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  1. Mass shooting in Pittsburg synagogue. NRA gonna start calling for arming rabbis.
  2. 34.6 pts while shooting: 2FG%: .587 3FG%: .524 FT%: .909 FG%: .550 eFG%: .702 TS%: .729
  3. Lakers v Rockets was pretty boring until CP claimed Rondo spit at him. None of the replay angles show this.
  4. 81-69 at halftime. Feeling they're gonna break the over/under. Mike Breen and Doris Burke are perfect together. This should be ESPN's FINALS lineup. *edit* Warriors-Jazz. Heck of a game. High-level beautiful basketball on both sides. Can't wait for round 2.
  5. Lols. Sauce Castillo salvaging his career. Thereby preserving one of the great nicknames. Good for him.
  6. New XCOM content is always welcome.
  7. Cool. Congrats to the owners (minus MCA) on their payoff. I can only imagine the purchase price will be somewhere in the region between Harebrained Schemes and BioWare. Hope they can still develop smaller-scale projects.
  8. There should absolutely be hugging in besbol.
  9. Going into the last day, we have: -Four way tie going into last day in NL central, NL West and wild card. -Khrush Davis currently batting .247. He hit .247 in 2015, 2016, and 2017. In addition, the Rays and Athletics have fully embraced the opener/bullpenning concept. What a season!
  10. Memphis was terrible last year, but then again, Conley was hurt. Assuming he plays major minutes again, a core of Conley, Gasol, and Jaren Jackson will better than what Phoenix and Sacramento can put on the floor. The Grizzlies will also play better D than Dallas and have more cohesiveness than the Clippers. If Doncic is able to make an immediate all-star level contribution with Dallas, then I'll place them higher than Memphis. We'll also have to see how the Jimmy Butler drama plays out in Minnesota.
  11. Well, if he attempted to rape someone, I'd call him an incel.
  12. Leferd's Annual Infallible Pre-Season Predictions Western Conference Golden State Houston Utah OKC Denver San Antonio LA Lakers Portland New Orleans Minnesota Memphis LA Clippers Dallas Phoenix Sacramento Eastern Conference Boston Toronto Philadelphia Milwaukee Washington Indiana Miami Detroit Charlotte Chicago Brooklyn Orlando Cleveland New York Atlanta First Team Stephen Curry James Harden Kevin Durant LeBron James Anthony Davis Second Team Russell Westbrook Chris Paul Kawhi Leonard Giannis Joel Embiid Third Team Dame Lillard Kyri
  13. Welp, the chart kinda seems appropriate for the self-professed high school incel.
  14. Well, whatever two million copies of BT4 is worth to Fargo.
  15. Checking social media and random internet forums has re-affirmed my belief that there are bad hombres on both sides. On both sides. RIP, Senator McCain. You served your country well.
  16. I still need to know what happened to Robin Lefler.
  17. I wish there’d be more coverage about, you know...comics at Comic Con.
  18. Michael Beasley to the Lakers. Lols. It’s a madhouse down there.
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