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  1. but boy, I'm from Brazil and I am using the translator of google, not to miss many words, but I think they should leave a lot of distorted and still failed verbs and spelling wrong, sorry, but try to understand what they wanted to say whole. ok?
  2. I do not know if any of the producers came to read why neither of them gave an answer, I believe that this space is not just for speaking players get cheers, but how would that leave the game, so he could still phases of testing and do something remarkable creations, "full of stories," but a milestone for all players, full of maps and pvp battles, hearts coops, new game modes and online multiplayer lan, such as gaining xp lan mode giving import to the online. Thank you in advance, to everyone and that everyone would put their view, differences in games, which would like to see happen in this s
  3. I liked the idea, it will be much more fun, if the directors who are making the game, read these threads and took away ideas of these topics. Do they read anything? I hope so ...!!! But I got the idea from our friend, it's like for those who have played "priston tale," or other online rpgs, can speak, as the coup of pikemam loaded that needs time to be stronger, or ice cube shot, the archer, the more secure the mouse the strongest attack, and another thing, magic and quick loading time with other famous "delay", spells that take more lives it from the opponents level they are, it gets l
  4. Ola ..!!! Me My name is Julian Dornelles. I live in Palmas, State of Parana, Brazil country. I am very happy, the staff of Obsidian Entertainment Company, project and get the Dungeon Siege series and give the same sequence in the game. Without much ado before you stop reading my message, not to take your time, I want some tips that I think will always add up if this is part of the repertoire. I own a lan-house and two units of computer schools, we met with the staff for us to play lan or multiplayer online rpg. Practical tips for that part of the g
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