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  1. This guy has said that, running the game with a 2080 Ti at max settings on 1440p, he gets FPS drops to 50 or below. This is a little worrying, I'm afraid, since I'm wondering how my 980 Ti will do if a 2080 Ti can't cut it for solid 1440p 60FPS. I don't know if anyone from Obsidian could answer this, but are there plans to try to further optimize the game?
  2. Is it possible to apply this to Pillars 1 too? Seems like it would work and finally get rid of performance problems in Defiance Bay.
  3. I like the time it's being released because it's gonna be 2pm where I am. So I can get up, have my breakfast, go to class, have lunch, go back home and then Deadfire will launch shortly afterwards. Admittedly if it was released later I'd be bummed out too. As it is I have plenty of time to play it tomorrow though.
  4. I find it curious that 9 codes are missing, but maybe we'll have a big burst of codes for release?
  5. Not as if you can't figure out the best strategies with pre-made companions too. It's a dialogue/story heavy game too from what I've seen, so you can't easily tune out of it most of the time, looks like.
  6. Well, it's a single GPU issue too, if the first game is any indication.
  7. I also wish POTD had been tougher for release but I think it's a reasonable thing to balance later. I hope that when they do, POTD becomes fairly punishing, because I really enjoy the combat system in Pillars 1 and experiencing it through tough situations and figuring out how to solve them.
  8. Well, to be honest, Pillars was the same way in some spots (Defiance Bay, Stalwart, etc.). I doubt a very long standing issue like that which persists even through their optimization for Deadfire (which looks incredible, I have to say) will be solved in time for release if it's still present in streams.
  9. Professional reviews matter a fair amount for how the game is perceived in the critical time of release. Also, when is the embargo lifted? I know it's tomorrow, but do we have a specific time or is it just "tomorrow"?
  10. My main concern is that we're back to the drawing board on so many essential things, when we have something that played very well in 3.0 (after all the patching PoE was left is in a really good state imo) which is now seemingly being disregarded by making sweeping changes to important systems. Personally, these changes don't strike me as being natural progressions of what was achieved in 3.0 but rather we're starting over again. A bit disappointing for that which was supposed to be (or at least I imagined it to be) a BG2-esque sequel.
  11. Level cap will be raised as the expansions/sequels come along. It is what it is for a reason. Baldur's Gate's level cap (XP cap, to be more accurate) was lower.
  12. Yeah I don't know what to do with myself emotionally while watching it.
  13. Rectify is ****ing awesome. I do enjoy both Rectify and GoT, however I also believe it to be much better and more significant than GoT. It can't be said that Rectify is objectively better, of course. Regardless, I strongly dislike Metacritic as a whole, no matter whether we're talking about user scores or critic scores. I've seen too many cases in which the page of a game has been swarmed by angry users who are pissed for whatever reason (usually extremely idiotic reasons). One example I can think of right now is Dota 2 (http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/dota-2). Hundreds of users swarmed the page giving it ratings of 0 because Valve failed to deliver the Halloween event, named Diretide, because they were working on a much bigger update that was going to come later on. Admittedly, they made the mistake of not communicating the gamers that Diretide would not happen. I can point out another example, this one on imdb, which is a show named The Shield, and damn I love that show, one of my favorites too (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0286486/epdate?ref_=ttep_ql_4). A group of users raided the show and gave a lot of the episodes horrible ratings, because they had some kind of irrational hatred of it (especially Season 4, check out its ratings. From what I heard it was because they hated Glenn Close or something like that (???)). Anyway, this is rather off topic, but I just want to say that I absolutely loathe ratings and hate how important they seem to be for users and publishers, and how they are one of the most important things in dictating the popularity and eventual sales of a game. EDIT: I did watch your video and I enjoyed it. I also like Josh as a lead designer and appreciate what he brought not only to PoE but all the games he has worked on. EDIT2: Spelling
  14. Yeah, I meant it as an in game option. Hopefully it can be done, if not, then I guess the startup command solution will do.
  15. A lot of games have been offering this option along with "Windowed" and "Fullscreen" simply because, well, it rocks in my opinion. I alt-tab a lot while playing games to respond to messages in a variety of programs or answer emails, along with other things, and it makes things for me a lot easier. Well, it's not mandatory and sure, I will survive without it, but I'd like to please ask this to be an option if at all possible to implement at some point.
  16. Big patch. Downloading it. Pretty excited too.
  17. Yes, that does happen. I have also made a post about this (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66840-music-overlaps-when-quitting-from-the-game-to-the-main-menu/), but I don't think anybody saw it yet. I'm gonna reply to this one so it gets taken back to the first page
  18. I also agree with everything you said. I played it quite a bit, mostly enjoyed it, but there was something about it I was unable to pinpoint. Now that I read your post I believe you hit the nail on the head.
  19. In game, when you press "esc" and then "quit", the game quits to the main menu and starts playing the main menu music, but the game music that was playing before never stops playing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpVrPir8bio
  20. Suicide is not the answer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxaQKaV8VGg As for reproducing it, well, just select a character, click A and select the selected character itself. Tried it with a ranger too, he can do it, but he always misses his attacks.
  21. On a similar note, in the inn after you click the button to confirm recruiting an adventurer, you get taken to the character creation screen, and you can't go back if you reconsider it and decide not to do it. Maybe that's how it's supposed to work, maybe not. I don't know. Just want to report it in case that's not the intended functionality.
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