft is a logical and legal fallacy. It is a violation of intellectual property laws, which are murky at best. If pirating a game is theft, then so is borrowing a magazine from a friend and copying an article from it. Or recording a movie from TV. Or taking a camcorder to a concert. Or whatever. Contrary to popular belief, piracy does not have as great of an effect on revenue as publishers (and software security companies) like to claim. In fact, the vast majority of people who pirate software wouldn't have bought it anyway, and the rest usually do purchase a legal copy if they find it useful. If this was not the case, companies that make shareware products with unlimited trial periods (such as WinZip or Paint Shop Pro) would have gone bankrupt a long time ago. Furthermore, equating piracy with theft is diminishing the severity of actual theft.
  10. Hey, it'd sell more than... uhhh... IWD2?
  11. Perhaps you need somebody else to help you? The chances of Pogo Ex (© Krezack) being BG3 or an adaptation of TBH are nil.
  12. Lazenby's Bond was a much more believeable character... which is why he wasn't exactly the true Bond. I wasn't aware that it was Lazenby's first role, but I think he did a really good job. And it's one of the few Bond movies without a happy ending, which makes it pretty unique in its own right.
  13. Huh? The Black Hound was not set anywhere near the city of Baldur's Gate, and (to the best of my knowledge) all cameo characters were from the Icewind Dale series...
  14. I have granted you power, Krezack. Thou shalt not use it trivially.
  15. The buckethead episode was probably the most amusing one on the old BIS boards. And I still don't know what exploit you and LD used.
  16. Sorry, but your username is Pirotess. None of this silly Calliope business.
  17. Four people can have a threesome by virtue of one of them not participating in it. Namely myself. And Jiles doesn't exist.
  18. There is no official site for Gothic III yet, although it is no secret that it's in development (and has been for a while). Perhaps you can put the link to Night of the Raven, the Gothic II expansion (out in Germany, fourthcoming translation), or just a link to Piranha Bytes.
  19. I think I read something about Fable eventually being ported to the PC.
  20. Lazenby was the best Bond. Seriously.
  21. I once had an idea for a multiplayer strategy game in which you can play three different roles: a general - your job is to devise the strategy, plan the supply lines, negotiate with other generals, etc (this would play like a large-scale strategy game); a squad leader (this would play like a standard RTS, pretty much, but without resource management - that would be handled by the generals); and a mercenary (this would play like a RPG - you would negotiate your fee/terms with a general and then get enlisted with a squad, where the squad-leader could communicate with you, but you would be free to do your own thing). It would be insanely complex to design, though.
  22. OMG I agree. The interface in general is horrible on the PC. Don't know exactly how well it works on consoles, as I don't play console games. In general, though, console controllers have a limited set of buttons and a joystick/joypad thingie, no? I can't imagine playing an IE game with a console controller, since I used hotkeys a lot, and the mouse offers much more movement precision. Imagine trying to find the hidden ankheg plate in Nashkel with a console controller, and you'll see what I mean.
  23. A console game must be simpler than a PC game because of the controller. Thus, including a wider variety of options from the d20 system would have probably made the interface too convoluted. One other point is that the current KotOR class/skill/feat setup doesn't allow the player to make a sub-optimal character build, which is probably also a function of the console origins, since a player who rented the game and made a sucky character probably wouldn't last long, and would probably conclude that the game sucks (and wouldn't buy it).
  24. Management would be interesting in a strategy/RPG hybrid, similar to Birthright: Gorgon Alliance. I think it would be too cumbersome in a regular RPG, and it's way too difficult for implementation to be provided as a mere option.
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