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  1. I'm must say I agree fully. Great game, bad choice for multyplayer. being soo zoomed out just to fit players on one tethered camera gives me a headache PLEASE patch this guy's... I really want to play with my friends online but just can't bring myself to do it for that one reason. GIVE EACH PLAYER THERE OWN SCREEN.....PLEEAASEE!!!!!
  2. Pure genius! def good for a laugh or two. Thanks for the link.
  3. So from what I gather, you can download it on PC on Friday before it comes out in physical form on consoles Tuesday....
  4. Well DS3 is less than a week away and regardless of all the negative things people may have have said ( me included ) I can't help but be a little excited to get my hands on it and play it through in it's final form. I know that many of the issues that we complain about will not be changed and I have come to accept that because at this point it is what it is. I'm sure some trolls will attack me for this post all I can say is get back under your bridge with your glassy eyes and mountain of mountain dew cans, because no one really cares, it's just a game....
  5. I highly doubt that was the real beginning of the game, if you look at your stats in the beginning of the demo your character is at level 5 already. I would hope that each character has it's own unique game start, if not then I would have to agree with you on that.
  6. Reading some his responses he seams like a pretty cool down to earth kind of guy. Thanks! This also gave me some perspective.
  7. You know your on the right forum when Developers stop by and say What up., I love it.
  8. I grew up on comadore 64 and Intellevision so graphics aren't as important to me, gameplay is. if a game has bad graphics (DS3 has good graphics) and is fun then who care, kids today are so spoiled ..... I sound like an old man.....Hey You Get OFF MY LAWN.....
  9. Thats what I was trying to explain, nice. I couldn't remember any of the names of the skills.
  10. I found the tethered camera in multi unacceptable, I played with a friend last night online, who I was trying to convince to pre order this game and with the camera so far zoomed out and the fact that we can't explore separately it was the nail in the coffin, he said this isn't for me. I agree with his opinion, I still plan on getting this game but strictly for the awesome single player experience. It's really to bad.
  11. I tried doing this with Anjali last night, I found going into her fire demon mode running into a large group of enemies and casting the fire wall ( or whatever its called ) and just sitting there hurling fireballs was most effective. If you level up the buff that gives her a 20% ( I think thats the amount )chance to be healed by attacks then she is almost unstoppable, and baddies fall left & right. I know it's not the true definition of tank but she is a powerhouse.
  12. Not just that but we will be the ones who tell our friends about it and ultimately become salesmen (or women) for the games we back.
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