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  1. Better teams than Toronto have blown 3-1 leads in the NBA Finals.
  2. Ban confirmed. Good riddance. Take that garbage out.
  3. Quad overtime in Portland. Jokic put up 33/18/14 in 60+ minutes. Keep smoking them cigarettes, big fella.
  4. Good answers by Beverley and Lou WIlliams. and then, there's this...
  5. KD realized he's a superstar. He better have gotten over himself and stopped letting get himself ejected by Beverley's antics.
  6. I mean, it’s not too late for him to re-consider a baseball career now, right?
  7. I don't know how long Jeopardy! will continue, but here's a cheatsheat blueprint any future contestant ought to read. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-man-who-solved-jeopardy/
  8. I say keep the edit function as it is if for no other reason than to see how long Marceror's resolve can hold.
  9. Vlad Jr. getting the call up Friday. He projects to be a monster like his dad.
  10. Third XP due in the winter. HBS already confirmed the Warhammer and Marauder. I'd also really like to see VF-1 Valkyrie Phoenix Hawk.
  11. Lols. Vegas. Who's on the take?
  12. So that Kyler Murray fella turned down an additional $14 million from the Athletics. Gotta admire his confidence.
  13. I suppose this would make my choice in keeping an Urbanmech in my stable...not terrible?
  14. Joey Votto is done. For the first time in his career, he popped out to first base on his 6,828th PA. He ought to retire.
  15. I could see Russell as MIP, but Siakam essentially came out of nowhere. LeBron lost his team and they didn't make the playoffs. Kawhi didn't cause any dysfunction this year with Toronto. Ultimately, I gave it to Giannis because he's the best defensive player on the best defensive team.
  16. Time for Leferd's annual regular season awards ballot-reveal. MVP Giannis ROY Luka Doncic DPOY GIannis COY Coach Bud MIP Pascal Siakam All-NBA First Team Curry Harden Giannis PG-13 Jokic All-NBA Second Team Dame Russ KD Kawhi Embiid All-NBA Third Team Kyrie Klay LeBron Blake Gobert Defense First Team Patrick Beverley Marcus Smart Giannis PG-13 Rudy Gobert Defense Second Team Jrue Holiday Eric Bledsoe Kawhi Draymond Green Joel Embiid Rookie Team Luka Doncic Trae Young Marvin Bagley Jaren Jackson DeAndre Ayton
  17. Curry Klay Iguodala KD Draymond I'll take them over any 5-man unit in NBA history in crunch time.
  18. Man, I didn't realize how big of a ball-hog Jonas Valanciunas has become since he got traded to Memphis. He's got Artoo-like delusions of grandeur.
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