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  1. Apparently, there will be more Dungeons later (From a review I read). I don't know if there are optional ones though, hopefully they will have. However we have already heard about villages with sidequest so I wouldn't worry too much about that front. That is nice to hear! The first village was really a disappointment, but then again, it wasn't an important village either. As for people who complain about the multiplayer part, I can understand it, but what's so bad about playing the game with the same persons all the time? It doesn't bother me at all, as I am going to play with a pal and my GF anyway.
  2. Level 30 Cap, predefined charachters, highly limited customization (It has more depth though but that doesn't really matter here) No, it wouldn't have lasted on online basis and it wasn't designed that way. Do you work for Obsidian? Level caps can be raised and all of those other points were just bad ideas...so I guess it was meant to be a single player rpg-lite and not a arpg like the previous Dungeon Siege games. Bad ideas all around. Oh, thanks for your generous insight of how games or an rpg "should" be. Truly I'm amazed. Not an 'RPG' in general, but that is how Dungeon Siege should be. You have to be careful taking an existing series and drastically changing it, especially if you are going to remove many of the elements that made it so successful (from a fan base perspective) in the first place. Ah, I'm just going to repeat my argument from the other thread: 1. Theres more ways than one to stay (at least a little) faithful to an original. 2. Theres also more than one group of fans (Stop with the entitlement) 3. "how something should" is not anywhere near a fact. Its a personal preference. 1. Yet you provide no examples? If you even mention the lore don't bother. It was next to nothing and was never the main focus. 2. Again you provide no examples. There were two main groups of fans, those that enjoyed it for being the Diablo clone it is, and those that were heavily into modding. Although I haven't heard anything about the modding aspect, I assume that it won't be anywhere as easy as Dungeon Siege 1. These are the groups that played / tweaked the game for years and years after release. Not the story driven minority that played through once and never touched it again. 3. In this case yes it's how I personally feel, and judging from the large amount of posts across various different forums its the way many Dungeon Siege fans feel. Are you serious? Do you think DS1 is a diablo clone, only because it's a hack & slash rpg controlled with the mouse? Maybe you should actually play DS1? Then you will see that it is not.
  3. There is no shared camera. Play again. On-topic: I voted yes on all. Yeah the game has some weak points (want more interaction with the environment and NPCs, and more optional small dungeons to loot), but overall, it is a very solid RPG, and yeah, me and 2 other friends are definitely going to buy this.
  4. First of all, I find it kinda lame that EU Xbox players didn't get access to the demo. You forced me to create an american live account! But I understand that this decision is made by MS/Square Enix, so no problem. To the point: I want to talk about my impression of the demo. You probably expect the same game-bashing threat, the same kind that is flooding this forum already. Nope! I am actually positive about the game! And the strange thing is: I am an old school DS fan. Only Obsidian game I ever played was New Vegas, and I didn't like it a bit. So we can all agree on the fact that I am no Obsidian fanboy, but still enjoyed this new Dungeon Siege installment. Ok, now I will really get to the point: The first thing that cought my eye were the graphics. They are not bad, but they are also not cutting egde. No problem, as I don't care much for graphics in a good RPG anyway. The graphics are good enough (DS2 had horrible graphics for it's time, so it's a welcome change). The combat starts off a bit boring, but that is because we start with only 1 ability. It get's more interesting later on. The animations in combat are nice, and it actually requires some tactics (especially in the cave where you rescue the prisoners). That is a very nice plus, as Dragon Age 2 lacked strategy (what a **** game that was, but this is not the place to discuss this). I played only a small while, then I decided to go co-op with a bud. First thing we notice is the fact that we can't move away too far from eachother. At first it bothered me a bit, but then I thought: it's better. I remember DS1 multiplayer, where my mates always wandered off every time we met a fork on the road. Very annoying! I ended up beating bosses on my own, while the other whined: Please wait, want to fight too! Don't take all the loot!! This is fixed now. You have to get used to this, but it isn't bad at all! Co-op still also requires some tactics, you can't just walk around blasting the closest enemies you see. You will die. Corrent me if i'm wrong, but isn't this the most important part? This is why Dragon Age 2, the RPG the whole world was waiting for, failed. I'm glad DS3 has it! Now the things I didn't like: Interaction. The interaction with the environment is very simpel and dull. I can't enter houses, can't have conversations with other NPC's. I can understand why this is done though. If every NPC could interact, it wouldn't be an action RPG anymore. Still, it would be better if we could enter at least a house or 2 in a village, like the one in the demo. And maybe talk to some villagers for a small side quest. Dungeons. This game is called 'Dungeon' Siege, right? Can you tell me what dungeon I am sieging exactly? Because I don't see any. Yeah, I have been in the manor, and in the cave, but I am missing the optional dungeon encounters. I loved that in DS1. We were walking around in the frozen forests with a few pals, and suddenly, we walk upon a caved in entrance on the ground (sometimes other friends missed this out, because the group was seperated, this won't happen in DS3 though ). As we enter, we discovered that it was some kind of an old temple ruin underground. Awesome! I really miss this. No game is perfect, neither is DS3. But from my impression of the demo, this will be a very fun game to play, especially on co-op. Finally another good RPG on the console, as many others have failed before. It looks good, it plays good, requires tactical approach in many battles, has a strong lore, and has a few weak points that I can live with. A pretty solid game if you ask me. Congratulations Obsidian, you just received a seal of approval by a hardcore Dungeon Siege 1 player!
