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  1. No, they no longer do - not even connected to it in fact Sorry? Looks perfectly fine to me: This needs work this needs a midget on the shoulders.
  2. so... any new info on the linux build?
  3. History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.
  4. don't know about specific main quests, but it was said in one (or more) of the updates that the game can be completed even if You kill everyone.
  5. true, true. but what You're left with is something like this: a game running at the speeds that the hardware can produce (120Hz, 144Hz...), and some piece of background "chopping it up" in it's pre-determined 30 or 60 or whatever FPS. for me that's not a very good alternative. ok, i've picked the wrong terminology. should have gone from the start with key-framed and pre-rendered animations, and static stuff. having said that, the waterfall does not look like a pre-rendered animation to me (a 'video texture' if You will); it looks to me like a static texture getting warped and offseted on the fly every displayed frame (not unlike the shrubberies -minus the vertical offset). yup.
  6. i'm guessing it's because they don't want to have "locked FPS" that the pre-rendered animation would require. i think that's the reason that not just foilage, but every moving piece in the game (water, characters, moving background props...) is actually 3D object placed upon the 2D background.
  7. itt people who were willing to give money for the benefit of the game, are not willing to wait a week [for the benefit of the game]...
  8. 6:30 - watch dogs is teaching the kids to hack into ipads! the more you know!
  9. apparently Plants vs Zombies is free on origin.
  10. my disagreement with Your idea has nothing to do with TB or RTwP. what i object to is the proposition to hijack the controls from the player for such a superfluous reason as "[playing] a feat of awesomeness". in the best case this would get really old really fast; in worse cases it would make the game unplayable. wanting it as an option only shifts this from appalling to bad. gameplay shouldn't be subjugated to graphics - it should merely be enhanced by it. i also don't get the reasoning how this could gap the RTwP to TB divide. things would still be happening simultaneously and not in turns. slowing down the time won't change that.
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