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  1. Great .... everything M/s touches turn to ****. Just wonderful.
  2. Stuff and then disc later works for me. I will be downloading the game to play it anyway.
  3. Thank you folks for all your hard work in getting the game to this stage. Well done and have a tasty beverage of choice
  4. You will find the application in this folder: Macintosh Harddrive ▸ Users ▸ *your username* ▸ Library ▸ Application Support ▸ Steam ▸ SteamApps ▸ common You can either launch it from there, or move a copy of it to your Applications folder and it will launch from there. That solved this issue for me. It works fine for me using the current version of Yosemite. If you cannot see your Library folder, google how to make it visible and follow those directions. Once you've copied it to your applications folder, you can make things invisible again if you prefer. I hope this helps.
  5. I think that Obsidian has their own staff doing beta testing as well. A full version release to this community would not serve any purpose other than a 'pre-release' of the whole game, which is unfair the those who backed it at non-beta testing levels.
  6. This will probably be the last backer beta that we do. Not sure how long we will keep everything open, though. We still need to talk about the particulars. That makes total sense given the time constraints and release date.
  7. I like some of the new classes approach to magic, like the Chanter. I do have to agree, however, Wizards are a non plus for me, in general. I simply hate the idea of DnD 'spells' and have since I ran table tops. I wished PoE had given some thought to a more component based system, like Ars Magica. A fireball spell would be akin to a fire element component, a shape, and a motion component. The more 'mana' you channel into said spell, the bigger the bang, the farther away the target, the more mana required. Every wizard could create their own spells to suit their character this way. Learn bits and pieces of the system to suit the character.
  8. I play games like these to escape reality. I get truly annoyed when I am faced with finding water, shelter and sustenance in a game. I'd much rather see this as a checkbox on the start up screen than a 'feature' of the game.
  9. I believe that the backer level of 'beta tester' was something of a misnomer when it was created. I believe what we have, as backers, is an early demo of the game. We serve as additional debuggers and that is about it. The functionality of the game is modified in house for the most part and that is how the process works. Sensuki, you should be commended for the work you have done for this game. I'm stunned at the level of detail in your postings, your concise way of reporting things and the way you think about issues. I can but hope the folks at Obsidian realize how difficult it is to find a resource such as yourself in testing. You have created excellent dialogue about game concepts and balance. Dialog is always of value in my opinion, and logical arguments often improve or reinforce systems design. Flame wars do not, but those seem to arise from the frustrations of those less knowledgeable about the details of the constructs but still passionate about the side they feel they are on. Needless to say, they happen along with the s*it. I hope you see this through, regardless of the outcome of the functional balance WRT the game system.
  10. The descriptions on the upper floor of the inn are disappearing before you can read them.
  11. Thanks for the effort of the team. Have awesome holidays, folks! I look forward to playing it when I'm back from Canada.
  12. Yes, I could not agree more about this. I've been playing the beta for a while now and I have had little utility for much of the magic since it is such a pain to use many of the spells. Most of the spells I have had no chance to actually try given the limited circumstances in which they can safely be used with a party.
  13. Yeah the save/load cycle is the most critical issue, imo. It really needs to be fixed to make the beta usable imo. Thanks for this update. The delay will be worth it.
  14. You still need room to display skills. Personally, I don't mind the linearity of the character generation process. Empty space on the screen doesn't bother me. Perhaps the process is longer due to your being in the beta and creating a series of characters?
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