  5. Agreed. Imagine this: You are tracking back to gather some missing loot, suddenly, a cutscene starts, in an environment you have never seen before. The people are talking about stuff, you have no idea what. Because you missed the scene because of the backtracking. I think they made a good choice. This game is meant for everyone to be a certain experience. Like a movie. And besides, whiners should get their facts right, there is no shared camera at all. There is just a limit of how far a party can seperate. All 4 players are in this together, doesn't make sense if they all go their own path.
  6. In an article I read, it stated there would be more than achievements and trophies. Which leads me to believe you get in-game items or power-ups. Personally I'd like a power-up. http://www.destructoid.com/obsidian-explai...ns-195120.phtml "Achievements and Trophies earned in multiplayer are still saved to your profile as normal and there are additional awards that you can only receive from playing in a multiplayer co-operative game." Either way, I like achievements. Rather it be lame or great. This game is cool and if my laptop can play it, then I will get it. I am boycotting Diablo 3 after all because of it's satanic theme and name. And yes I know DS3 is a lil bad too, but it's a lil better than way demonic. What is it you have against demonic and satanic stuff? You know it doesn't exist?
  7. Gas Powered Games sold the franchise to Square Enix. They own it now. GPG will probably never make another Dungeon Siege. Obisidian might, if Square Enix gives permission. But it's up to Square Enix. And the game GPG is working on, isnt called Age Empires Of, but Age Of Empires.
  8. Also blindly pre-ordered, the limited edition. From what I have seen this far, it will be good. It isn't really what I hoped it would become, but hey, Obsidian is doing it's best, and that is clear.
  9. They also made one about the battle between Azunai the Defender and Zaramoth. It's a good one, but very short. Hope this one is a bit longer.
  10. I hope there will also be a big box, with real goodies in it (like New Vegas collctor''s edition, I loved that one), instead of with ingame stuff only. I don't want to pay extra just for a few items.
  11. Random dungeons aren't really from this time anymore. There are random dungeons in Torchlight, but I didn't like it at all. Doesn't matter how random you make the dungeons, you will always get bored of the same areas over and over again. The system in DS1 and DS2 was fair enough (with the 3 modes). Adds some playability, whenever you feel like you want to play it again, you can just start it on a higher mode.
  12. If the Fable 2 style co-op mode is untrue, Obsidian should make that clear to everyone. I am seeing the rumor float everywhere. Every DS3 preview/video/screenshot has comments like: too bad the co-op mode sucks. People are getting the wrong impression.
  13. I just read something very disturbing on a dutch gaming site: multiplayer players won't gain any XP and other advanced on their character. Is this true? Please tell me it isn't! What's the point of the multiplayer then?
  14. No it's not. On the pc version, it was much easier to cast spells, now you have to scroll through that rotating thing and millions of submenus in order to find the right spells. On the pc, your action bar contained 8 shortcuts. On the console, you were stuck with the sucky round thing. I hate it.
  15. Come on guys this guy is serious and has some very good points, yet nobody even reads it. I especially like your pvp ideas, but Im affraid we won't see pvp in DS3. False, you obviously don't know much about languages. Every word can be used in many different ways in sentenses. It is very very hard to let software guess in which way you use it. That's why you get that kind of translation. Be glad that there is a free good translator. Makes our lives much easier.
  16. Don't compare this game to Diablo. Get them both. Im doing that too, DS3 probably on the Xbox, and Diablo for the PC. On-topic: There is not much info about the . You can join in games in progress at any time, also anonymous games, so to call it. You can also play custom games with friends only. I heard this all on the Gamescom presentation by Obisidian. Nothing else is known at the moment.
  17. When I was watching the intro cinematic of DS2 for the first time... When those flying transport drakes were starting to land, you also heard the original theme. It was like a epic movie. It really gave me the ghostbumps. I want the theme back in 3! Or else I'll just mod it in (if its possible).
  18. The krug were the best! On hard mode, with my awesome mod (when you become ghost after dying, you stay ghost for 10 minutes instead of 1 minute, so dying was actually a bad thing), we slashed a horde of krug, but one of us died. Other one needed to track back to town to get some ressurrection scrolls and potions, only to find out that a krug shaman revived the entire horde of krugs . It was very very annoying and time-consuming. I miss DS1
  19. The desert in DS1 was awesome. So were the mines, and the snowy mountains after it. Heck, even the grasslands were great, and the farmlands at start were also great. I think I like all the locations in DS1 hehe. DS2 had more variations indeed, but there was no getting lost in the wilderness feeling .
  20. It is known that there are pre-made classes in the game I started to lose interest when I heard that, so my hopes aren't that high anymore. I will still check DS3 out, but i'm sure it won't be like DS1
  21. True true, I didn't think about it that way. I was thinking of opening a new topic to make it a bit more active, but guess what, I couldn't think of anything to post about.
  22. Mana based only worked fine before in the DS series. I would like to try out both systems though. I played WoW, and I'm not a much fan of the cooldown system. It can add some more depth yes, but mostly, with a certain rotation, you can bash almost every enemy. Maybe a nice combination of both would work well. The forum is dying indeed. But most ppl posting here were no DS fans anyway. The DS fanbase died years ago, apart from a few hardcore fans like me, I hope Obsidian will bring it back.
  23. Who made the soundtrack of Dragon Age? I can't find much on google... The music was ok, but the way it blended with the situations in the game, that made it really cool.
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