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  1. The skill trees in DS2 were alright, but I still feel like EVERY single skill should have been available to anyone. If a person wanted to use point in both archer and warrior skills, so be it. At least the option is there to be more versatile. I just want to have the option to change pace and use skills in combination with one another rather than be confined to what the game tells me I can do. That is why I prefer DS1.
  2. Yeah, I've been playing DS1 just to get pumped about it. Hopefully it isn't disappointing, even with predefined classes.
  3. PvP had nothing to do with cheating, and you had to opt to kill each other before the game started. Just because it was in the game didn't mean you had to participate. I simply believe it should be an option, and not completely omitted wether they care about balancing it or not. We had a good time making two teams of 4 and just fighting it out, and I feel like anything they can add to the game to make it more interesting should be there so it has any edge it can get. I wouldn't be heartbroken if pvp was out though. At least not NEARLY as much as the other things I mentioned. The list was i
  4. I have played all of the DS games, and DS1 was by far the best. I thouroughly enjoyed the ability to freelance class without restriction, the massive number of spells that were available, the 8-player over 4-player support, the POSSIBILITY to PvP if you desired, (balanced or not, it was a good change of pace sometimes), creative weapons like flamethrowers and miniguns that in some way change the standard mean of fighting, the large beastiary of enemies, and just the sheer magnitude of the world giving lots of uncharted territory to explore and epic-sized battles for 8 people to swashbuckle the
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