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  1. the way i see it the combat in DS3 is way better than any torchlight\diablo game. the combat system is many times deeper , more involving and more fun. it's not DMC but it's much better. the loot and skill system is more shallow than diablo. yeah. so in fact DS3 is a medium between these games - combat is better and deeper but not THAT much better than diablo type games. loot and skill is shallower but not THAT shallow compared to diablo type games. that's what OB were aiming for and that's what they got. ppl here are disappointed that this game is not like DS3 and they have the right t
  2. following this thread i just called my retail store and they said they have the game for PC already. on one hand im mad that they didnt call me to tell me they have it since i have told them to do so (and usually they follow these kinda stuff) but more than that im just happy i can hop over there and get it so thanks for giving the heads up i hope i will play it today or tomorrow. this is a good surprise. a lot earlier than i had expected to see it on shelves.
  3. i agree totally on everything (besides no.3. seems redundant).
  4. actually it does. the control scheme is kinda like old school diablo games if u move and attack with the mouse, BUT the game itself requires more than these type of control scheme. the fact paced action in the game kinda implies we should be using a WASD for moving, mouse for camera kinda control scheme. it's like Obsidian was trying to make the game feel more like a DS game with the kb\m controls while the game itself is NOT like DS game in terms of action and pace. that's what i feel. if the A and D keys were to move the character and NOT the camera (and if i could rebind my keys)
  5. bumping this baby in case anyone managed to play co-op in the demo with one controller and one kb\m.
  6. i havent played DS1 and DS2 so u can take my input with a huge chuck of salt but i remember from the 1 hour gameplay segment with reinhart that the maps CAN be more like a maze with different paths to take. the demo is linear, yes, but i can see how potentially the later maps WILL be slightly more open.
  7. as i have said - in the steam window in the client in the same window where it allows you to DL the demo it says local coop requires two controllers. i kinda assume it means that the full game wont allow local co-op with kb\m+controller. as stupid as this may sound i HAVE seen such a ridiculous oversight in the game "dungeons and dragons daggerdale". and to me, looking how half arsed the control scheme for kb\m IS to begin with i just suspect that i should expect as little as possible from this game that even the simplest most obvious things shouldnt be taken for granted here.
  8. i have on controller. the 360 conteroller. i have no issues with it in any game. flawless. but i only have one. i would like to play offline co-op with a friend (room mate) and dont think it's even possible, unless someone can prove me otherwise.
  9. i found that there are two horrible things about the controls, in my opinion: 1) the fact that W and S are for moving forward and backward but A and D are not right and left. they rotate the camera. isn't that completely stupid? shouldnt the mouse move the camera on the screen edge yet the A and D move the character left and right like in any other action game? why would i need two different schemes doing the same thing? 2 ways to rotate the camera is not needed in this game where most of the time the high angle camera shows enough. if this game had A and D as moving left and right instea
  10. i tried everything and couldnt get co-op to work. i am afraid sannom was wrong and you need two controllers (the ones with thumb sticks) to play co-op, which accompanying with the crappy control scheme for mouse\kb is another bad overlook.
  11. K&M are controllers too. You control things with it. Hence the name. was it that hard to answer the question? how is it possible to play off line coop in the demo? can i do it right form the beginning or should i advance to get to when i release anjali?
  12. Yes, you can. is it possible in the demo? than by all means, tell me how. in the steam window it was noted i need 2 controllers.
  13. for the love of god please dont tell me that in order to play offline co-op i need two controllers. anyone knows if i can play offline co-op on my PC with one player on the keyboard and another on the controller? the idea of a PC gamer needing 2 controllers to play co-op offline is one of the laziest i've heard of. i dont know if this is the case but i smell laziness....
  14. i understand what he's saying - that there is a rather large difference between DS1\2 and DS3. he went too far with the comparison but i see his point. same goes with The witcher 1 and the witcher 2. they have a lot of similarities yet TW2 has such a vastly different combat system that it must have a lot of control scheme changes. it's no longer a point and click affair when it comes to combat and now its combat is a lot like Fable arcania and even AC or batman:AA. and frankly the combat in DS3 feel more like Fable to me than DS1 on consoles as well. not on the PC though - the "attack is di
  15. the game was built with a controller in mind so the gameplay fits fast reactions from the player. P&C is NOT for fast reactions. i think it was shoehorned into DS3 PC to allow a m\kb. i hope im wrong and i hope there will be enough constumizability to the keyboard. as i gave an example - spiral knights is a game that does this PERFECTLY - allowing both P&C and WASD movement. doesnt take a genius to do this. only will and the understanding that it's needed. @C2B, i dont hate ppl comparing things that shouldnt be compared. i hate IT when ppl compare. i hate the comparison. i dont hat
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