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  1. Monk (Shattered Pillar)/Cipher (Soulblade) Nature godlike? Best autoattack in the game, basically bar none.
  2. Xoti ideally shouldn’t attack. I just have her hang back with a wand and spam all her buffs and heals. Maia in damage dealing I find is better than Serafen. I like her in the Ranger Rogue for that role. Pick mostly passives that boost crust and damage since she has good accuracy. Pallegina is a pure tank, boost her Metaphysics and Athletics solely and have her equip that skill scaling Shield in the Neketaka Undercroft. I multied her as a Chanter for party healing and buffs.
  3. I had Gift from the Machine too and I didn’t receive it back at Hasongo. Not sure where that went.
  4. There is some weird variability here because I too pushed her to the dark three times and no matter what I said to her at the Pillar I could not stop her from eating the souls and becoming Dark Xoti!
  5. So I’ve done a bit of testing of Xoti and her lantern upgrades: 1. Basically if you push her towards the dark end, she’ll end up eating the souls she reaped and you get the Threshing Aura upgrade. (And a quite horrid ending) 2. Light side, you release the souls and get the (currently bugged and horrible) Light of the Dawnstar upgrade. We’re there any factors I’ve missed? Can you release the souls and still get the Threshing Aura upgrade?
  6. It’s an interesting piece of equipment this, benefits from Transcendent Suffering, counts as both a Shield and another attack so you benefit from both Sword and Style and Two Weapon Style. But a couple of things I need to do some science on... 1. About how much damage do you lose opting for this? The deflection does seem nice. 2. If I’m playing Shattered Pillar does the extra wounds bonus apply? (Just when you’re dealing damage not taking it?)
  7. I dunno, at low level, going to the wrong places (including in Neketaka or when I was attacked by pirates) still cleaned my clock. (Playing on Veteran) So either I’m really much worse than most of my vocal friends here (a possibility I admit) or I have less of a masochistic streak (another possibility).
  8. Full Druid Takehu is pretty awesome. That shark form of his looks great and does scary damage, and foe only water spells is great for back line control.
  9. So the consensus seems to be for Scout multiclass. Gotcha. Any preference for weapon? (I will probably pick the Soulbound one if there aren’t strong feelings either way)
  10. Shattered Pillar/Soulblade Real nice DPS setup with high burst damage (most nothing survives a 150 Raw damage attack). Could be a bit fragile if dumping Armor to aid recovery, so play accordingly. Responsible for 80% ish damage of the entire party.
  11. She one shots 1-2 mobs before melee gets in range. I have her using the Dragon's Dowry. So you would definitely recommend Scout then? What talents are you investing in?
  12. So Maia Rua is always going to be a Ranger, at least in part. And her subclass is probably the best with guns in the game. But should she multiclass? And if so which one? The Geometer or the Scout? Also, I had assumed that her best weapons were either the Soulbound Arquebus Blightheart or that 45k monstrosity the Royal Deadfire Company sells, but what do people think? Edit: Also, what are the best skills for ranged DPS Maia to take?
  13. Yeah, I was just about to mention Fighter Rogue Eder. I have a full tank in Herald Pallegina, but he also does good work in tying down enemy front lines and dishing out good Damage.
  14. A little more detail please. I'm working in and around Poko Kahara, and I haven't run across this gun yet. Its not in Poko Kahara, try searching around the surrounding region.
  15. Why Athletics on Xoti? I was going to put it on Pallegina for that Uber Shield she gets.
  16. Because as he is now, I’ve got him dual wielding Scimitars and he’s a pretty good off tank DPS, but of course his deflection is not as sky high as it could be (Though still impressive, second in the party after Tank Herald Pallegina)? Prototype00
  17. Go back and talk to each of them, they each have a unique item for you. Though you do lose out in raiding the vaults.
  18. There is that Soulbound Arquebus, Blightheart. You find it while searching the ruins near Poko Kahara IIRC.
  19. Errm, build wise? I've got her specced as a Herald (Paladin/Chanter) tank On the Paladin side - Lay on hands and Flames of Devotions and upgrades to help party (shared flames). Then every defensive talent in the Paladin tree (faith, deep faith, sword and shield style e.t.c.). On the chanter side, Ancestral Memory to provide some healing, swords of flame to provide some party damage, and all short cast invocations (like paralysis e.t.c.). Very effective, so far. prototype00
  20. Draining Whip, actually. It builds up your Focus twice as fast which means Soul Annihilation gets nasty in half the time. Been playing a Monk/Soulblade, and it definitely is straight DPS, engage with your Tanks, skirt around to flank, and blow something up on the second or third attack with Soul Annihilation. And with each kill, your max focus increases, so you can build up an even larger SA charge for the next enemy. It’s really effective (I’ve come real close to offing triple red skull enemies with this)
  21. No Monk (Shattered)/Cipher (Soulblade)? Just build up your focus and unleash Soul Annihilation when you’re maxed? It’s super straightforward, actually.
  22. It might be that he is using weapons. Transcendent Suffering boosts your Pen pretty sky high, but only applies to Unarmed Strikes. If our OC is using scimitars, then he is only benefiting from other, non scaling, passives. Note: in Extremis, use the scimitar modal? It boosts Pen.
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