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  1. IMHO, Having more than 1 stance is very much appreciated. Besides, the legendary Diablo has the same stance across all characters depending on 1hand/2hand weapons.
  2. I still like what I'm seeing from the previews so far. But please please make the party limit to 4 at minimum! Cant have the other characters just sitting at the inn while the others are on an epic journey to redeem the Legions right? What happens when you want to play as the other party members, by that time they probably are of far inferior level to cope up!
  3. Sorry, avatar on MP does sound confusing, I was rushing my post earlier. What I meant was, having the same CG on MP, the actual 3d image of your character. Initially I thought the MP is the usual MP where people login using their own character, which DS3 will not support, so I was thinking everyone will login using the same main character, or using the same Mage we saw on the demo. Turns out MP simply means having another player control one of your party's AI.. Which is confusing cause they have great MP on DS1! I guess no swooping for the town is OK.. but please if were going to revisit
  4. In that case, sorry for the confusion. The gameplay video I was basing my comments from came from here Regarding the camera swoop on the town, yeah I pretty much think its more of personal taste. What I actually what from the game is to see them making efforts on improving the game, in how they package and present the game. As for the multi player, I'm not sure what to expect. I feel like playing multi player when I created my own character. Must feel weird walking with the same avatar on a multi player! Glad to see the forum is still active!
  5. The only "movie" in my post was where i was referring to 'in-game cutscenes'.
  6. I just watched the presentation on Youtube earlier and i wanted to give my thoughts from that 15 min demo. They were showcasing their engine for the game, as the player stood on a cliff overlooking the town. That's it. That's failure right there. It would be a lot better if say there is a designated point in the cliff where on a push of a button, a sweeping view of the town ahead using the in-game models will play. Kinda like the eagle vision in Assassin's Creed, only not the same 360 view of course. Additionally, if the town is part of the old DS, a narrated voice over should read a few l
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