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  1. I'm also having the issue described by Dominu305. The quest journal says I need to report to the queen, but the queen just has generic ask about the Huana / ask about Neketaka dialogue options. Save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/apg0rkuhfn6z2kw/Dril%20%28KahangaPalace-Rooftop%29%20%28bff6d75f-8b23-43f1-9c19-1e822e5b0772%29%20%28767733082%29.savegame?dl=0
  2. I'm playing the "Hook Mountain Massacre" sequence, currently in the "The Fort in Peril" scenario and Valeros is currently at the (closed) Prison, but after I move him to another location the "Move Location" button remains highlighted (but is no longer selectable) and I can't take any other action. If I quit to the menu or quit the game altogether, loading the save again puts him back at the Prison in the same situation. Tried pressing the keyboard shortcut for "End Turn" just in case, but it does nothing. Details of my system etc: - Steam version of the game, OS X 10.12.5 - PFID-6068F300
  3. When quitting to the menu screen in some cases the in-game music continues playing (in addition to the usual menu screen music). Steps to reproduce: 1. Load the attached save file. 2. Quit to the menu screen. 3. Enjoy the dissonance as two sets of music play at once. Expected behaviour: The music that was playing in game either stops immediately or fades out, and only the menu screen music is heard. Comments: This doesn't always occur, e.g. combat music in the skull dungeon stopped appropriately on quitting. I have reproduced the issue repeatedly from the starting pos
  4. Changes to key bindings are not retained between sessions. Steps to reproduce: 1. From the opening menu screen, click Options -> Controls. 2. Change the Attack Cursor key to B. 3. Exit menu. 4. Quit Pillars of Eternity, then relaunch. 5. From the opening menu screen, click Options -> Controls. 6. Observe that the Attack Cursor key is now A. Expected behaviour: The Attack Cursor key listed should still be B. Comments: Changing the key bindings from within the game instead of the initial menu screen has the same effect. Loading a saved game also returns to the default key
  5. I'm assuming the limited selection of voices will be expanded after (or even during) the beta. I don't believe the title of this thread constitutes a bug. There is no reason why a visually female character shouldn't use a male-sounding voice set, or vice versa.
  6. First impressions are very positive! The background music and incidental sounds are really great—evocative, nostalgia bombs that don't demand enough active attention to be distracting. The ease of moving back and forth between the character creation steps is a godsend. No more backtracking and losing everything to see what difference one different choice makes. It's hard to see the full scope of the effects attributes and reputations have on dialogue, but I'm a big fan of what I've seen so far. Some of the textured backgrounds (behind dialogue & in the character creation screen) are a lit
  7. I have encountered this issue with three different characters so far, not just the player character: 1. My PC (a chanter), chanting while fighting Medreth, had taken no other actions. 2. The BB Priest character, engaging a beetle in melee combat at Dyrford Crossing. 3. A newly recruited level one adventurer at the Dyrford Inn, who had not yet done anything at all. In each case, reloading the game fixed the problem; however, in each case I immediately encountered the disappearing quests glitch (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66855-disappearing-quests/). Not sure if uploading a s
  8. I also had all my quests (ogre, dragon egg, missing noblewoman) disappear on reloading a saved game.
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