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  1. Boogie will be absorbed into The Collective. Resistance is useless. Well, either that or this...
  2. Boogie will be absorbed into The Collective. Resistance is useless.
  3. Updated Westgate Vegas odds for the championship: Warriors 10/11 Celtics 7/2 Lakers 7/2 Rockets 7/1 76ers 14/1 Spurs 50/1 Thunder 60/1 Raptors 60/1 Jazz 80/1 Trail Blazers 100/1 Pelicans 100/1 Timberwolves 100/1 Nuggets 100/1 Bucks 100/1 Wizards 100/1 Pacers 100/1 Heat 300/1 Cavaliers 500/1
  4. They have the cap space. Hmmm....though they just also signed Caldwell-Pope for $12 million.
  5. Through Kitchen Confidential, A Chef's Tour, No Reservations, and Parts Unknown, Bourdain helped instill a love of food and curiosity of the world and other cultures which I might otherwise have missed out. I'd probably be 20 lbs lighter. I admire the guy and I'll really miss his show. Hope he's kicking it in Purgatory.
  6. https://www.paradoxinteractive.com/en/paradox-interactive-to-acquire-seattle-based-harebrained-schemes/ Yep, it’s for $7.5 million plus an additional 25% of business earning over the next five years. Seems pretty low — atleast compared to what Electronic Arts paid for that niche RPG developer out of the Albertan backwater. But HBS is a small studio making low-budget indie titles. Good news for Battletech fans.
  7. Paradox, huh? Welp, I guess we’ll start to see a whole bunch of DLC coming soon.
  8. Sometime folks can get too esoteric with their thread naming conventions. I started reading the introduction to MARLBOROUGH’S AMERICA — the premise is such that the First Duke of Marlborough, General John Churchll, greatly influenced America's colonizers and the disloyal officers in the Rebellion of 1776 and made the U.S. the powerful economic and military empire that it eventually became. Because Walpole. Anyways, I got bored and decided that sports, television, and video games held my interest better.
  9. Warriors are 12 point favorites for game one. Series Price is pretty tempting for Cleveland. Cavaliers +650 Warriors -1000 Bet $100 to win $650. Golden State will get action, but no way am I putting down $1,000 for a chance to win $100. Not against LeBron — especially when injuries and balls- busting suspensions are possible.
  10. It'll have to be a 60/17/13 line at the Garden.
  11. The last two Rockets/Warriors games is akin to watching this:
  12. I like it better when Golden State is up by 41.
  13. In hindsight, there were some questionable substitution patterns from Kerr that probability contributed to Houston’s victory. The 19 turnovers to 14 assists is on the players.
  14. That seemed liked it was the closest 41pt game I've ever seen.
  15. I couldn’t resist starting up Yoga Fire last night, as a brief break from Battletech, but I also have Zelda Breath of the Wild as a side piece.
  16. Well, let’s just say that TechRaptor covering Obsidian doesn’t appear to be in the same league as say Forbes or Bloomberg covering Uber or even HardOCP covering NVIDIA and their respective business practices.
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